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In the Immense Universe where Orpheus Astra Shine and Meet with the WordPress Galaxy

Solar System Planets.

Image via Wikipedia

(S)he who does not know what the world is,does not know where (s)he is ….

We are part of the immense universe where there is no bound,where Matter and Energy co-exist  with Millions or Billions of  Galaxies and Major or Minor Planets,Satellites, Asteroids,Shooting Stars and man-made,Artificial Satellites. All in absolute Symmetry and Harmony,interacting and processing  in full evolution while occupying  their Interplanetary or Interstellar,personal  Space. An astonishing,vast number of celestial bodies ,of  Mass Stars that become Supergiants,Supernonas  emitting vast amounts of energy and end their lives in the Infinite…

Our planet,Earth,is part of this Divine System,it takes up its  Space, it “shines” and we shine along with it. We seize possession and gradually expand and evolve..our existence and our self-expression while in orbit…. in our Space.

The Computer Science,the CyberSpace and the Internet World compose an Immense Universe where millions of Galaxies and billions of  Stars co-exist,negotiating and consolidating their vast Space.

To my eyes,  “WordPress” is a ” Galaxy ” with millions of  Stars….of all sizes and all dimensions and we,the WordPressers,either Major Planets or Asteroids or Satellites..we keep our blogs neatly,our personal ” Space ” , we interact and we shine,full of effervescent energy proportional to our purposes and our natural  and cultural abilities. Millions of stars take up their space which they keep either for professional reasons,or to publish scientific research and work or simply as a pastime to share knowledge,photos,emotions,thoughts and personal experiences. Millions of scientists,writers,poets,painters, avid travellers,photographers interact harmoniously and spread their knowledge and experiences on the WordPress platform. Such a vast Space to socialize and respond …and pay visits and write comments of any size ,rich or generous- ( and if  bloggers are kind enough they respond at least to say thank you )- because you live,you think ,you take and give energy and life….,  satisfying your Biophilia, which is your love for the living world and enjoy even the ” Kafkaesque”  style of the writers ; You come into contact or extended contact with intellectual and ” sophisticated “people,shrinking the distances and reaching even philosophical,meandering paths…

Sad,though,when you visit blogs and sites of bitter taste with disagreeable experiences and shocking photos,where people’s lives are torn up by natural disasters and devastating,catastrophic phenomena such as : Hurricanes,massive,monstrous tornadoes in the Tornedo Alley or Valley ,having the appearance of an elephant’s trunk,carrying with them chaos and havoc.Or wildfires and tremendous quakes and tsunamis…powerful words with powerful consequences. It’s upsetting when you realise that Nature’s power is unsurpassable and nothing can stop its ruthless,violent face…and its geophysics Wars…..Then,you simply read with trepidation and wonder “who is the next target ” …  and you think to yourself  that possibly “black”  energy is emitting  from somewhere,outshining  and disturbing the harmony of our Universe…

Nevertheless,life on our beautiful planet goes on and our world never stops its evolution and revolution… and people never stop  admiring  the Natural Beauty around them and in them…..Endless Beauty that  brings  out the poet,the painter,the writer…

The other night for instance,while gazing at the  clear, night skies, I couldn’t help thinking of  Orpheus Timeless Hymns,inspired by the celestial bodies and the Powers of  the Immense Universe,where he glorifies its Mythical Magic….

Golden Full Moon from Mt.Penteli and Orpheus Selene

SELENE  incense,aroma

Listen,goddess queen,carrier of the light,divine selene. Bull-horned Mene,runner of the night,in the air wandering,nocturnal,torch-bearer,maiden of the good star,Mene; growing and withering,male and female;luminous,friendly to the horses,time’s mother,bringer of the fruits;

you enlighten,downcast,shining upon,supervising the childbirths;seeing everything,you like wakefulness,escorted by good stars,happy in the quietness and in the blissful night;brilliant,joy-giver,bringing deeds at an end,night’s pride. Stars’ archon,with the long veil,running the helical road,wise kore,

come,blessed,with joy,being a good star,with your own light shining,your new suppliants,oh kore.-

I would also like to cite Orpheus’ ASTRA Hymn which I dedicate to all  the WordPressers ,who shine like Stars,Planetoids or Asteroids in the WordPress Galaxy. ( ASTRA = stars )

ASTRA  incense,aroma

The sacred light of the heavenly stars I call upon,with the holiest voices I addressed invitation to the pure demons.Oh stars of the heavens,lovely children of the black Night,eddies-like revolving about the throne in circular paths,sparkling,blazing,to the end fathers of all;

you are the fated issue,any destiny showing;determining the divine route of mortal humans;be seen in the zones of the seven lights,wanderers of the air,celestial,earthy,runners of a fire road,evermore indomitable;brightening the perpetually dim veil of the night,shining in glittering,joyful,and nocturnal;let you come to the much-suffering deeds of this sacred ceremony,you the fine,bringing to an end the road to prosperous works.

Mesembryanthemum plant with its Shining Stars....Whishing Many Happy Returns To the WordPress

Just an Extended Metaphor for all the WordPress bloggers –   Many Happy Returns ” WordPress ” Platform

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  1. Oh how I enjoyed this post, Doda. The immensity of the universe and the majestic beauty of that, and your comparison to WordPress too. Lately I have been watching on TV the Cosmos series narrated by Neil de Grasse Tyson based on the work of Carl Sagan. I realize it is now several yrs later than you originally posted this piece, but you may currently enjoy this series as much as I am. Many thanks Doda. 🙂


    • Oh dear,oh dear Jet ! I am so glad you appreciated my efforts to connect both spaces … It was a rather complicated post,but that’s how I felt then … Thaaaaaaaank U from the bottom of my heart my dear friend Jet !!! Love ~♥~♥~♥~ and big hugs , Doda 🙂 xxxxxxxxx


      • Oh, thank you Doda, for all your years of posts. Every time I click in, you have something beautiful to share. I very much appreciate that. Really glad to hear from you! 😀


        • Why,thank you dear Jet ! I do appreciate your kind and encouraging words as well as all your visits and rich comments!
          Love ~♥~♥~♥~ and hugs , Doda 🙂


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  3. I liked your article for the universe, powers, tiny Earth.
    You have great talent in writing.
    Excellent work!


    • Thanks kindly for coming by and for your approving comment.Nice words come more naturally to gentle people.
      Love to build bridges from heaven to earth and I have an attitude to over-observe and over-notice everything around me and above me which dramatically affects my emotional side.
      When I find ways to spend my sentimental energy,all comes to peace again.
      For instance,writing a post of this sort is a good way and you don’t bother who reads it and why.Simply,you share your humble reflections and thoughts with a few people who are on the
      same wave lenght with you .
      It’s a marvellous world my friend that we all share proportionally provided we respect it …


  4. i studied Physical science,and astronomy aswell.
    i never thought that i could compare the Cosmos with a Social network or a bloggin community.
    Its awesome,that the comparisons you mention in the post are trully reflecting our “poor life” with the Endless universe.
    “we are all stardust afterall’


    • Thanks kindly my friend.
      Yes,it was an extended metaphor,overwhelmed by sentimental qualities and elements, which sister souls could perceive and respond positively.
      I so much liked your “stardust ” approach through the eyes of an Astronomer and a talented Photographer.
      Indeed, we are minor particles of matter that fall to Earth but seen individually like luminous clouds…..


  5. πολυ καλη δουλεια. Αψογο … Α


    • Thank you for coming by and for your laconic comment.I know,”Time is Money” and your hectic schedule leaves limited spare time.Hope life in Austria treats you well.
      All the best


  6. amazing!i travelled into the space just for a few seconds!it is a great relation between the ‘up and the down to earth…’world!we are surrounded by different things,tastes, beauties,colours, as it happens up in the immense Universe!To tell you the truth,this post makes me read it again and again…and after all these praises for the WordPress platform,I am thinking of opening an account and enjoy flying with them…. D


    • Please do !!! Your university activities in Greece and abroad will have an amazing space to come into publicity and gain enormous interest…
      Thanks for being with me in orbit…Lady D


  7. To be honest, Ive had to read this a few times to try and understand what it is all about! I think I’m getting there!
    Thought I’d let you know my Greek island hopping itinerary for this year and after days of careful planning the itinerary is now confirmed. Paros, Amorgos, Koufonisia, Ios, Antiparos and a final night in Athens!


    • Thanks for being venturesome enough and that you decided to launch and follow my turbulent flow,trying to decipher my cryptic and surrealistic (3-D) extended Metaphor.As a reader you were left in a “Daedalous Labyrinth” unhelped,without the “Ariadne’s Clue”,trying to reach my concept where the “WordPress'”8th anniversary of its birthday and its bloggers,were glorified through the Orphic Hymns and the “UNIVERSE” powers….
      However,you mustn’t grumble since you managed to land smoothly and safely on the Pearls of the Aegean,turquoise waters….(another metaphor based on your choice..)
      I am certain sure that you and yours will enjoy the Cycladic islands which you will honour with your visit.
      Quaint little islands with tranqillizing atmosphere all over and inspiring surroundings that will bring out the writer once again.


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