Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 11/01/2011

RHODES and promises -Art on a Eucalyptus Trunk



The duck orchestra near crystal clear spring water.

 “Duty calls me” and I am just about to start the journey to the island of Rhodes through the eucalyptus arched passage heading to less visited places of Natural Beauty . No mention on touristic and historical places which most of us have visited.A short holiday trip to the island with family and friends end of November 2010 gave me the chance to draw some photos which I promised  my friends to publish on one of my WordPress future posts.

  The perennial eucalyptus trees lined up as if  welcoming you,predisposed us for the refreshing trip to The Seven Springs place.On the way to Archipolis village there is a valley flowing clear spring water among enormous hyper-perennial planes.Ducks and swans received us to their water paradice.Actually we met some of them on the land enjoying a lazy walk.

The murmur of the running spring water mixed with the cries and croaks of the ducks ,a real natural orchestra ,added more colour to the surroundings.Only bathing nymphs were missing..

Further down the park there were many free peacocks strolling around ,looking at us in a very friendly way,giving you the impression that they were really enjoying our admiration… Peaceful,quiet moments that help you  gather your thoughts  and get to know the other side of life…

cherished moments and memories to share and keep alive…


Yet, I would like to refer to the name of the Eucalyptus tree of Greek origin from  eu=well + calyptos=covered for the calyx that conceals the flower.Writing about it now I think I can smell the sweet fragrance of its essential oil

Passage through Eucalyptus perennial trees


  1. Great pictures


    • Thanks kindly,delighted you enjoyed my Rhodes images.
      Your ‘Bastille Day’ post was pleasantly connected to the Historical event and commemoration as well as to contemporary French books and reading.


  2. First of all,i’d like to thank u for the picture that u dedicated to me!it was a wonderful trip all over marvellous places of Rhodes!U have selected the most significant moments of our trip! keep enjoying us!


    • You can’t keep count of our visitis to Rhodes,but this time it was superb,being with our beloved ones.Great moments to cherish and to recall each time you want to flood your soul with happiness.


  3. I enjoyed Rhodes when I visited last year and four nights in next door Symi was wonderful.


    • Thank you so much you visited my Rhodes post.
      A cosmopolitan traveller to a cosmopolitan Greek island Iam sure you enjoyed Rhodes in every way.Most British just love Rhodes and Corfu.
      Symi has a different local colour comparing it with Rhodes and it is a very picturesque , mountainous Greek island with lovely beaches and isolated coves.Birthplace of the Three Graces and an island with its own grace…


  4. […] […]


  5. what a wonderful island!!!its history,its culture,its landscapes,its beaches.everything!!!everywhere you look around,you can find something…eye-cathing!!!your excellent images depict exactly what i mean…


    • Thanks for commenting.Indeed, an island of multi-sided beauty,a real ROSE=RHODES as its name alludes.Opening its rose-leaves,its petals it’s as if you unfolded its magic and its sweet exhilarating scent…


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