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Garden Decoration and the Vergina Sun

The Luminous Disk in the Sky

The Sun, source of life and  inspiration for ancient civilizations and cultures,has been a symbol and emblem from time immemorial.In Greek Mythology it was worshiped as God , personified as Helios,a handsome God ,who drove the chariot of the Sun.In the course of time  it became the God of Light,the Olympian Apollo.

The Vergina Sun is  a very well-known Ancient Greek symbol,a beautiful star which shines its beauty on different decorative  objects .My Vergina Star rests in the garden, shining its glory,narrating its own culture ,sculptured in pure Penteliko marble,the same marble that was used for the construction of the Parthenon temple on the Acropolis of Athens.

The Vergina Sun,sculptured in Penteliko Marble

A Panhellenic Symbol,the Sun with the sixteen rays, representing the 4 Elements :Earth,Ocean,Fire,Air and the 12 Gods of Olympus.Thanks to countless archaeological excavations,it was found on coins,sculptures,craters,frescos and other ornamental objects which are very popular exhibits in Greek museums.

Some other little statues decorate the garden,basking in the Attic sun,adding  artistic touches to Nature‘s peaceful mood.

Cycladic Art

 The Hermes of Praxiteles is resting  among  primulas further down in  the garden,creating a mood of deep meditation,filled  with disciplined thoughts and positive energy.Soon, he will join the  Greek  goddess of Love  and Beauty, Aphrodite, in the Symposium.

Ancient Greek Beauty,having a Symposium…

Looking at the bright side of life and sharing quiet moments with friends and key pals is most  refreshing  and enjoyable ….

Reflections from  a winter day

 5th of  March 2011  Kifisia-Athens-Greece

The Hermes of Praxiteles

Artists often use the Symbol of the Sun in their paintings, giving different interpretations …


  1. Thank you for making such an effort to explain the beautiful symbol of the Vergina Sun–four elements and the 12 Gods of Olympus. I enjoyed touring your garden!


    • Delighted you enjoyed it Amy !
      Your nice words are flowers in my garden.
      Stay well


  2. […] Edward resting on the snow carpet March 2011 […]


  3. this garden has a historical and cultural meaning!what can we say about the vital existence of the sun!it creates life!i also liked very much that beutiful watercolour painting by your friend Gretchen Del Rio!I admire the look of the wolf’s eyes which is very clear!


  4. Your garden is enchanted. So peaceful and beautiful. I particularly like the Vergina sun. The sun symbol appears in all cultures….and we would not exist without the sun. I would long to sit there. Thank you for your reference to ‘rainbow.’


    • Thank you my friend.
      How thought-provoking !!!
      The Vergina Sun, your 20-rayed Sun,cross-like,given to “Rainbow”, with the small black eye in the center of the circle… meaningful…. and a myriad of other Sun symbols from different cultures,inspired by our life-giving Sun.
      What really excites my interest about those symbols, is that they have been brought into existence by different beliefs,values and mainly, knowledge…….


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