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The Orphic Hymns and Earth Hour 2011

Gaia (Greek Mythology)

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Earth Hour 26th March 2011 and Gaia Orphic Hymn

The Earth Hour today,a global event which is held on last Saturday of March annually and I reflected on  Greek Mythology ,History and Poetry, trying to remember some famous poems where we hymn our love to Earth.My mind went instantly to the  Orphic Hymns ….GAIA…

Gaia…. incense,every seed,less broads and aroma…..

The Orphic Hymns – pre-classical poetic compositions – a collection of  about eighty-seven hymns,taking their name after the famous poet and musician Orpheas who is one of the most significant figures in the classical mythology in Western culture.

(26) xxvi.  GAIA   incense,every seed,less broads and aroma….

Mt.Penteli cactus and naturally sculptured rocks  GREECE

” GAIA  incense,every seed,less broads and aroma…. 

Oh goddess Earth  ,mother of blessed,and mortal humans, nurse of all,provider of all, fruits ripening, decaying everything, help of growth, bringer of fruits, loaded of beautiful seasons ; seat of the undying cosmos, Kore variegated, who through birth’s pangs you deliver multiform fruits;

immortal,very august,with deep laps,of prosperous fate,joyful in the sweet breezed lawn, demon with the many flowers; happy in downpours, around her a daedalus-like world of stars revolves eternally pushed by powerful natural forces.

But blessed goddess,may you proliferate pleasure-giving fruits,showing a kind heart , in prosperous seasons.

The translated GAIA hymn is from(THE ORPHIC HYMNS)  Astronomy in the Age of Ice By P. PETRIDES

 Mt. Penteli-Kifisia-Athens-Greece. Wild flowers and spring touches



  1. very interesting!posts like this,with no doubt,open up new horizons for us and enrich our knowledge…keep up! D


    • Thank you D.
      It’s sort of an expression,just to keep our cultural and historical inheritance alive…
      You see,alienation comes from everywhere around and we have to do something about it.Even an individual’s power can contribute…
      Keep the University Activation going…..


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