Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 28/02/2011

The Departure

                                                25 February 2006

Still Burning…

A long journey to the unknown,a journey without return. 

A Destination to an enigmatic world,shrouded in mystery,with hazy sunshine where  the soul rests in peace,keeping  its spirit alive in the immense universe.The mental substance prevails and the material world dissipates its existential hypostasis.

I Wish I Could Rewind Time….. 

The fire was blazing on the hearth , its  flaring sparks kept stirring up my memory,my inner thoughts with a bitter taste,evoking doleful emotions and a mad desire to rewind time,to see her congenial smile again,to touch her gentle face…to hear her silken voice and feel her great affection, “the affection”  of the female parent that knows no bounds…..It’s one of those moments when the perseverance of memory enters a revolving door with a swift whirling motion,spinning out of control.Trapped as I was in a reminiscent mood , a Portuguese word crossed my mind ,kind of  epiphany,a meaningful word which another fellow WordPresser was attempting to render into English, on one of his posts.

Yes,it was “saudades”  =  “deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for something or someone that one was fond of and which is lost. It often carries a fatalist tone and a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might really never return.”

Yes,it’s one of those moments when your heart becomes more powerful than your brain when your indomitable feelings get a  woebegone face that allows you to  look  fondly upon those who have departed.  Saudades……..

The chimes of an old Timepiece brought me back to Reality ….to the Transitory Happiness of Life….

The Soul's Journey


Excerpt from  my personal diary  25 Feb. 2011

   Recollections From the Good Old Days


  1. wow..i will never get bored reading this post!!!it is so touching…


    • Despite its negative nature,it softens your heart and it keeps up with your peace of mind.Thank you my sweet heart 🙂
      Move forward..
      You have my love and that of my family,as always


  2. that’s how people still live!when those who are left behind keep thinking of them!u know what was our relationship!i deeply feel that everytime i remember her speaking and behaving,i become a better person!as for your article,i really loved “a revolving door with a shift whirling motion..”


    • Absolutely! That’s how we keep them alive.
      Your engaging writing deeply moved me and I ,very much, appreciate your response.
      I am dead certain that thanks to her and your parents of course ,you have an integral personality and a distinguished career as a doctor.
      Thank you for coming by,especially for that “personal” post.
      Please,don’t miss “Saudades” lovely painting by Gretchen.

      It’s really worth linking….


  3. the 25th of Feb every year evokes nostalgic emotions more powerfully…in my opinion,thoughts are better than words,so i would not tell anything else…just a smile!we have to keep her in our mind and,of course,in our hearts!


    • Yes my sweet pea,just smile away your nostalgia and your longing…to economize on words which sometimes are vain…
      You have my love as always


  4. It is quite an experience as generations begin to unfold beneath you. Very contemplative and can bring on a certain longing and sorrow. But what really is the root of those emotions? Perhaps no answer to be written down. I love that
    Portugese word saudades.


    • Yes,just a contemplative glance,reviewing past pages of my life.
      Every year since then,on the 25th of February, I become more susceptible to a bittersweet longing and nostalgia,unrolling inner thoughts and sentiments,keeping alive the memory of her.However,time is a great healer as we say and eventually”Aristotle’s”logic gains ground ,you compromise,you accept the “inevitable” as part of your life,a natural evolution…
      What is the root of those emotions? A good question mark my friend,with many equivocal answers…
      Very briefly I would say that it’s the brain’s processing to accept new situations…


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