Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 29/05/2010


Be assured I do enjoy your expansive narrative poems with themes that
trigger a sense of elation -Live every single moment in your own small world
and keep up the good work To all I love and share the same feelings and


  1. I read your last post Doda, I enjoyed it very much and wanted to comment on it, but your comments are closed.

    Specially since you talk about Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, who by chance I am reading, and enjoying the hell out of it, his trilogy that start with A Time Of Gifts, right now I am on the first book, it will take me quite a while to get to the part you mention, since I am in the bad habit of reading many books at the same time, so I can only read so much of each one, at one time.

    Best regards. 🙂


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