Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 15/11/2010

Friendly Foxes in the Forest of Mount Penteli

To Whom It May Concern-To Real Animal Lovers ….


I didn’t really know that you can domesticate foxes  so easily  especially when they want to propitiate the Gods of their hunger.We met some years ago and since then I feed them once a day. They are regular customers as you can imagine but not fussy or picky eaters at all.Omnivorous as they are, they eat anything (except me of course ) . Dogs’ dry food ,fruit,our daily left overs and sweets, yes sweets and cookies .They honestly have a sweet tooth. Right now some of them even take food off my hand although they still are a bit reserved  The funny thing is that during summer a couple of magpies eat along with them at the same time from the same big plates where I serve their food .Isn’t it touching? They are so sweet. Concerning the baby foxes ,they are adorable and very ,very clever…  Hope you enjoy the photos I insert. It’s really fun!!!



Their names are Maro,Marulita,Mario and Marulites a common name for all of them( 12 at the moment).The norms and the regulations of their community are really noteworthy and amusing,I think I should find  the specialists to give them facts to enhance and enrich their archives. The only thing is that I didn’t take their permission to publish them but I don’t think they will have any objections…

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  1. So nice and interesting to interact with wildlife like this, dear Doda. Foxes are beautiful animals. But are they not dangerous to your cats? 🙂 ❤

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    • Hi my lovely friend Aditix!I’m so sorry I didn’t answer your comment earlier.I had been away from any WP activity for a couple of weeks.
      Yes,foxes are lovely animals and I feel so happy I can feed them;they have been so friendly!I am sad though because they are very easily scared by every other living creature.When they see cats and other dogs,not mine,they run away.Thank you so much for appreciating my post and dropping by to leave yout lovely comment!Enjoy a splendid weekend my sweet one 🙂 ❤


  2. cool!!!but i have to ask u something…u once told me that evey day thay are in the same spot at an exact time waiting for their dinner…this is extremely clever of them…do u think that they might have a secret bell that rings once a day at that exact time which is dinner time??hehehehe!this is ajoke but obviously we re speaking about a high level intelligence that must concern animal specialists to make some research about this manners…


    • All animals have Biorhythmic Watches by nature which are strictly exact.Unreservedly I could say they are more exact than the man-made ones and they are never fast or slow. Your Rolex pales before theirs…Ha,ha,hee,hee…
      Honestly they are extremely clever ,with very high IQ .I would never describe them as ” cunning ” the way the tales refer to them .We have mistaken their intelligence…..It’s sour grapes……….

      NB : When I am a bit late they move the big plastic plate towards the direction I come. It’s sort of protest . Oh Gosh! They make me feel so guilty.


  3. LUCKY…foxes!!!they will be proud of you…you really help them stay alive…


    • Thank you,I help them to survive as many forests around Attica were burnt … I am lucky I have met them … They are urbanised now,they are very friendly and clever 🙂 xxx


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