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‘The Free Besieged’ and the Lost Pride of a Nation

No Matter Where I Travel,Greece Wounds me Still …  G.Seferis 1900-1971

The sacred  road through the new wound that fate opened within me,rushed through my heart with swift tremendous force as when waves break through widening cracks abruptly into a boat that then sinks steadily in darkness,but then a murmuring sound took wing and spread above me,a murmuring sound that seemed to say: ” It shall come !  …  Angelos Sikelianos , 1884-1951

The Sacred Road –  Kos Dodecanese

Looking for Shells or for The Lost Pride of a Nation ?


 O you Greece magnanimous in sufferings and glory,

Even if your children always live in a mystery hidden,

In   Meditation and in dream what has graced my eyes,

My very eyes to see you in this deserted place,

When the blue waters turned dark and the stars grow in numbers,

All round in fear the islands,they all weep and pray,

Beaches,rocks and the open sea suddenly leap up and quiver

O desolation I can see,come,let us weep together

And the cross-shaped domed temple and the most modest shrine

Amid incense and lit candles listen to their pain,

But,Goddess,may I hear at last the sound of your voice,

At once to make it a gift to the Hellenic nation ?   Dionysios Solomos  1798-1857

You find no friend on whom to cling,no straw to clutch ? How you rejoice when,all alone ?

Again the sky here opens its gates,again raises its blue flag …

Reviewing the past and living the present.


  1. ethereally beautiful!


    • So glad Cindy you appreciated it ! Thaaaank you my friend !
      Sending love ♥♥♥ your way , Doda 🙂


  2. those great poets really loved greek land!they were sheer patriots!instead ,present politicians manage to humiliate our country all over the world by not having any political will!they are the greatest example of political tolerance over the international interests!apparently there is a lack of strong and honest personalities nowadays!by no means,we must not lose our national identity in order to comply with the globalization!


    • I am afraid Dr.Lucas that your comment is a real statement of big,bitter truths.Wisely come your words and your public outcry to mark the latest,sad developments that poison our pride.
      Jog your memory a bit and remember Varnalis’ and Cavafis’ words :

      The 4 mistakes of ” The Unknown Soldier ”

      Your first mistake: a slave from the cradle on.
      Your second : slave in a most slavish age.
      Your third : you were not only flesh,but soul.
      Your fourth : nor sold to strangers like a mule.
      But,if you were a slave and rotten to the bone … ?

      “Waiting For The Barbarians”

      Why suddenly should all this uneasiness begin and this confusion ?
      Because the Barbarians will arrive today,
      Night has fallen and the Barbarians have not come …
      And now,what’s to become of us without Barbarians?
      These people were some sort of a solution …

      Possibly,we are becoming too sarcastic Dr.Lucas.
      But,where are those who should defend our ‘Thermopylae’?
      Upright and Just in all their actions,not swerving from their line of duty,telling the truth always.
      Your thoughts,Dr.Lucas,enormously provoked me…. Ephialtes finally will appear and the Medes will get through but as you said :
      ‘We will not alter,we will not lose our National Identity’
      Thank you for coming by. Hope,you and Anastasia are keeping well.


  3. miscellaneous emotions!your imagination and your post made me get away from the daily problems… the pictures are so calm and captivating! D


    • Greatly pleased lady D that my sort of ‘Morale Booster’ photo-post broke your daily routine and evoked miscellaneous emotions.
      I intentionally selected images of hopeful and promising nature to present the dramatic state of affairs that ruins our creative everyday life.
      Keep in mind my dearest Lady D that ‘Time has cycles and Fate has wheels … and as N.Kazantzakis (1883-1957) used to say that ‘the mind of man sits high and twirls them round’.
      You have my love Lady D


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