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The Emerald Isle of James Joyce

A visit to  Éire  away from conventional places where tourists flock and through the eyes of a Dubliner who had deliberately separated himself from Ireland but he spent the rest of his life writing about it.

Will you Drive me to Places Where J.Joyce was Inspired ?

 Will you drive me to places where J.Joyce was inspired,to places where his term ‘ the call of life ‘ responds ?

He knew the grey-yellow light,the damp murky air,the musty smells,the seedy houses,the warm pubs,the accent of the people.He knew how to present details with precision and the impact on the reader’s emotions was achieved through his skillful control and arrangement of his narrative.

J.Joyce obeyed what he termed ' the call of life '

His Ulysses,a work where he devised a literary language to express the complexity of the human thinking,a work where by using  constrained techniques he  outreached the insufficient methods which already existed.Ulysses’ theme was simple but he invoked the most elaborate means to present it.His obscure and symbolic language is a thorough puzzle that still magnetises the scholars.Presumably,  ‘OULIPO’ and Oulipian works are not original whatsoever.

‘ Love’s bitter mystery ‘ he quoted repeatedly from a Yeats poem. I loved his Palindromic phrase of the 1200 words and I am still trying to make sense,because love is mystery …

The beginning of the ‘ Circe ‘ section which  can be read backwards  (twenty line) – It contains at the end a = da capo (Begin ! ) which is the principle upon which ‘ Finnegan’s Wake ‘ is based (Finn-again !)

Naminedamine.Preacher is he…. 20 lines … …. Then not till then….

Done.Begin ! Blessed those who decoded his style and apprehended his idioglossia,his idiosyncratic language with the advanced ideas and inspirations.

Loved your 16th of June Day,James,your St.Names,St.numbers,enigmas,puzzles, your Homer’s– like rhapsody,your  Odyssey,your names … Nestor,Calypso,Aeolus,Cyclops,Nausicaa,Ithaca,Penelope,all well-selected and mysteriously used. And your palindrome : ‘ tattarrattat ‘ … What a word for a knock on the door !

Loved the 16th of June Day,your enigmatic St.Names,St.numbers

Loved Ireland’s misty landscapes and pastures,its natural attractions,its long pre-history,history and its tradition.An inspiring and  alluring atmosphere everywhere around.

Mystic and Inspiring

Countryside and Scattered thoughts

Celtic Imagination

Fog and Gray and Gneenish nuances to help you penetrate into his spirit

I loved Ireland through his influential works and his own  style,his own Odyssey with the literary allusions and complex,obscure puns.

A visit to Ireland away from stereotypical touristic approaches,following footprints left by the passage  of James Joyce.


  1. A lovely tribute, dear Doda, to a complicated man — wonderful images, my friend. 🙂

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    • Wow!What a surprise and an honour,dear Jet!So many thanks for reading my James Joyce rambling;indeed a very complex man whose writing style was based on allegories and metaphors which is very challenging!Sending you my best wishes and my respect as always 🙂


  2. gorgeous and i am a major joyce admirer!

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    • I’m so glad you appreciated it dear Cindy,his writing is so allegorical!Thanks for dropping by and for all your comments and likes 🙂 xxx


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and clicking like. I love the photos you have posted here and shall return to read more of your blogs


    • Thank you Judith.
      Hope we have more time after our holidays for comments and replies.
      May you and yours have a delightful New Year and your 2012 days are bright and hopeful.


  4. i havent been to ireland but i’d love to!especially after these magnificent photos!apart from the beautiful landscapes and natural beauties,i’ ve heard a lot about the warmness and the hospitality of Irish people!make some comments about this please!i mean how can this be explained?despite the cold weather and generally the climate they have there…


    • Indeed,Dr.Lucas.
      Charming country from every point of view and with very exciting culture and history.
      Irish people,as you say,are totally talkative and open,friendly and witty and have a very good sense of humour.I never get bored with them.Yet,they are so inquisitive about people and places and very imaginative.
      You have to tell me as a Doctor why they are so friendly and warm in spite of their cold and rainy weather …
      If we go very back and deep in their history I am sure we can get the answer …
      Thanks for coming by.


  5. Hello there
    i am actually VERY jealous of you for that trip.
    first of all you visited one of my favorites and dreamed destinations in Europe.Its my dream to visit that place,see all these misty places and the great rough shores,to drink some traditional beers and taste their techniques around potatoes!

    I saw also that you visited the house of James Joyce ( did you see also and the statue of him? ),one of the gratest novelists of Ireland,though he spend most of his time away from Ireland, ( i had a Project on last grade of lyceum, when our teacher asked us to present a novelist we love, ( i would have done one for JJR Tolkien,but there was another 5 projects for him also 🙂 so i picked Joyce )
    i think he deservers more than this,there are still people out there,that they are studying philology and never heard of him… ( students must really try to expand their horizons )n

    Thanks also for sharing with us,those photos of the “wild” and beautiful landscapes! ( i hope to visit this country soon,so i can present my own footage )


    • First and foremost,I hope you soon materialize your desire to visit your favourite destination and live up to your dream.I can imagine the photos you will take as a specialist which will make me love ‘The Emerald Isle’ even more.
      You will need 24 hrs non-stop like Leopold Bloom or Dedalus to ‘immortalize’ the artistic treasures of this dynamic city.Dublin has so many illusions that define our life … Make sure it’s on a 16th of June.
      I love the 16th of June day for, my son was born on this day as if he knew that it was a special day to me (not ordinary like Joyce’s) through my J.Joyce reading.
      Don’t miss the J.Joyce ‘House of the Dead’ and the Museum.As for his statue in Earl St.North,is a good catch for tourists …
      A glass of Ale in an atmospheric Irish pub would be just fine and I wouldn’t say no to the Irish potato cakes.They are pleasant and so are Irish people.
      Your project on Tolkien would have been equally remarkable and close to your liking for the Cosmos,although Arda and Middle earth is a fantacy world.Who knows,probably authors of that high calibre knew more than ordinary people.
      I have a high esteem for Tolkien as he was a very close friend of C.S.Lewis … Another Irish gem,my friend.I loved him for his philosophical work “The Four Loves”,my son loved him for his fantacy book “The Chronicles of Narnia” and you will love him for his” Space Trilogy” ,If you haven’t already done it.
      Thank you for your quality comment on my tribute-like post to J.Joyce and his mythical country.

      PS: OM!Look,your comment and my reply would make a lovely new post ..


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