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After   My Post on ” FOXES IN MY NEARBY FOREST ” 15/11/2010  the next  relevant stuff and activities took place :       The other morning my husband, Danny, was up around 5:30 am and saw two foxes circling our pecan trees. One of the gray foxes jumped up into the tree and start eating the pecans. Once the fox had his fill of pecans he jumped out of the tree still holding one pecan in his mouth that’s when the fox on the ground decided to try and take it away but failed at his attempt. It’s strange because we never knew foxes ate pecans until last year when this first happened. It turns out they also like figs because about three years ago at a different location a fox was seen stealing figs from our fig tree.    Post from Donnalura’s blog.  My comments :                                                                                                                       

I am sure your grandchildren would very much like to have experienced the scene with the fox.It doesn’t matter next time. At least you have sth exciting to narrate to them
Love from Greece   XXX   and  OOO

Also I commented   : Yes my dear don’t you know that foxes are omnivorous? You can ask me as I have  personal  Xperience about their tastes.

Robin living in our post box! by machholz

You said 3 weeks ago:

It’s amazing!!! Good observers always get their reward. The Surroundings’ Beauty just stays there quietly awaiting us to admire its magic and give it new life to keep it going….It’s like paintings which live through our views as Picasso used to profess.

My comments on : Wildlife Kate’s Garden Blog and her advanced gadgets monitoring WILDLIFE…It’s out of this world ….Well done to her!!!

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