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Thanks to my comment  on yahoo’s popular topic :” TOP NAMES “I decided just to drop a few lines to juice up my day and tackle  something I really like :Names from Ancient Greek history ,tragedies and mythology are very popular in my country. Names which  are extraordinary,divine and very original.Each name is a story in itself.”ONOMATOLOGY” is very important to us and it is taught in schools as well.What about Olympia,Euphemia,Hector,Plato,Ulysses,Antigone ,Iphigenia,Agamemnon,Hercules,Euripides,Solon,Athena and….and……the New Year will come and I will still,be writing names.Just a sample to see what I am talking about.

Here, my comment on a lovely post in the WordPress. com having to do with  NAMES  but this time with flower names. HOW SWEET!!!  :” I am really surprised how wisely you use your “Onomatology”knowledge to find the story behind the names of the flowers.I am sure you know that the syrinx word is of Greek origin as well.
They are deciduous shrubs or small trees, ranging in size , giving special colour in our gardens  .    Your lilacs photos are fantastic, especially the last one with the little creature on the leaf.Here in Greece the common name for the lilacs is (pascalies) because they are  in bloom Easter time (Pasha) usually early spring.
We use lilac in the range of colours though.Nature’s magic world has so much to offer; It’s really sad most people don’t notice its miracles around them.Perhaps it’s the hectic life we have adopted…
No matter where, Sweden or Greece, Nature is just BEAUTIFUL and names  are so meaningful…. 

TO ALL  I SHARE THE SAME FEELINGS  ,to those who think that little things really matter…..

  • Thank you for your comment! And thank you for telling me about the Greek name for lilacs, I think it is so much fun to learn languages through the things around us that we love. I try to enjoy nature’s magic and slow down a bit, but now that it’s winter it’s hard to do!

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