Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 03/04/2011

The Rite of Spring

Spring Colourful Reflections Seasoned with Greek Spirit

Nature’s Spring Face Revives,Reaching out to Human Nature and  Soul,Triggering  Thoughts and Emotional Sensations

It was only a balmy, early evening and an owl‘s cry,hooting outside in the garden as if calling my owl family to join it,an owl family perched high on book shelves,resting on this “elevated” place where we grope for knowledge to replenish our learning tanks, that….

that…evoked my perceptive faculties and awoke  my internal emotional side. It was just what I needed to set out on a lyric,meandering journey to distant destinations ….into History and Mythology.

It was unthinkable for me though,not to  reflect on a fresco  from Thera (a replica from my personal collections).It’s part of the famous fresco  “THE SPRING FRESCO”  from Akrotiri, Thera  (Santorini Volcanic Island) 1550-1500 BCE,the beautiful fresco of the Lotus flowers and the Kissing  Swallows.It seems that their strong love and the volcanic Lava,which had undertaken the role of the good preserver,helped them to  survive the catastrophic, Japan-like  earthquake.

 Everything around me that balmy evening had a story to share with me,with you…even the crepuscular shadows in the garden helped me  to echo the owl’s hooting through words….accentuating Art and Spring Beauty.Azalea’s spring blossoms had taken a faded colour trying to rest for a while in the  earthen pot, before they were ready again to receive the first sun beams from the Attica skies.

Presumably, the same Sun Beams that gave life to the Goddess of Wisdom and War  Athena and to the Owls which inhabited the Acropolis in great numbers. The Owl , that was Athena’s favourite creature  along with her Shield and an Olive tree ,  regarded  sacred symbols.I suppose it is not contingent that the owl was the symbol of wisdom  in so many cultures. People always found owls wise. Probably, it has to do with their  night vision, their  human size  “knowing-eyes” with the upper eyelids and of course, their upright posture.

Sweet flower blossoms,scented air in the atmosphere, birds’  evening notes, ,kissing  swallows and the owl’s rhythmic hooting , all like a well-synchronized Spring Orchestra…..  A Synthesis of Wisdom,Balance,Harmony and Beauty….all there,a good excuse for me to publish  a rather Ruritanian post…..


  1. I love the owls, too, your collection is adorable, and your post about them is wonderful! It is very nice to hear the voice of the owl around here, too, esoecially in the evenings. I have a nice post about Athena’s Little Owl, too, she stopped by one day to say hi to me in my oasis!

    I love your fresco, do you have more photos of your work? ♥♥♥ ;^)


    • Aisha,Dear ! Thank you so very much for all your visits and your rich comments !!! I do appreciate it,my friend ! I’ll read your post tomorrow.
      I have more frescoes from Knossos and Santorini.They are gorgeous!
      Hugs,cu tomorrow, Doda 🙂


      • I enjoy your blog very much, Dear Doda, have a great time, try to dont stress about all your work, and enjoy as you can! ♥♥♥ ;^)


  2. Contemplative thoughts and colourful reflectios


    • What a big surprise Lady A.
      Thanks for coming by and commenting.Hope,your Medicine conference in Sweden is as fruitful as ever.Are you going to meet Tasos and Nancy?
      Have a safe flight


  3. I am certain that I sampled it when I was on the island but I didn’t bring any home with me!


    • Seemingly,they do need the atmosphere of their birthplace,especially OUZO…
      Easter time in Santorini is very quiet, tinted with the special local colour and a lot of devoutness.


  4. I visited the archeological site at Akrotiri in 2004. I enjoyed it.


    • A quaint Aegean island that you,especially you,couldn’t have missed.

      What is really impressive is the fact that your favourite “sugar cube” white houses in Fira,stand on the black volcanic lava creating the contrast of black and white surrounded by the deep blue of the Aegean seas.Unluckily,the volcano that ruined Minoan Crete is still active…
      By the way,did Visanto and Assyrtiko travel well?


  5. very interesting and romantic approach!well done! D


    • Thank you Lady D…
      You very well know that I have given your name to one of the owl family member.
      Hope life is treating you well in the cultural city of Berlin…..
      The concept of Zeitgeist and the German Romanticists may inspire you to write a Spring post….without reference to Ancient, Greek Frescos .
      Apparently, the “Venus Project and Fresco’s futuristic designs” can help you, instead……


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