Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 14/01/2011

Still Up in the Air – An Offence to my Ancestors?

Loch Assynt. It's a long way to the London Mar...

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Making Decisions :

To be or not to be

To love it or not to love it

To do it or not to do it

To make a solid effort or to make just an effort

To post postaday2011 or to post postaweek2011

To be a postaday2011 Marathon runner or to be a postaweek2011 Marathon runner

To reconsider it or to give it up before it’s too late?

And what if you do it halfway?

Probably leave it for the well-trained runners and the native speakers and ,and well…

Fly free ,living it in my dreams…

  A humoristic approach to reconsidering things and making decisions

                         It’s a long way to Ithaca…



  1. Interesting approach ending with a well-known phrase by kavafis!


    • Once again thank you so much for your visits my dearest Doctor Lucas.
      I so much like those deathless,comprehensive catchphrases which save the situation and there is no need to speak at great length…


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