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Collage Art and Refrigerator Magnetics Mania

Pablo Picasso, Three Musicians (1921), Museum ...

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While Exploring Arts,from Picasso to Refrigerator Magnetics Mania, Creating our Personal Micro-World, our own Expression

A short-lived fad or a long-lived craze?

Looking at Collage Modern Art from a different perspective, with an open mind and plenty of imagination, we often find different expressions and applications  which give colour to  our everyday life. Collage is a distinctive part of Modern Art,coined by the Cubist painters P.Picasso and G.Braque , created from the gathering of different things which all together present a new whole.Personally, I think that the refrigerator magnetics is a customized  form of popular Art,a fad for all trends and tastes that  invaded our houses  years ago and remains popular,giving us the chance to create our personal Micro-World, on the inanimate,lifeless surface of our fridges.

A celebration of colours

A Micro-World with a big variety of themes,full of colour,relief work,made of rubber,porcelain,ceramic or glass,even customized photoframes.An expression of decoration that almost nobody has escaped. Flowers,food,fruits,sweets,souvenirs bought on our travels,paintings from galleries for more sophisticated and aesthetic tastes. They look as if  pages from a book,pages from our life,ready to delight our eyes and our soul through a different dimension.Suitable for all fridges,poor or rich  inside or outside ….From time to time we renew them,we rearrange them and although it is a  nuisance , we never get rid of them.

dissimilar but they co-exist

 We could organise a photo competition to spot the most spectacular or the most  elegant ones.Can you imagine what extraordinary collages we can get?

Occasionally,I wonder if high technology could ever touch them and in the future we can get magnetics with microchips,playing music or having flashing lights , catching our attention more easily.And why not,having a voice, probably to stop us when our ravenous appetite knows no bounds…Too far-fetched I am afraid .Obviously I have entered the paths of my imagination again…

as if pages from our life......


 Because …..Life is Art,Art in all its expressions….


  1. Yes….the toilet could be symbolic. In and out. You have such a great and clever imagination. I do so enjoy our correspondence. I was pondering just a few days ago about how to hand construct magnets. I did that many years ago when I was producing f,abric art and thought to perhaps reinvent it….the magnet paintings. Well I have many many more good ideas than energy and time. But the mind just keeps churning away.


    • Thank you my friend.
      To me ,it’s more than correspondence;it’s sort of spiritual communication through your highly unusual works of art and your mental attitude towards Nature and Life.
      You so much touched me with your reference to the “Mind-Body-Time” relation:(many more good ideas than – energy – mind churning away)……..
      I don’t know which school of thought you believe in,if it’s Dualism or Monism or whatever,the only thing I know is the “Edacious Time” that swallows everything….


  2. Just wonderful Doda. You are right. The refrigerator can be an art gallery. My son travels all over the world with his business and collects magnets. You can’t even see the front of his fridge. I once gave him a 3-d magnet. It was a tiny toilet and when you flipped the handle it made quite a loud sound of flushing. So….the technology is already in motion.


    • Absolutely! “An art gallery” through the discriminating eyes of a painter.How lovely!
      And “a collage-like” through the eyes of a nonspecialist,who thinks that it is of some aesthetic value.
      I like the fact that it carries our personal expression by the way we choose them and the way we lay them out on the surface.For instance,your son’s collection brings out the traces of a traveller round the world. I could imagine yours full of gallery paintings magnets and why not, with your adorable creatures…Can you imagine Sonia , the Wolf song,the Lady’s man…..Everybody would love to have them on,especially the animal lovers… I so much enjoy having van Gogh,El-Greco….
      We could also call it “Ornamentalism”.We do become ornamentalists,don’t we?
      By the way,I am thinking that if the 3-D toilet magnet was meant for refrigerators,I find it very,very Symbolic…..and clever,if you see what I mean….ha,ha….
      Oh dear,I so much enjoyed your comment.
      Thank you


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