Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 31/01/2011

Numismatics and Philately on the Walls

Collections of Coins and Stamps on the Walls

Framed Coins like Paintings

Stamp collection

After getting over  Monday Morning syndrome I decided to spice up my day by posting  my recent decision to dig up my coin and stamp collections. Collections tucked away in boxes,drawers,in attics and in scrapbook albums as if punished to live in the dark for ever,having no right to speak of their past and their glory. I was fed up with opening and reopening the boxes and the scrapbooks just to give a look of sympathy , to think of their(  past glory ) and to seal them again. So I had to do something to give them life again and I decided to have them framed like paintings and  hang them on the walls of my study and sitting room.

Now by looking at them I go back in the past , I compare things and I recall History..

In  Ancient times when the coins were gold,silver, copper ,hammered, elaborate coins with embossed depictions,real masterpieces of Art….and then ,then to more recent times when we had coins with plainness and simplicity but still bearing history and after the plastic money…..adjusted to the ever-changing world,which one day in the future will be exhibits in Museums…as well.

Elaborate Coin with Embossed dolphins'depiction


silver elaborate coin VELEREPHONDIS


Well , Numismatics  ( the study or collection of coins, paper money (notes) as well as medals or tokens)  and collection of stamps Philately (phil=loving + ateleia=tax-free) when the recipient paid,not the sender ,to hang ” ON OUR WALLS  “just to recall history and to compare things….





  1. Wow. Awesome collection. Thank You showing these.

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  2. very interesting and educative post…!numismatics is an excellent way to remind us of our past art treasures…!good choice!


    • Thank you Anonymous. It was just a representative tiny bit,a small samlpe of our art treasures as you say. Visiting Museums where ancient rare coins are exhibited, is a worthwhile experience.


  3. Bank notes remind me of my dad’s insistence on always returning home from foreign holidays with currency for his personal treasure chest. Even if it was 90˚ in the shade and everyone was desperate for a last drink at the airport dad was determined to bring a souvenir note or coin home


    • Thanks a million for visiting again,I am so glad my Numismatics post gave rise to recalling your dad’s insistence on acquiring foreign bank notes or coins possibly,besides, that’s how collections start and right now you might be proud of your father’s personal treasure chest.
      Also,your father’s insistence was on so many other beneficial sources of knowledge with the intention of enriching and enhancing his and yours spiritual “welfare”. It was sort of “spiritual investement” , wasn’t it?
      What I really enjoy in your writing style, is the obvious “Britishness”….

      Britishness : It’s a very comprehensive term which I did love when I came across in one of Philip Howard’s books
      P.Howard once the Literary Editor of The Times


  4. yes,i’m with u!we must show respect to our history because life is an inevitable circle and in some time we will be the past for our offspring and we wouldn t like to be forgotten by them!keep blogging because every blog is a beneficial lesson of history,culture,art etc.i m looking forward to your next blog!i think that your advantage about blogging is that u are quite unpredictable because no one can guess which theme u choose to approach every time!


    • Thanks Dr. for spreading generously your praises again for me and my blog.We BOTH appreciate it enormously.
      As you have realised I have not “LABELLED” my blog and I fly free without commitments,quite erratic like the weather conditions, the way it pleases me so as to take delight in doing it .
      Besides ,if you have noticed the little label above my calendar (the widget on the right side of the posts) says : RAMBLING ABOUT AND AROUND…
      My posts work like a wideopen personal diary somehow to share with friends and key pals.


  5. very interesting!


    • Thanks a million my dearest Lucas for your support and your ORIGINAL comments,especially the one on my PHOTOGRAPHY production (Georgia-Atlanta)

      Keep in mind that if you know your past WELL you can FORETELL your distant,distant future……..If you see what I mean….Mark my words….
      Sorry for my personal codes but I know you are with me and you can follow….


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