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Onomatology and Made-up Names (part B)

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Following my “Onomatology and Made-up Names” ( part A ) Post :

that has to do with Names and the hidden knowledge behind them…. Aristotle , Plato , Kimon , Dorothy,Diana,..and countless lists of beautiful,well-sounding names that each one of them opens a page or pages in History,Religions,Mythology and so many other sources of interest as I have already mentioned on my earlier post  ” ONOMASTICS (part A)  I felt like publishing my experience with my Made-up name “DODA” ( how odd,there are no Ds in my real name) it is actually a coined name  which I have adopted since I was a toddler and never changed it despite my friends’ suggestions and comments upon it , which I am afraid were rather caustic… have a look  ( part A) post ,to see what I mean and get your laugh….

From time to time people asked me if I had any connections with Andros, a Greek island in Cyclades, or with Poland and, and the height of the matter was when asked if I had any connections with Kashmir. Kashmir ? No, no connections with Kashmir,the only connection with Kashmir is my Kashmir scarf….

No connections with Andros , Poland….

Of course,I started to have suspicions that there must be something behind my innocent,coined name….and the mystery started to be solved when at a social reception I met a lady whose name was  DODA ..Doda? What are you talking  about? This name is only mine…(let me add some drama to my narration…) Yes, her name was Doda and she came from Andros where they have a local name Maryoga and Doda is the short name of it.To be honest I so much liked the name Maryoga that I adopted it..(it’s my pseudonym for different uses) .  The rest of the story was left for the Google search machine and Wikipedia…They opened up pages and pages and unfolded information and information where all my questions got an answer..

The Poland …mystery by finding the famous Polish singer Dorota or Doda… and to my big surprise….

My Kashmir connection,not the scarf of course.. but the Beautiful Doda winter capital of Jammu-Kashmir,near outer Himalayan ranges,near the Kashmir valley,a very interesting district ,endowed with ..Imagine!!!  Vast wealth of Natural Beauty and rich forests and rivers and  snow-clad lofty mountains…OMG I am sure this Doda district was meant …for me and my passions….. I must publish a post on DODA…Kashmir…

You see how much Geography and culture  behind an innocent Made-up name…  It’s high- time you started searching you names …


  1. This is a really fascinating subject, dear Doda. I love these two posts and your story, it made me smile. So many wonderful synchronicities.
    Our names, whether given or made up, er never a coincidence. 🙂 ❤

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    • Oh dear,oh dear Aida,can’t believe that you read those two funny posts!Yes,my friend,never a coincidence … There are so many powers in our universe that regulate and balance everything.Thank you so very much my lovely one.Have a brilliant day 🙂 ❤ xxx


  2. your post is very interesting!i didn’t know the exact origin of your made-up name,but your post was an excellent way to inform us about it…this will probably be a motivation for us to search our name’s origin…good work!!!

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    • Thanks again my dearest Anonymous. Onomastics ,a very important part of languages , unfolds history and culture especially for countries like GREECE….

      Periandros,Homer…Leonidas, Solon…Iokasti…


  3. i m sure that u have managed to travel us all over the world with your exciting narration!and i was very interested about the geographical view of your made-up name!

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    • Thank you so much!!!. I will publish a post on : DODA -JAMMU-Kashmir.It is a real,real beauty,quite touristic,a district with gorgeous landscapes.
      Also thanks you didn’t reveal my real,real NAME “wise Doctor”

      PS : I am sure you know that your name is after…. a divine Doctor, like you….in Religion.You remember the Byzantine church..NEAR much behind it…
      Please no comments on it OK?


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