Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 15/10/2011

Ruby-Seeds ‘Above Water’ … and Symbols

A thriving pomegranate tree and its blood-red fruit overlooking the large body of the blue ocean,the calm sea, gave me the splendid idea to write a post on this charming tree.Please mind my ‘Above Water’ metaphor based on the idiomatic expression which means … ?  and excuse my sarcastic pun on the ‘Orwellian’ norms and rules, worldwide … I love playing on words with multi-sided meanings. Languages are so rich and live,evolutionary,ready to  serve our deeper thoughts at any time.

Nightly she signs on yon pomegranate-tree. Believe me,love,it was the nightingale. by  Shakespeare

The Fruit of Paradise on the Tree of Life and Loose Thoughts in a Greek Orchard by the Seaside.

Pomegranate and Fate in Eternity against Orwellian Predictions and Spread Arils …

Pomegranate Tree ‘Above Water’ in a Greek Orchard by the Seaside

 History ,Mythology and cultural pathways led me to Persephone and Dionysus who were offered pomegranates for fertile land, as the glistening ruby-like arils (seeds) represented life and regeneration. Pomegranate’s beauty and its hexagonal shape of the thick reddish skin which hides,some  600 tightly embraced arils , had inspired and still inspire many renowned artists.  Polykleitos,the famous sculptor of the High Classical Period (5th century BC), took ivory and gold to sculpture the colossal,seated Hera in her temple at Argos. She held a scepter in one hand and offered a pomegranate  ‘like a royal orb,in the other.  Besides,I so much like Leonardo da Vinci’s painting  ‘ Madonna and Child with Pomegranate ‘ and Botticelli‘s ‘ Madonna of the Pomegranate ‘. Such an influential fruit !!!

Pomegranate Beauty from a Seaside Orchard

The Fruit of Paradise

 …..he saw an orchard closed by a pale-four spacious acres planted with trees in bloom or weighted down for picking pear trees,pomegranates,brilliant apples and … More  verses and hymns … from ‘ ‘Homer’s Garden of Alcinous’  (Odyssey … ).

Am I in  ‘The Cockaigne mythical land’ with illusions and words and verses from ‘The Odyssey’ ,wrapped up in a pomegranate?   I wonder,where is prosperity,fertility,where is  the Cosmic Determinism and where are the Natural Laws and Morals?

All right,enough of my rambling. My  pomegranate tree and its fruit, by the seaside, are here to symbolize our ability to stay alive and keep our heads  ‘Above Water’ … , out of trouble or any sort of difficulty …

Pomegranates for my Guests before the de-seeding

 Polysporia,panspermia, Greek words to describe the beautiful fruit which is one of the Good things that God created. A  fruit of royal quality,with its natural crown surmounted,representing the power of sovereign. A  true symbol for   Abundance,Fertility and Good Luck,rightly valued by many cultures for its beauty and uniqueness.

The Greek traveller and Geographer Pausanias (2nd century AD) said : About the pomegranate I must say nothing for its story is something of a Mystery …

Straight Lines and Straightforward Words

Straight Lines and Straightforward Words by the seaside and Spread Pomegranate Arils from its Inner Beauty …


  1. i admire your unique rambling around mythology,history,art,culture and geography all combined greatly!i also liked your pun ”above water” and your references to the masterpieces of those great artists Leonardo Da Vinci and Botticelli!thank u for the great trip that u offered us generously through your deepest thoughts!


    • Hi, Anon. !
      Have I managed to make you follow my imageries and my cultural journeys in the heart of the tempting pomegranates ?
      Love their optimistic face and their royal quality. Such an exhilarating fruit,hanging from the trees full of promises and hopes.
      Crammed red arils and rosy thoughts to give colour and taste to our everyday life …


  2. your post is really captivating…you traveled us around a world of mystrery…we have to take into consideration that this fruit is a lucky fruit.So, we usually break it on the first day of the New Year, so as to bring us luck,happiness and abundance.It is also used as the very first present for something new!it means that a pomegrante is a characteristic gift for a ‘new start’,such as a new house or a new job.Just to add some more deatails about this magic fruit… excellent idea! D


    • Hi,Lady D! Hope you are keeping well and that my Pomegranate post will bring you good luck.
      Indeed,it is customary all over Greece and it is part of our tradition,to break a pomegranate fruit on the first day of the New Year.As you said,it is very symbolic and allegorical.
      Thanks for coming by and commenting and also for injecting more aspects and elements.


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