Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 21/01/2011

Pine-tree – Almond-tree Friendships

I couldn’t resist,I had to do something about it..Maybe a WordPress Post would be a splendid idea,why not.If I were a painter,a poetess, things would be different and I could have used better means and tools to publish their relationship…,a relationship that sets a very good example for people to follow,to copy…there is always enough space for everybody on this blessed planet,there is no need to exterminate one another to survive…


They stand proudly together with their branches intermingled,sharing and exchanging ideas,chatting about their life,their surrounding space and probably how people treat them.



I was not alone watching ,the silver,evening moon cast furtive glances from high above


Once,people asked the almond-tree if there is a God and it blossomed.


  1. it was a wise statement from a wise and very sensitive creature!indeed,it is obvious that what u ve just mentioned came from the bottom of your heart!very touching!


    • In fact , she has expanded so much that her innermost feelings unfold generously,bringing out all the delicate sides of her sentimentalism….She is like a gentle breeze in our life,dressing up the ordinary…You are fortunate you have met her….however it’s not accidental..Birds of a feather flock together


  2. We humans sometimes boast of being superior to all the other creatures we share our planet with… However, this photo proves that this thought is not always correct.. It is true to say that we have a lot to learn from trees and animals and it is time to treat them with the respect they deserve… Thank you so much for this photo!!! It is so SWEET!!!!!


    • My beloved Anastasia,thanks so much for visiting again.You comment is so wisely stated ,revealing big.bitter truths about our attitude on Nature.Most of us forget that a healthy relation is based on Take and Give….
      It gives me great pleasure to know that some people delved into my real, deep sentiments and appreciated the pine-tree – almond-tree photo I published.
      Please keep surprising me……at your excellent……You know what….


  3. Thank God that our cameras can capture Nature’s magic and devine moments that we can share with people around us.
    Pretty soon I wiil visit Gretchen Del Rio’s blog to admire her paintings.From what you have mentioned they must be very remarkable.


    • If you could see them in real,they are embraced in such a touching way,as if they wanted to say something.Almond tree flowers and pine cones almost one body,you can’t tell if the flowers are on the pine-tree or the pine cones on the almond-tree.I see them every single day as you know,but this year the branches have grown so wild that they have intermingled so passionately.It’s an obvious strong friendship…..

      Concerning the Gretchen Del Rio’s blog,please visit;It will be a worth-while experience.


  4. How lovely. What a great children’s book it would make.


    • Ha,ha!!! and the first child that would read it, would be my beloved granddaughter.
      You see,if you have a child’s heart,no matter your age,you view the world through a ROSY spectrum…(probably a weakness or as we call it here a second childhood , even at the age of 59 -Iwas born on the 15th of July 1951)
      By the way,I just loved your response ( on my comment ) about your lovely painting style and the underneath descriptions.You wrote:……we are half an Earth apart and we have this spiritually intimate connection. Isn’t it gorgeous?
      If you are on the same wave length with somebody,the distance is annihilated. How sad though when we have people near us and we feel as if they were to the ends of the earth.I haven’t experienced something like that at the moment,but it must be aweful…


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