Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 03/06/2010


The fact that I have placed O+S on a pedestal makes me feel enormously elated and calm
at the same time , as I have canalized all these piled up sentiments which were triggered and aroused by the <ULTIMATE>
couple and the Deification of the plot < the QUINTESSENCE of real , real LOVE >.
Inscribed in my memory and soul FOREVERMORE….      To Her and Der….
To all I share the same feelings……


  1. Sorry , I can\’t bear the ultimate beauties < reference to Kazantzakis book : that some times BEAUTY is beyond you to manage and it becomes sort of sweet pain and wound……The same unbearable sentiments : < Windermere Lake District and Highlands of Scotland > Manipulation and Management of non-digestive Feelings To Her…… and Moira….


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