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Going through my past posts just to check myself and see if any progress has been achieved, my eye caught my -24/11/2010 post:”Blogging “.


Blogging and Creating Social Nets and Media to Canalize and Channel your Inner Thoughts and the Flow of your Sentiments.

Mind that: I DON’T SHIRK or that I HAVE RUN OUT OF IDEAS ,however I judged that the related articles are worth your linking as they are so wisely stated ,with plenty of tips and encouraging ideas for our  : commitment

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Years and years ago we just put pen to paper and that was  all,we let the steam come out no matter what we labelled our writing  Now there are so many Hi Tech allowances  and techniques that your talent and your wild imagination start an adventurous competitive play leading to  creative parallel paths where you embark upon a joyful ,productive walking ,hand in hand with technology , sentiments,thoughts and TIME.There is a  merciless  fight among them which one is going to have the leading role.Hm,trying to combine all sounds good and fair .Is it manageable ? Doesn’t the one work… at the expense… of the other? Will you have the same result trying to find an outlet for you sentimental indigestion and the right communication of your thoughts  by using advanced computer writing tools and editorial widgets?In fact, we all want to appease our curiosity don’t we?  More over we have an obvious enemy  – offspring of our hectic life –   “THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME” . “Time is money” and we all want to manipulate it with a  balanced approach,  avoiding being slaves of a system, trapped in time-consuming, non-beneficial situations.We must keep in mind that half of our life is consumed on things we do not know and the other half on ignorance, to paraphrase Socrates‘ wise well-known Motto

The fact that the Internet vast World shrinks the world is very attractive and we start journeys with unpredictable destinations, destinations tech wise , knowledge wise , enjoyment wise or whatever wise… ,we had not even  imagined they existed – maybe this is the salt and pepper of the matter..-  .Right now for instance , I EXPERIMENT  on techniques completely unfamiliar to me but as we said above I appease my curiosity hopefully it’s not the one which killed the cat… There is always a first time for everything…..

All that authority you have? Your experience? It won’t matter. There’s just something about publishing to the Web and that awful white screen…  (excerpt  from Zemanta recommendations) 

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  1. Good luck with this post a day idea – it is a long way to go and you will need some encouragement. I managed here fom 1st July 2009 to June 30th 2010 and I am trying it again on my other blog ‘The Age of Innocence’ where I am trying to use anything fom the date in question to trigger a memory or a response from my life. Some days it is difficult and I have to stretch my imagination.


    • Thanks for visiting again.I wouldn’t disagree with you.No doubt you have to squeeze and stretch your imagination,memory and employ all your mental powers to carry out and survive especially if you are a non-native speaker.I might give it a second thought.

      When you set out your journey to Ithaca pray that the road is long,full of adventure,full of knowledge……
      Constantine P. Cavafy
      Probably a nice idea for a post no matter if it’s the postaday commitment or not


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