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Meteora in Central Greece

Meteora Central Greece Thessaly:

Lofty and Uplifting Eyrie Monasteries perched on natural sandstone rocks,included on the UNESCO world heritage list.  Meteora means Suspended Rocks or Suspended in the air.

Meteor and Meteorite are words of Greek origins so it is  easy for you to  excuse the name of the place.

Huge Rocky Pinnacles

Away from the Material World

Greek Historian Herodotus wrote in the 5th century BC that the plain of Thessaly had been a pre-historic sea and  geologists say that the pinnacles were formed about 60 millions years ago and weathering and earthquakes  shaped them.Moreover,at the cave of Theopetra  at the  foot of the cliffs where excavations took place,they found petrified diatoms that helped them out to better understand the Paleo-climate and the climate changes.

The sandstone peaks were first inhabited by Byzantine hermits in the 9th century who lived an ascetic life in hollows of the rock towers some 180 ft above the plain and away from the Material world .However,in the 14th and 15th centuries six monasteries were built,the ones that we visit nowadays :  Agia Triada,Agios Nikolaos,Agios Stefanos,the Great Meteoro,Roussanou and Varlaam.

Access to the monasteries was originally reached by using  rope ladders and large nets to haul up goods and people and for inter commuting. A means of transport all weathers and no traffic congestion whatsoever …

Inter Commuting

Breathtaking Means of Transport

You reach out to Heaven for your peace of  mind and of course you enjoy stunning views and dramatic landscapes over the settings near the Pindus mountains and the Pinios river.

quiet and elevating atmosphere

You relive History and Culture

 You relive history and culture through the wall paintings,the priceless artifacts and the rare manuscripts.

Of course in 1920 steps were cut into the rocks making the monasteries accessible via a bridge from the nearby plateau where you reach by car and you only do some step-climbing.

Trying to touch the skies ...

History and Culture through high rocks and natural sculptures

You Only Live Twice ...

You Only Live Twice ...

 A great  destination ” high up” which was and still is  the source of  inspiration for many literature, and music works as well as a filming  location such as  in the ( via wiki):

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  1. beautiful…would love to visit this place some day…:-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thankyou dear friend Sriram!I am sure that this retreat is very inspirational for you and your kind soul 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Just stunning!!! I would love to visit!


    • Thank you dear Cindy ! It’s a very remarkable place,hope you can make it one day ; love and hugs, Doda 🙂


  3. My beloved Mrs Doda,
    I am so happy that i manage to escape from my commitments for a while so as to read your poetic articles, but most importantly i am really enthusiastic that i manage to communicate with you!! I was very moved at the moment that i faced your post and especially your pictures!! I have recently been to Meteora and i recollected all the wonderful moments that i spend there with my beloved friends!! When i saw these sandstone rocks i couldn’t believe in my eyes!! The view was really stunning!! I agree with Dr_Lucas that it is merely a miraculous complex of stones! And i really wondered how hermits manage to built these monasteries on the top of the sandstone rocks living in an epoch that the technology haven’t been developed yet.
    And as far as “The Holy Mountain ” is concerned, i am really sad that women can never cross the borders up there …
    Thank you for your wonderful article!
    Love to you and your family!
    I miss you!


    • Hi,my beloved Anastasia !!!
      What a big and pleasant surprise for me to find your pithy comment on the Meteora post !
      I am so glad it stirred up sweet memories from your last visit there.
      Huge rock towers etched with history and calture making the place so special and striking.
      The power of will and faith drove the hermits there to be alone with God…
      Actually,there were 24 monasteries until 1500 but only 6,as you know,have survived.
      Now,thanks to scientists like you Anastasia,things are so much easier up there and the monastic communities of the Greek Orthodox Church have become guardians of our history and tradition.
      Can’t thank you enough my dearest Anastasia for coming by and for your well-worded comment.I genuiely appreciate it because I know how overbusy you are,What can we do ? Tough at the top as I say and you pay the price …
      Hope one day we can visit the place together and have unforgettable moments as always …
      My love and a big hug for you and Dr.Lucas


  4. this is an outstanding location!i ve recently visited this place and i remained speechless!the shape of those sandstones is unique!it is merely a miraculous complex of stones!when i got in one of the monasteries i felt very relaxed!in some way,u are far away from material world!


    • Thank you Dr.Lucas for coming by .
      Indeed,the atmosphere up there is so elevating !
      I am certain sure you know that Meteora is second only to Mount Athos “The Holy Mountain ” in Macedonia-Chalkidiki which is in a way a self-governed state something like the Vatican city-state.
      It is so sad though that women can never cross the borders up there …


  5. Once again I am inspired by your beautiful photos and narrative. The rocky retreats are indeed amazing. Imagine living in one of those retreats. You would have to be in meditation.


    • Absolutely Gretchen !!! “The rocky retreats” .What a phrase to economise on words,to describe the inspirational atmosphere up there,affording peace and privacy.
      No wonder,an artist like you living in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains appreciated it.
      Thank you Gretchen


  6. Those are all BEAUTIFUL!


    • Thank you my friend !
      Your “Pure eyes” post broke my heart !


      • It broke mine too, my little sister, even my parents


  7. Your pictures and narrative remind me that I need to visit mainland Greece as well as the islands. Your post has been a long time coming but it was worth waiting for!


    • Thank you Andrew !
      Greatly pleased that Meteora might be on your bucket list.You won’t regret it my friend in every sense.
      I have visited the place several times and each time I find something different that catches my interest,my attention.There is so much in there as well as in the surrounding area.


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