Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 15/08/2010


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Image via Wikipedia See you tomorrow again and you know that mum DES and the rest will be with me love for ever.DEC.2010
Xmas is almost here and soon we will be with you .Time has changed  nothing up to now .It’s all the same ,fresh and well-cherished….

Edward is scanning the night horizon looking for you…


  1. she is always with us in every word,in every thought,in every breath!people with such a warm breeze will never be forgotten!and u know what?sometimes i think that if she was my guardian angel,very quickly an other angel was sent to be here with me in another way!manytimes i find myself comparing them as far as kindness is concerned!they both have a unique lack of meanness and of course that passion about me!


    • Absolutely!!!!! You amazed me with the parallelism you drew.Both of them beyond the ordinary and I am convinced she didn’t come into your life accidentally.What I really feel for her, her impeccable character and her flawless personality,is indescribable. If I go on singing her praises I will spoil everything….
      However, the most stunning of all is that I felt like that from the very first moment I met her.Presumably,you remember what I told you .
      It was my unerring intuition which has never betrayed me .


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