Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 06/09/2011

A Kaleidoscope of Colourful Reflections

Evocative Flowers and Statuettes in the Summerland induce  your imagery to run wild and your mind starts thirstily wandering with verve a little farther than usual.The Uncompromising  Purity of the Flower World changes the flow of your spiritual energy  into a passion where you are allowed to employ an unconventional access to what the world has to offer you.

Statuettes and Geranium in the Garden

 Sun-washed flowers talk too wise using vivid figurative language filled with refreshing tones and reflections of light that lead to peace of mind.You let yourself  drift and you listen attentively soaking every drop of their dreams of their poems…

Magnolia’s Blue Dream in the Summerland

 Magnolia’s Blue Dream in the Summerland and its Magic Power came to an end when the first Rose-Daughters of the Dawn caressed its white petals helping them to unfold and reveal in the open air … the secrets of  its delicate beauty.

Magnolia’s Blue Dream and its Uncompromising Purity

 Some neighbour friends speak in whispers and look stealthily trying to display their own beauty and soon the Flower World in the Summerland is full of smiling faces and sweet scents wrapped in heavenly rustling sounds that lift your emotions off and send you to a Paradise of a Parallel Universe.

Callas Indelible Colours and Summer Designs

We also had an unexpected visitor,a white Callas, which had escaped from an enchanted elephant forest,just to pay a short visit and join our contemplation …  Oh! And some Ocean-washed Margaritas were also welcomed …

White Callas’ Visit,escaping from a painting

Ocean-washed Margaritas

Meanwhile,the eternal procession of the bio-rhythmic circle of life is in progress and the beautiful flowers get ready to attend the fiery tones of the sunset which totally resemble Etna’s spewing lava with the unique red nuances on its palette.

Sunset Illusions

 They get over-enthusiastic,overwhelmed before they start patiently waiting for the late Twilight when the sparkling  harmony of Stars and the Moon,The mind of  God,The mind of the Universre,will eventually peep out from their Stellar Kingdom to lullaby their mellow petals with sweet melodies between Heaven and Earth and entrust them to the care of the dreamy world of the night …

The Mind of God

 Flowery words to ‘liberate’ your packed up sentiments and let your soul meet with peace …


  1. Through your lens, flowers look even more beautiful!!


    • Thank you Amy !!!
      Glad you appreciated my rambling and the beauty of the flowers.


  2. Wow…!! I am completely enchanted by your wise thoughts!! Your words absolutely bring me to another world..the world of the flowers!! A pure world which seems to be a heaven..! To tell you the truth, you managed to make me hear the whispers of flowers and the sounds of the universe.. Flowery words and your delicate soul absolutely liberates my emotions.. Your flawless articles always touch my heart.. and certainly depict your noble and tender soul..


    • To be honest,your well-composed comment is actually a supplement to my flowery post,an actual extention of my thoughts and sentiments.
      You have topped up everything with ‘sugar’ and ‘honey’,leaving a taste of high quality level.
      Being on the same wavelenght,it’s much easier for us to share deep thoughts and reflections beyond the ordinary…
      Thanks kindly, Anastasia, for coming by and commenting.I so much enjoyed your thoughtful and all-inclusive response.
      Please give my love to Dr.Lucas


  3. My favourite there has to be the Margaritas because daisy heads are among my favourites although I can always find room for one more pot of boiling red geraniums.

    My trip to Greece went according to plan and although Athens seemed edgy and there were a lot of police on the streets everwhere seemed as good natured and welcoming as usual. We didn’t get robbed on the metro this year so that was another bonus!

    The weather in the islands was simply perfect with just enough breeze (not wind) to keep the temperatures in their place. It was good to return to Ios, Anti-Paros and Katapola and exciting to discover wonderful new places in Egiali, Koufonissia and Paros. I am making plans for next year already!

    I do hope Greece soon gets over its current troubles, it pains me to see it hurting!



    • Thank you very much for coming by and letting me know that eventually,your annual visit to ‘your second home’ went according to your plans and to your expectations,wreathed with my ocean-washed Marguerites and my blood-red Geraniums.
      Delighted you enjoyed Katapola’s natural port once again and Ormos Aegiali with the picturesque villages around it and the unforgettable sunsets at Tholaria.Although Amorgos is a relatively small island you can very easily spend quite a few days there.
      I have also to thank you for your real strong concern for Greece’s rough course and for being a true philhellenist.It seems that your Hellenistic and classical studies at university have deeply rooted in you.
      At the moment,the only thing we can do,is to closely watch Globalisation’s effects worldwide …


  4. what a poetic article…it absolutely elevates our spirits and our senses!it depicts the kingdom of nature and with no doubt it broadens our horizons concerning this mysterious and adorable ‘world’… thank u! D


    • Thank you Lady D for your rich commen.Delighted you really appreciated my post based on the magic world of our Universe.
      Hope,Tasos and Nancy have a safe flight to Sweden.


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  6. Wonderfull emotions,Thoughts.
    The geometry we find in the flowers,even in humans,is the same with the stars,the whole cosmos.

    We are made from stardust, I awlays bring into my mind Carl Sagan,when i read articles about nature,and what exists above us.


    • Thank you my friend.
      A comment by a specialist is always appreciated and I am delighted that once again you spotted the harmonious whole of symetry and wisdom in all respects …through my amateur photos.
      A universe of flawlessness and integrity all over and above us for those who really notice and listen to the universal echoes …
      Love your Carl Sagan connections as I always evaluate and consider aspects of famous cosmologists and scientists.
      Also,totally attracted by the powerful words you adopted to write your comment.
      Geometry,Stars,Cosmos,Stardust,Nature …


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