Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 26/06/2010

Θέμα συζήτησης Sts’ SUMMER SESSION

Τιμή μετοχής


After the summer session with Sts and the application of the Brain Storm method the issues that came up are published in this post: We paired off to compensate any frictions making an insurmountable effort.
Simply put: Do not let your profession become your obsession….We as a society have chosen money over TIME…..
Global economic downturn and economy’s rally growing can be habit forming and the existence of the 25.000
kinds of orchids plus the 100.000 of the artificial hybrids. – It was tantalising difficult to ponder the matter
of the Scilly isles and the Land’s End as some really lingered and  stuck with the Golden Triangle and the
unsightly side of Cameroon’s living conditions and the Duala’s coastal territory after the colonial period,although
they really liked the pirogue racing which is unbeatable let alone the hordes of people…
We checked all types of TIMEPIECES.  Rationalisations to avoid & they decided to weaken the links proactively.
MAN PROPOSES AND GOD DISPOSES……- Be a good observant to spot the inconspicuous ecosystems which
really confound us Key in your destination and off we go for Canada’s canoes & kayaks and the cedar,birch and
caribou connections ..It’s really unthinkable !!!Of course they are the exception not the rule.
Feel unloved …come what may join the group and exchange your problems for almost a panacea and emotional
stability…we have a treasured ritual….
And last but not least the eyes and bones miracles .
Bones 206 /68 joints ( femur and stapes) and self cure.
Our eyes / an advanced video receiver only 7,5 grams each with RETINA or FOVEA the size of a dot/ can distinguish millions of colours and they are connected with our memory -100 times more than a video
camera….There is more to come soon after the 2nd session -Please use the papers for further details and the
known links TYBH………

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