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Colosso de rodes

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Colossus of Rhodes via google images



Colossus of Rhodes  (ONE OF THE SEVEN WONDERS ) of the Ancient World

Just a short holiday to recharge our batteries and refuel our knowledge tank. Even if  I have visited the island countless times each time is different through a new perspective.No matter how good observer you are there is always something different , something new to admire or to enrich your knowledge.

So, cameras,notebooks and some more needed supplies and ready we get to enjoy our  mini holidays .The Medieval Old Town really deserves some more fresh pictures to revive and update my earlier snap shots.

If you could see my notebook….It is exactly like an ” ABSTRACT  ART  ” painting.I wish I could depict it here for you just to get a rough idea what I mean.I will give it a try and let’s see what it looks like.

OK Doda , come on employ all your artistic  abilities (very,very poor I am afraid ) and see what can come out. Hopefully my tween   granddaughter won’t see it …You know, she is a very talented painter and she will definitely get her laugh .

You see what I mean? This is the way I put down various points , points that attract my interest which I properly develop and expand   in due course.I feel as if I imprison them in there and they could not escape…Oh Gosh ! What I am talking about….I started with my trip to Rhodes and you see where I resulted …Ok, no complaints.Just to share  my well-kept sentimental values with my beloved ones  .   

Well,enough is enough before it turns out a real   Saga…..and  then   I ‘ll  definitely need one of those  fabulous notebooks recommended  below.



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  3. What a brilliant way to gather all your thoughts!you put them in your little imaginary prison!but what about the beauty of the ducks and the sound which was probably made by them non order to make us leave from that unforgettable place?


    • Thanks for your direct responses Dr. Lukas. As you mentioned – in a very clever way-I gather them in my little “prison” where I can mine or dig later on and develop them properly.All the ear-candy piece of music by the orchestra of the DUCKS , it’s there in the imaginary prison awaiting moderation…First thing on my list which I don’t want to rush because I have to find out how the Gallery or the Slide show system works with the WordPress platform and publish them there just to remind us the special moments we all had there …
      My love as always …along with my admiration for the perfect flawless construction…….


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