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Waidringer Steinplatte Austria Ski Resort

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Winter time and a visit to a ski resort was exactly the right choice ,the right place to add more excitement and colour to our Xmas holidays.The well-organised ski resort on  Mount. Helmos was our destination where we could have enjoyed all

the facilities and the snow-covered slopes as we did in the past.There are countless gentle and steep slopes to have fun and adventure while skiing.However,much to our disappointment on our arrival there we found snow melting everywhere around and temperatures quite high for this period of the year .Once again I thought to myself that Winter and Snow are not meant for Greece.

Being in my orchard soon after the unfulfilled desire to taste the wintry delights I decided to capture some scenes which reminded me of spring time just to depict the antithesis,the contrast of seasons ,the contrast of Nature’s decisions in the middle of winter .

Citrus trees and olive trees all over the place ,laden with their juicy fruit(s),basking in the warm sun, showing off their pleasing colours and ready to delight your delicate palate. Nearby the sea calm and serene, so inviting that you almost forgot it was Xmas time.  I wish I could add some more…








  1. In Finland, we normally talk about Nordic skiing. Young generation loves downhill skiing.

    Welcome someday to ski in Finland.

    This post shows how wonderful it is to walk and ski:

    Walking on frozen lake.


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    • We used to ski on Parnassus,not so often now.It’s a fabulous mountain,about 2,457 m (8,061 ft) high,of central Greece north of the Gulf of Corinth.In ancient times it was sacred to Apollo,Dionysus, and the Muses.Delphi was & still is at the foot of the mountain.Thank you for the link,I loved it and after thanking you for your visit here,I’ll leave my comment there.Hope you & your wife have a nice day,dear friend Matti 🙂


  2. i adore the first picture although it reminds me of an unlucky moment for me!because i have badly injured my arm there!but it is all gone now!i d like to congratulate u for those exceptional photos that make us see clearly the contrast of the seasons!

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    • When skiing you experience bad moments of that sort .I think it’s inevitable.Let bygones be bygones…
      Thanks for visiting again and for your words of praise…Even the word of each season is a photo ..Say spring for instance and tell me what you visualise…


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