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Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus through Nature’s Rebirth and Spring’s Celebrations

Easter Bouquet

Easter,the most important religious holiday in Greece,will take place this year on April 24.Traditions that have withstood the test of time revive again and along with the spring weather warm people’s heart.Churches throughout the country offer Holy Week services with the highlight being Saturday’s midnight service when people in and outside the churches gather,with candles in hand,to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.On Good Friday flags are flown at half mast and church bells toll mournfully in commemoration of Christ being taken down from the cross.We do the same and put on a Holy Sepulchre decorated with fresh flowers which we call Epitaphios (it’s a catafalque) very specific words I’m afraid.Afterwards,the Catafalque is carried out of the church paraded through the streets in a funeral procession.

Easter Spring blossoms by the seaside

Come midnight on Saturday,church bells ring out joyfully as the devout light candles to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection.The traditional Easter meal consists of roast lamb, fresh salads,Easter bread,boiled eggs,which we dye red on Holy Thursday and of course lots of red wine.
Easter decorations in the garden,on a cedar tree
I t’s customary to have Easter lunch in the garden where the spring blossoms enhance the occasion and refresh our disposition.

Easter Treat

Nature’s powerful rebirth,indeed,makes the atmospere joyful and warm, spreading the ray of hope and love which people so much need to keep  balance and harmony in their life.

Lilac blossoms reaching out to the blue skies to communicate with the divine power

 As most traditions in Greece,those of Easter are preserved and upheld with enthusiasm by people throughout the country with special local effect and colour in each region.We all welcome The Resurrection of Christ and Nature.

Even the Spruce in the garden is showing off its Spring expression

 A Spring post for all my friends and keypals,full of love and warm wishes.


  1. Beautiful and vibrant photos. You do capture nature so well. I love seeing your garden contents. Thanks for doing that….recording with your camera.

    Spring is very slow this year to come to my mountains. Today we have Santa Ana winds which blow everything around and make the temperature so cold. When they blow… the flat land below us gets very hot and dusty. No snow left here except at high elevations. I think that is over…hope so. We do have daffodils in bloom, but the trees are still quite bare of leaves. It is so interesting how different places in the world have such different weather on the same day. Being so connected as we all are because of the internet allows us glimpses into other climates and landscapes.


    • Hi Gretchen, thank you for dropping by again.
      I was just about to finish my comment on your Pinon Art Work,following your reference to the background pattern,when your comment arrived.Plese check out my comment.
      Weather conditions are very erratic all over the world and the normal standards we knew have dramatically changed.The other day for instance,all over the UK they had very pleasant,spring weather and in Greece where we have plenty of sunshine and warm,was rather cold and rainy.Also, Spain in the south,experienced extremely high, summer temperatures,quite unusual for this time of the year.
      It is absolutely exciting how the internet connections travel us all over the world and we share moments and thoughts we couldn’t even imagine.
      Hope spring is soon near you to revive your surrounding area and refresh your disposition.


  2. Lovely pictures and equally enchanting describtion. Nature unveiling and manifesting itself, spilling its extravagant colours and charms around.


    • Thank you my friend for coming by again and commenting on my Easter-Spring post.
      Your words are so poetically written,with an intensity of beauty to pair well with Nature’s magic.
      Blessed those who notice the harmony around them…


  3. what a wonderful post!amazing photos and excellent work!your description about Easter is fantastic!to be honest,it ”smells” exactly like Spring!!!


    • Thank you darling.
      Easter in Greece is always associated with the Rite of Spring and Nature’s Rebirth.
      Besides,all these colourful celebrations of Nature convey the real Spirit of Easter..
      My best wishes


  4. I can only imagine that it was vey amusing!


    • Yes,it was.
      From what they told us,at first,they were very confused and offended,unable to see the funny part of the story, until they found out.
      Afterwards,they were,totally,enjoying narrating their “usage” experience.
      There is,a satirical,Greek book written by G.Byzantios,called “BABYLONIA”,a very apposite title,based on the confusion caused by the different usage of some words in the Greek dialects.Being adapted for the theatre,it was a very successful performance to enjoy.


  5. Bloggy friend is good, I like it!


    • Thank you.I am so relieved it is sorted out.
      Once,in Inverness,Scotland, my husband and I fell in with two American,old ladies,actually, we stayed in the same hotel,who were very upset with the differences between the English and the American usage.
      They told the receptionist that they would go on an excursion somewhere and that they would like him to wake them up on time.
      The receptionist was kind enough to tell them that with great pleasure he would knock them up……
      Imagine !!! How upset they were as in USA it means to make pregnant…


  6. A nice blog and some lovely pictures. I would like to visit Greece at Easter but the ambition has so far failed to reconcile with my schedule. Now I am no longer working perhaps I can achieve it soon. I hope you had a wonderful time.


    • I am so glad you liked my Easter-Spring post.If you ever visit Greece at Easter time it will be quite an experience for you,no matter your religious dogma.An experience you will never forget in your life.Especially in the islands where the atmosphere is so exciting and devine thanks to the special,local tradition.
      Of course,I am not talking only for the big,well-known islands such as Corfu,Rhodes,Crete,Santorini….I am also talking about the small islands like:

      In advance,I can imagine what a post you would write….
      Thank you for coming by once again.

      PS: In one of my comments about the Greek islands,I used the word “bloggy” friend…,meaning friend through our blogs,at least,I suppose.It’s a colloquial Americanism I had seen somewhere.However it,also,has some other funny meanings.I am so sorry about it.I think it happens when you are not a native speaker….


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