Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 17/02/2011

The Erratic Temperament of The Sleeping Beauty

 Loose Thoughts and Bathetic Narrations by the  Seaside

         Being by the sea for a couple of days  is very relaxing and refreshing  ,even when it is  winter time.However, I would never, ever expect to see this spectacular body of water, literally still, as if  in a painting, the faint smiling of the  ripples unable to produce the gentle lapping  and all the  dynamic presence of the liquid element , simply, absent. A  surprisingly warm ” Sleeping Beauty” ,the personification of tranquility.The Blue Power had settled down in real earnest and the setting sun had started to reflect its golden and pinkish shadows on the shining surface,creating  an artistic mood, especially tinged with the antithetical , dim presence of the snow-clad peaks of  MountParnassos , standing proudly above the horizon. 

It was exactly a photographer’s dream,a painter’s subject.The magical scenery imparted its  serene disposition to you  and all you wanted to do was to steal this calm,beautiful moment.The well-known,Greek thinker and writer Kazantzakis,writes in one of his books,titled “Reference to Greco”, that , sometimes, Beauty is unbearable…That’s exactly how I felt that very moment.

Usually ,when all is serene  and quiet around and I deeply feel the power of  silence, I enjoy gathering  pebbles, pebbles of all ages,sizes,colours and shapes , having different geometrical patterns,each one bearing its own story behind and its personal ID…They are so independent…

Pebbles and Loose Thoughts


However,it didn’t last for long . The Sleeping Beauty was disturbed by a gust of wind, its  shining surface became a battlefield of white horses ,showing their power to the howling wind.That was the other  face of the “Sleeping Beauty”….a face with a wild disposition ,but still beautiful…

the moody sunset foreshadowed the oncoming heavy swelling waves


Huge rollers,almost Hawaiian

The force of weaves, breaking on the rocky coast


The rough sea gave me the chance to enjoy the warmth of the house,where sitting by the fireplace I could enjoy a cup of tea, hearing the exciting sound of the waves breaking on the coast ….

Looking for white horses


An Archetypal Scenario……

The Strong Relationship of Blue and White,helping you to free the energy of a surge…in your soul and bring it back to a peaceful state…..

almost back to normal....

The very next day,all was almost calm again,but, I could still hear the sound of the breaking waves on the coast, I could still hear the sound of life…..


  1. Perfection!


    • Can’t thank you enough for appreciating it dear Cindy 🙂 xxx


  2. I really like the pot of pebbles picture!


    • Thank you.
      Glad to know you like the pebble arrangement.It is fascinating how skillfully sea waves smoothen them and eventually,they lose their original nature….


  3. Your photographs are exquisite and my favorite is the bowl of stones. Love reading your words. Always so poetic and touching. The soul revealing itself.


    • Glad to know you liked the seascapes,as well as the pebble arrangement.You know how much I like pebbles, for different reasons .What it really excites me about them,is that they are never identical and that they gradually become smaller and smaller until they eventually remain only grains of sand,like the sand of the Pacific ocean you put in your vases with the feathers.
      Besides,I am thinking that they don’t have a permanent place to “settle down” . They are always carried away,here and there and their journeys are short or long,proportionally with the force of the waves..


  4. wonderful photooos!i love them…undoubtedly,they calm me down…to tell you the truth,i am looking forward to going there!the strenght of the imagination by looking at the seascapes, is actually at the highest level.
    Once again,congratulations…i was really swept off my feet by your narration and I would like to tell you,that I don’t find it “Bathetic”at all,simply,fascinating…


    • Thank you so much you followed my feeliings’ paths….
      It’s so wonderful to notice Nuture’s beauties and let your soul hear its voices.
      I would also like to thank you, for not finding my narration BATHETIC…
      When you start describing those Natural beauties,you know in advance that it is something commonplace and it’s difficult to engage your readers’ interest.
      However,you feel so relieved by letting your emotions come out of your soul’s shell and find peace again…


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