Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 13/07/2009


Lukas could very easily go to Emborio/Nimporio/Ημπορειο/Emporio/(we have to decide first)from


  1. i eventually went to Symi!Remember?a quite interesting experience..very picturesque island!


    • Glad to know that you eventually visited Symi and although on duty as a Doctor, you stole some time to enjoy its natural beauties and its fascinating isolated coves and the rocky landscapes.
      I love Symi as it was the birthplace of “The Three Graces” Aglaea,Euphrosyne and Thalia,an inspiring subject for many famous painters.
      Moreover,I am dead sure you know about the Sister City-relationship with Symi.
      We are talking about Tarpon Springs in USA, Florida,where a lot of Greek sponge fishermen had immigrated.
      Indeed,IT’S A SMALL WORLD my dearest Dr. Luckas


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