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The Spirit of the Greek Islands through Brush Strokes

Still in an indecisive phase ?

My forebears used to wisely say that  ” Ειδεναι Ορεγεται ”  is in humans’ nature; Aristotle Metaphysics.

The Spirit of the Greek Islands through Brush Strokes

Just have a look at the  ‘Travel Leisure’  American magazine where Santorini (Thira) made its way to the list of  Top Islands . Selected out of thousands of islands from all over the world,rightly gained its distinction for its quaint beauty. It stands with pride on the  remnants of a volcanic caldera in the Aegean sea, receiving its visitors with agreeable warmth and plenty of attractions.

However,we shouldn’t push aside the other little gems which are scattered all over Greece in the Aegean and Ionian seas,shining in the turquoise crystal clear waters, while reflecting their greenish and blueish tones.They look like basking dolphins of different species that vary in size or like emerging Aphrodites from the sea-foam.

Most of them known since ancient times, with glorious history and culture behind them and perpetual sunshine beyond the reaches of Gods. They are also renowned for the idyllic moments of the sunsets,when the skies are vibrantly painted with tawny to brownish-orange shades and tones.

Sunset Illusions and Different Faces and Phases

Sometimes, when I am looking at the map,they remind me of a huge  ‘smorgasbord’  with an abundance of choices that makes the pick unbearably challenging …  They are all there, restful and very blue,with balmy sunny weather,to satisfy all the trends and desires,even the most exquisite penchant.

Discover new oceans with unfathomable beauty that it is waiting  for you to explore and appreciate.Being in those little islands  and experiencing  primitive values, it gives you the sensation that you travel back in time when once life  was more humane and relaxing.Nowadays,simplicity is lost in the rush to become modern and ritzy and privacy tends to become a luxury.

Reflectively Gazing the Horizons Behind the Immense Blue Ocean

Fancy yourself  isolated on a sandy beach  with sheltered bays and coves or with green hills behind you,all ready to receive you and show you the way to the little priceless delights of life and to idle pleasures. Or,wandering  in cobbled paths or narrow streets of undeniable charm, almost squeezed between little, white-washed houses,souvenir shops or medieval stone houses.And,and … last but not least,what about having  some anise-flavoured ouzo,either in a shot glass or in a bigger one with some cold water and ice cubes that turn it  into a milky white refreshing drink to go with the appetizers that the seaside tavern(a)s (small restaurants ) usually serve as  light summer dishes.Trust me,there is nothing better than a dish with octopus,sardines,fresh summer salads and many other  titillating delicacies.

Indeed,promising,carefree destinations ….

The Coast is Clear ...

Yes,the Coast is Clear …   and Scented with Basil fragrances which march to the beat of the waves … and to my puns.

Reflective thoughts by the seaside,through the Magic Spectrum of  Blue and the Spirit of the Greek Islands.


  1. Beautiful. Many years ago, we made a cruise to Santorini from Crete. It was an incredible experience, which will stay in our minds. I especially remember the stairs, which we walked down from the top to the cruise ship.

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    • I am so glad you managed to visit Santorini and Crete.Santorini is my favourite volcanic island,its beauty is unique.

      Kallisti ...

      The Precious Gem of the Aegean Archipelagos ...


  2. Doda, you present us with a picture, that make it all so enticing! 🙂

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    • Oh,do I ?So many thanks for taking in my perspective dear friend 🙂


  3. I found myself awake dear Doda, not able to sleep, I have many upon my post still waiting to be answered, yet I was drawn to you this evening. Maybe you too are awake, 🙂
    But I thought to look in your archives and was delighted to arrive within your beautiful Island again which holds so much Spirit dear Doda.
    I Love your painting, and how beautiful are those views my friend.. Would that i could dive into that clear warm ocean and swim right now..
    I am sure it would ease my aching back which I have as I overdid the gardening today.
    Sending my thoughts in the early hours.. and much love across the ocean.
    Love Sue ❤

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    • Nobody can be more considerate than you,my dear friend Sue!You always come by when I am away from WP and you generously show your noble sentiments and your love for me.Can’t thank you enough for thinking of me 🙂 Away,as per usual, during the summer and back from abroad and from the Greek islands.I dare not come by your blog and see all the brilliant posts I’ve missed.But,I’ll,and I’ll take your light once more my precious friend.I don’t want it to be a quick visit,I want to enjoy as much as possible.All the best to you and your family!Much love & hugs of friendship as always and so many thanks for liking my post 🙂 ❤ xxx

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      • Oh dearest Doda.. so good to hear from you my friend.. 🙂 Massive big smile on my face.. And not a great deal you have missed. as I have had more problems on and off so not posted as often.. No need to catch up.. Just the current post will do..
        I know how it is.. And there is enough of me trying to super-woman flying here and everywhere.. Stay grounded, and enjoy your leisurely return at your own pace… Just so pleased all is well with you. Love Sue xx

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  4. The Greek islands are out of this world !
    Tasos and I send you our love from Serifos and I am looking forward to seeing you again.
    We totally enjoyed your post.

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    • Thanks Vanilla for visiting.
      Delighted you enjoy your holidays in Greece.Gather as much sun as possible to take with you in Sweden …


  5. Perfect,is just the word to describe this beauty, i loved the basil next to the shore.

    Are all these photos from Santorini?


    • Hope your holidays were to your expectations,full of inspiration and sunlight to help you with your exceptional spiritual work.
      Your B&W ‘Entombed Queen’ and the ‘White Waves’ are so poetic !
      Thanks for coming by and commenting.You always choose words with care and acute discernment.
      Concerning my photos,no,they are not from Santorini.They are from ‘somewhere in Hellas’ …


  6. i’m not sure about that,beacause ithaki isnt visible from Pantokrator,is it??yes,ithaki:the home of odysseus in Homer’s saga!did u know that Vathi(the capital of Ithaki)is one of the biggest natural harbours of the world?


    • Hi,Dr.Lucas!Thanks for saving us the trouble of trying desperately to spot you and Anastazia in Paxos beaches from Corfu, Mt.Pantokrator.
      No notice was given for your re-arranged travel plans.
      Hope,you see again the descendants of Odysseus we met some years ago;Still I keep the photos.It was in the natural harbour you mentioned.I knew it was natural like the harbour of the volcanic island of Milos,but not that it is one of the biggest worldwide.Thanks for telling me.It seems Odysseus or Ulysses took good care of it …
      Well, ‘as you set out for Ithaka hope the vogage is a long one,full of adventure,full of discovery ….’and more lyric words from Constantine Cavafy.

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  7. Hi Doda, Your description of Greece leaves my mouth watering for the sight. Greece has always been the place which I most wished to visit. I think of it in white, white whites and lovely blue doors. I live on a very beautiful mountain and have lived many other wonderful places. But, I always dream of other spots. I have learned so much about Greece from your blog. Makes me feel more like I have been there. I am not a tourist, but, rather, enjoy living in a location for awhile and absorbing the culture. Thanks for your wonderfully sensitive blog.


    • Hi,Gretchen and thanks kindly for your generous comment.Delighted you enjoyed my Greece-related posts and I totally appreciate what was captured through the eyes of a talented painter.A real artist is easily touched by even the slightest little something and by careful attention to detail that other people don’t usually notice. Occasionally,great inspirations and remarkable works of art come from ‘sweet nothings’ and as A.Einstein supported, imagination is more important than knowledge …

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  8. As I sit here with the rain thrashing against the window and the temperature struggling to get into the mid teens I am even more in need of my annual Greek ‘fix’ so abandoning my plans seems unlikely. If Athens looks as though it might be uncomfortable I can get an alternative flight to the islands and rearrange the itinerary to suit.

    At the moment the plans are coming together nicely and the schedule is – Paros, Amorgos, Koufonissia, Ios, Anti-Paros and Athens so if I have to get a flight to Santorini or Mykonos there shouldn’t be the need for too much readjustment.

    Last weekend I went to Rome and sweltered in a heat wave – today I have a pullover on!


    • Your well-selected blue-dressed Aphrodites will welcome you and yours into their hospitable bays,drifting their gentle breeze with a purling song and a kiss adorned with foam and ‘young adult’ temperatures …
      Undeniably,your annual Greek ‘fix’ revives your proud spirit and inspires your vibrant writing.
      Looking forward to your new pages from the ‘book of life and history’ in the Summerland of the Aegean Greek islands.


  9. Santorini is a nice island but for me is spoilt when it is overrun by temporary visitors from the cruise ships, when I was last there there were four in the caldera and thousands of people clogging up the lovely little streets. Personally I prefer islands without airports which makes them more challenging to get to. My favourite is Amorgos, or is it Anti-Paros or Sifnos or Thassos. Perhaps it isn’t really possible to have a favourite because they are all such wonderful places. I like the smorgasboard analogy!


    • No objections.Think that I am Greek, yet,all my visits to Santorini were springtime in order to avoid the hordes of tourists.
      It’s obvious my friend that the spirit of the Greek islands and their long history ( most of them prove their presence since prehistoric years) are in your heart and even if you wanted to hide it,your rich posts betray your favouritism.
      What I like about your countless visits,is the fact that you don’t come to enjoy only the skin-deep pleasures but you also delve into history and culture.
      We are proud when we get intellectual visitors like you,especially now that we totally need them,not money-wise,but to help us preserve our national ID which I am afraid has gone for a Burton…
      By the way,are you eventually thinking of re-arranging your summer plans ?
      British are basically rationalists.Use your aptitude and make a cool decision.


  10. Summertime…yes,and the famous Greek islands are and will always be popular destinations.They are ready to welcome us and fulfill their promises to our great expectations.Paradise-like,with wonderful beaches and plenty of attractions,to make our holidays highly memorable.
    see you soon in Corfu… D

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    • Thanks Lady D for views and comments.
      I wonder,shall we ever be fed up with vising Corfu almost every single year ? I presume,Poseidon’s love for Korkyra,Homer and the mingled English,French and Italian elegant tones are to blame …
      And,if we are lucky enough,we might spot Dr.Lucas and Anastasia in Paxos from Mt.Pantokrator (LOL).

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