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Well,well, here we are again ,almost everything back to normal after all this hustle and bustle of the celebrations and festivities. Let’s leave behind us last year’s reflections and move ahead to new ,fresh steps ,full of hope for the best.

Scott Berkun  We were told : We like bloggers who blog….

 Coming back from our holidays I  intended to post something refreshing ,something having to do with my personal holiday experience,which I will do after this post, but things changed when I went through the WordPress new gift to its bloggers,the inventive facility to supply us with fresh ideas on a daily basis .

Undeniably, it will be a source of inspiration ,a real WELLSPRING of ideas .It reminds me of the  “BRAINSTORM ” method I used to apply with my students when they had to develop a new composition topic and believe me it worked miracles, as all of a sudden, they became very prolific writers. Automatically I thought to myself that it could be sort of resolution to apply either the Every Day or the Weekly suggestion( also very encouraging the fact  that we will still be free to have the choice of posting  anything we like apart from the suggested topics) provided with stick to the resolution we made and POST , just post….Yes, post and share countless , miscellaneous ideas of general interest that have no borders and borderline..,  like me for instance that today I felt like posting about the partial Eclipse of the Sun visible in Greece and in the most of Europe , in North Africa and central Asia.Here in Greece we are going to get it again on the 1st of June 2015.

I will try to insert some photos I captured from my place although the skies remind me of Turner’s and Constable’s famous paintings and little of the eclipse because it was a rather cloudy day.The whole phenomenon concluded at 12.07 noon time.Sorry ,I tried to insert some more snap shots but the system is very slow.Perhaps I should have approached the Gallery  or the Slide show app that WordPress provides but as a real newbie I don’t know  exactly how it works.

4/1/2011 captured from KIFISIA-ATHENS-GREECE

4/1/2O11 partial sun eclipse KIFISIA-ATHENS-GREECE



  1. I had no choice of combining anything so long as the Sun and the Moon had everything under control.They are something between SEPIA and Black and White.That’s what I most like about them.
    Nature’s wide range of colours , an inexhaustible wellspring of inspiration for Artists and bloggers…


  2. admirable photos…!!!i like the combination of these colours…

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  3. RECALL our visits to the Galleries of England to see what I mean…


  4. Interesting photos!

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    • Thanks kindly Dr.Lucas,I’m overjoyed you liked the pics 🙂 xxx


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