Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 12/07/2009

Θέμα συζήτησης ANOTHER GEM


Τιμή μετοχής


OK Aithra -Ephpalinos -Trieste-Tuscany (Firenze-Florence) Saint Barts (Gustavia)=
were   (  elucidated and filed) Thank God!!!!!!!


  1. i would like to comment on Saint Barts and make a guess about that place!i come to the conclusion that this place will definitely become the next must for tourists!it is a marvellous island!it will be like what Hawaii and Seychelles were in the 80’s!FOR THE MOMENT!it isn’t well known like Maldives or Bali!but for the moment!


    • You have dug very deep my old files,ha,ha…No objections,my dearest Dr. Luckas. Volcanic islands ,not only in the Caribbean area but everywhere, bear such an exotic beauty.
      As far as I know , the whole story has already started and Saint Barts is a popular destination for tourists especially over winter.
      However, there is more to come and one day it will be comparable to Hawaii and Seychelles.


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