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Super Full Moon at Perigee of Rare Size and Beauty

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois).

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The  SUPER MOON of  the 19th March 2011

A Super Perigee Moon

After the recent, tragic events with  Japan’s catastrophic quake , the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa and  Libya Crisis , unfortunately, all three are still in process, the beautiful Moon of the 19 March 2011 ,the World  Storytelling Day 20 March and the World Poetry Day 21 March came as a relief  just to take our mind off the worries for  a  while and give us the chance to see the other side of the coin….

Today, 21st of  March,we have a  Spring Equinox  when  Day and Night have about equal length.Although the day’s length is a bit shortened  after the recent tremendous earthquakes that took place in our planet.The fact that they decided to have a Global Celebration of Poetry on this day is not accidental . Spring has been a source of inspiration for poets and not only, for ages..

 The day of the Super Moon was very much anticipated and all depended on the weather’s disposition and the clear skies .Would it be a clear,cloudless night to allow us to get good visual effect?

A Magpie on a Good Observation Post for the Magical Event....

The clever bird , the magpie,had taken possession on a good observation post in the garden to enjoy the anticipated phenomenon….I thought to myself  as I captured it…. Imagine ! My country , Greece , with plenty of sunshine most of the time,even over winter,on that day Gods decided to send us cloudy skies and drops of rain . That’s Irony of Fate…. It had been overcast since noon and one could presume what to expect…When the beautiful Super Moon was near the horizon where it gives the stunning effect ,where the illusion mixes with reality and produces the Myth… the clouds were rich black and simply, it was like a black,moonless night… And what I managed to get later on, was a rather poor visual effect…Just to remember the WINTRY  night in Spring……


OF ORIGINAL SHAPE...of different Phases and Faces

FULL MOON 19-3-2011

From Mount Penteli-Kifisia-Athens-GREECE

FULL MOON 19-3-2011


  1. amazing night!!!to be honest,that night was a pleasant and optimistic point,soothing all these social upheaval around the world and the financial instability…


    • Indeed,there are moments that enable us to realise that no matter what happens around us and beyond us is not the end of the world,at least at the moment…We step up and go ahead employing positive energy and beneficial,effective tools….
      All the best


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