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Three Big Secrets in Small Jars and Bottles (part B)

OLIVE OIL        POST (part A )

Pure Extra Virgin olive oil Jan.2011



and their  history which goes back in very early prehistoric era.



Honey in Greece has a very long history and it goes back thousands of years ago . Its importance for humans was mentioned in classical texts of Ancient Greece such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and in philosophical texts of Plato,Aristotle and others.

Hippocrates ,father of Medicine,knew about its nutritional and pharmaceutical value.It was a healing medicine then and its nutritional value, a secret for strength,youth and good stamina.Was it accidental?

Have you ever heard about the Food of the Gods of Olympus?It was “Ambrosia” (Honey).   Was it accidental too?

There are many kinds of honey with different flavours but the Thyme honey is one of the most famous.We use a lot of honey in Greece and it is our basic sweetener.You see,we very much stick to tradition and to Nature’s gifts

And last but not least our ” Crocus Herb ” ,those magical red stigmas/threads that give golden colour and taste to our dishes 


Its cultivation goes back more than 3000 years (Late Bronze Age) Crete and reportedly its antioxidant properties helped for the treatment of almost 90 illnesses.Minoans potrayed Crocus in the palace frescoes (Knossos) ,showing crocus used as a therapeutic drug.Also, in late Hellenistic era it was prescribed as a medicine.No matter its history and its properties ,believe me,there in nothing more relaxing than a cup of Crocus tea with Honey and cinnamon….

From the eyes of a passionate Nature Watcher who lives through tradition and past values….


  1. i agree with Dr.Lukas!it’s admirable that you achieved to promote not only our tradition,but also the position of these products to our daily life!


    • I did my best to share with other people around me my little knowledge about the health properties of these products and also to show my respect to the precious gifts of Nature.


  2. a great trip to our tradition and history throughout the nutritional meaning of oil,honey and crocus!very educating!


    • Thanks ,Dr.Lucas.Your comment gives a different dimention to this multisided post.As you say it’s all there….Tradition,history,culture,health….and my heart of course…


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