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Three Big Secrets in Small Jars and Bottles (part A)

New olive oil, just pressed. It has a dense co...





Three natural products without additives.Food and Medicine at the same time, with taste,goodness and wonder-working properties,well-known since ancient times for their health benefits.All three widely used in the Mediterranean Diet,Medicine and Cosmetology.


The reason I decided to publish a post like that it was not that I wanted to promote anything or to speak highly of Greek natural products.Simply I wanted to share the joy I felt when my brother, who is a doctor,brought me bottles of freshly pressed Bio Olive Oil,bottles which had just arrived from the oil-press place ,produced under the Cold-Press procedure which makes the big difference  for the Pure Extra Virgin olive oil.It comes from his own private Olive  Grove and it is only for family and friends consumption.

Pure Extra Virgin olive oil Jan.2011


His knowledge as a Doctor about olive oil’s antioxidants  and his passion about Nature make him so happy to cultivate those holy olive trees of vital force ,nearly immortal.They give us their tasty product with the delicate,gentle flavour,a permanent health guard of our precious hearts.Its worst enemies are the heat and the light that’s why we keep it in cool,dark places.

Homer called the olive oil “liquid gold” and in Ancient Times the olive tree was a symbol of glory and peace.Olive crowns and branches were awarded to the winners in friendly games and they were emblems of purification.



Concerning the other two natural products honey and crocus,their secrets and their health value, I intend  to expand and develop properly on my next post, as I don’t want  to outshine the olive oil post which is written with much respect for my brother’s efforts , as a Doctor and an amateur Naturalist , for a healthier life…..



  1. Oh I must try this! Thanks for posting!


    • It’s good for you ! Thank you so much dear Cindy for all your comments and likes ! Cheers !!! Hugs, Doda 🙂


  2. This post must be dedicated to all naturalists of the world!the way u approach nature and history and the connection between them is charismatic!We, Greeks, must be proud of our history but we have to maintain and hand it down to the next generations which is quite difficult!


    • Alienation comes from everywhere…Iam afraid .It’s so sad..Each one of us has to do something,in their own way, although it’s uphill all the way….


  3. Olive oil is a relatively recent addition to English cuisine. When I was a boy we seemed to be suspicious of anything continental and the only place to buy olive oil was the chemist shop and we used it to cure earache can you believe? Things have changed now and it is freely available in supermarkets and used liberally if not intelligently in all cooking.

    Good blog – keep it up!


    • I know,now it is available almost everywhere in England ,but years ago,as you said, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it available only in pharmacies and we,here in Greece, had so much available that we gave it away generously. Concerning the earache cure,we did the same after warming it a little bit,it was an old practical method to face the problem.
      Thanks for signing off in such an encouraging way


  4. […] OIL        POST (part A ) Pure Extra Virgin olive oil […]


  5. It’s not only the promotion of our Greek natural products,but also the warm way you do it.I firmly believe that your brother tried hard for the best result!!!With no doubt,he and his family are proud of you in many ways!Did you ‘get the picture?’As far as these products is concerned, their health benefits,their history and especially the whole process of production are worthy of admiration.These products must be a part of our daily nutrition!and don’t forget:good nutrition is the basis of good health!


    • So sweet you responded.Thanks for your words of praise and the gentle way you tackled it.I feel I am fortunate, being in a family with so many doctors around…They have sensitised us with all these health secrets and we have become real inisiates.The process of production you mentioned is so ritualistic! Of course I don’t want to blow my own horn…but we ,really,are proud of our long glorious history and our culture.
      Once again thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.
      Pretty soon I will publish the honey and crocus post.


  6. Making your own olive oil. Imagine. What a joy to make and feed to others. My animals get extra virgin olive oil over their food. Their coats are beautiful. My olive oil favorite is in a saucer with great crusty bread and some fresh herbs. So wonderful that your brother is also a naturalist as well as a physician. I have long been holistic and live with my dear friend Andrew who is an herbalist. You might enjoy his website ‘’


    • Thank you so much for your comment I am not surprised you consume olive oil since you have been holistic and that you also give some to your beloved animals I do the same with my dog and a huge family of foxes which I have been feeding for more than four years and they just love it.
      Making our own olive oil is very exciting for us the Greeks because we consider it something holy as it is well-connected with our past history and our culture.
      Thanks for letting me know about your friend’s website.Being a herbalist you definitely are a Nature watcher and you observe even the slightest detail that other people never bother to notice.If they knew what they miss…

      Thanks for telling me about the anonymous new comer.Now I know it’s from the noble lady,the remarkable artist, from the other end of the world….


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