Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 29/10/2011

Every Year at the Same Time …

Every year at the same time,the little decorative vases are anxiously waiting for the first Autumn blossoms that flourish in Mt.Penteli.

Autumn Reflections

Wild Cyclamens

 Freshly picked baby cyclamens from Mt.Penteli,gracing the place with  elegant beauty and  soft purple tones.

Cyclamens’ Promises

They so gracefully pop out their little heads among rocks and stones,announcing the arrival of Autumn and the end of the long  sunny days.

Baby Cyclamens and Snails

 Further down, some wild Pyracantha and Four o’clock flowers caught my attention and I thought to myself  how generous our Nature is with its stimulating expressions.

Firethorn and Yellow Mirabilis Jalapa

Overall,it’s these little things that really matter and add beauty and light to our life with their minimalistic effectiveness ,with their magic power.


 Medidations for  peaceful moments and captures that help you to economize on words when emotions are wrapped up and restrain you from extensive writing.

Yellow Mirabilis Jalapa and Pyracantha

 Wild flowers and thoughts on an Autumn day,when you realise that life never stops smiling at you …

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  1. True wisdom shows in the little details, that most people pay no attention, and leave unnoticed. 🙂

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    • Absolutely!And,it’s not what you look at that matters,it’s what you see. The real essence of life and beauty is under the surface … 🙂

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  2. What lovely pictures!!! It is an indisputable fact that these innocent souls add tranquility, beauty and light to our life not only by their appearences but also by their attitudes!! Flowers seem to be happy and smile on us whenever the sun is shining!! “Pop out their little heads among rocks” saying “hello!! We are here!!”. It goes without saying that these pictures make you be terse..Emotions are so intense that make the words be useless.. Isn’t it a blessed and a generous world??
    Thank you very much for your wonderful and thoughtful post!! Once again you manage to touch my heart!!


    • You always have your own way to expand on my thoughts,on my feelings.You lavishly leave your positive energy through your soft words and your perceptible thinking.
      The object of the science you deal with overly manifests the theory that ‘Maths is Poetry and Poetry is Maths’.
      Thank you Anastasia for your rich comment and your thoughtfulness.
      Give my love to Dr.Lucas


  3. magnificent pictures,ll flowers that bring about emotions like serenity and happiness!thank u for your great picture display once more!


    • Hi, Anon. !
      Delighted my photo set touched a chord,leaving your emotions undisturbed and holding over your peace of mind.
      I should have titled my photo-post ‘Ataraxia’. What a word !
      Thanks for coming by and exercise your right to be unnoticed in the Public Realm.
      All the Best


  4. admirable pictures… they captivate us and with no doubt we perceive nature’s beauty!!!nice post…full of colours and thoughts! D


    • Delighted Lady D you really enjoyed the delicate beauty of the wild cyclamens and Pyracantha’s Fireballs.I love their popular name ‘Firethorns’.Next time I will come to your place and snap your red cyclamens in your garden,
      The Medical conference in Eire was another success and I was so glad about it.
      Thanks for coming by and commenting.Always consistent and polite.


  5. You are right of course, I just think they look happier in the conservatory and they reward me with lots of vibrant colour!


    • In or out,Andrew,their beauty is totally rewarding.Yours might be more radiant since they can feel your TLC .I strongly believe that plants and flowers receive our affection and care.
      Nevertheless,I love them when they grow wild and feel absolutely independent.
      Thank you Andrew for giving me the chance to have an idle chat with you about flowers.
      Hope you and Kim have an enjoyable weekend


  6. Lovely pictures. I have had to bring my cyclamen indoors now as the teperatured drop in the UK.


    • Glad you enjoyed my pics and many thanks for coming by.
      Though,I think that cyclamens thrive in very cold conditions and very low temperatures.Even under snow they are so live and happy.
      I am certain sure you are talking about miniatures or micros species of cyclamens which love light and cool growing conditions with temperatures around 18-20 degrees of Celsius.


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