Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 18/02/2012

” We are All Greeks” they said and we thank them …

Saturday 18th of Feb International Mobilisation and Moral Support


The Power of a little Greek flag Waving Freely …


Sacred Symbols

Besieged but free.Free to fight for our lost dignity,for our lost values and ideals.

What would the world be without Greece?  A much poorer place. Wrote my good friend Thou in another post …

And,I thank you all  for your great moral support and your solidarity.


  1. thank u for your inspiring article!i hope that greek politicians will take it as an example but i doubt about that!we must fight for our national heritage and this requires strength and determination!i m afraid that our leaders are lacking in those two!


    • Thank you Dr.Lucas for coming by.
      I just felt,on that day,like posting something as a “Thank you” response to the International Mobilisation.
      It is so sad to see and hear this dirty propaganda against Greece almost all over the world.But,you see, people(s) know exactly what’s happening behind the scenes … And,the politicians,Dr.Lucas,are doing their job as they committed themselves to doing …
      Stay well Greek man


  2. The cradle of Western civilization, the birthplace of democracy, the ideal of the Olympics, the beginning of philosophy, etc. What would the world be without Greece? Yes, a much poorer place.

    Thou San


    • Thank you so much my dear friend Thou !
      Greece is a small country in a world that it is supposed we all share everything equally and we creatively exchange ideas and ideals …
      Many thanks also for your sagely worded and inspiring uploads you share with us.
      Warm greetings


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