Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 12/12/2010


       The most – desired snow arrived and it made people and animals over excited.When I went to serve the supper for my beloved fox family I found them cheerfully playing tag

MORE SNOW at LATE NOON TIME-It seems to me that the north Europeans are fed up with it and decided to send some down here…


  1. i m sure it was a paradise for your beloved foxes!what was the reaction of your adorable dog?i m looking forward to the next unpredictable arrival of snow!

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    • Yes ,it was just ” COOL “a paradise on the snow-covered mountain and a very good medicine for their beautifu,shiningl fur.Thank God hunting and shooting are forbidden in this area.
      If only you could have seen them playing tag.Edward was just watching them peacefully as always does.Till we get the next unpredictable attack of snow we can compromise with the autumn-like temperatures which don’t really feel like Xmas.
      Thanks for responding , see you soon in the winter resort where snow is in abundance.


  2. i think so…!!!i hope that i will find white landscapes there…


  3. How sad! Today 13-12-2010 all is back to normal again and I think tomorrow we can go swimming….Winter is not meant for this country..Soon, you go abroad as far as I know and you will find so much snow there that you will miss our mild weather conditions .


  4. snooooow…and coooold!!!!i like it so much…

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