Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 14/11/2010

NATURE’S MAGIC POWER and the “Smoke that Thunders”

It's a naturally formed safe swimming pool

the Smoke that Thunders

Yes, breathtaking stunning natural attractions that unveil the power of Nature .That’s how I felt the other day browsing among some geographic(al) documents where I ferreted out the photo I insert(via Wikipedia) next to my writing.
It’s a naturally formed safe swimming pool. Would you be a daring swimmer in there? Personally I wouldn’t….
I also include some interesting information which I gleaned from Wikipedia(Victoria Falls)
There are two islands on the crest of the falls which divide the curtain of the water even at full flood,isn’t it amazing? They are the Cataract island (cataract in greek means a Fall) and the Livingstone after the name of D.Livingstone who was the first European who set eyes on the V.Falls.


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