Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 25/10/2010


Neither time nor distance could fade out the strong bonds and mutual gentle feelings we have shared for all these years.
June from England and Pat from USA will soon join our links in the WordPress BLOGS .See you soon….


  1. Time and distance are no barrier for true friendship. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, Doda! ❤

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    • Thank you so much for appreciating it,my wonderful and consistent WP friend,Christy 🙂 I can never manipulate time though especially after my holidays …. Enjoy a peaceful & creative day ❤ xxxx

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  2. yes,i have exactly this moment captured in the back of my mind!him playing the piano!the only picture i remembered of her house


    • You remember them on Philopappou Hill opposite the Acropolis when they came to honour us for DESPOINA’s RECEPTION…..They were thrilled…They had never experienced moments of that sort under the Acropolis and the apotheosis was when the very next day we drove them to Epidaurus Ancient theatre to watch a tragedy directed by Carolos Koun..Magic moments.
      Also I remember James played the piano especially for you when you told him about our visit to Vienna and how much you liked Mozart’s music.


  3. soon i m sure that u will have many other mates from all over the world who share the same feelings with u!


    • It would be fine but it takes time. Although I do that with all my acquaintances abroad. I miss Margaret Archer so,so much..You remember the moments we spent together in London..and how pleasantly James played the piano for us….


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