Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 31/07/2012

Summer Retreats off the Beaten Path

Dead calm waters and summer reflections in peaceful and quiet places which have  escaped tourism and commercialisation.Natural beauty and calmness that make you really feel away from a bleak world .

Drawing the blue curtains and revealing placid waters, pebbles,fruit,flowers,veg,hens,yes, hens living  free and happy in a seaside orchard.All is so pure and life is so simple and peaceful without the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Just some quick Greece-related posts before leaving for cool European destinations …


  1. I can feel Greek summer warm when admiring You beautiful photos.

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    • Thank you so much for your heartwarming comment dear friend 🙂


  2. So many great posts in your archives dear Doda – it`s fun to dig for treasures here. 🙂
    I love the amazing Greek landscapes and nature and those fruits look awesome, the picture of oranges is my fave. Beautiful post. ❤ 🙂

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    • Can’t thank you enough my sweet friend Aditix for taking the time to spot one of my previous posts,Glad you enjoyed it ~ I so much like some quaint places away from tourists;completely undisturbed you become one with nature .. Warm Greetings from Greece & Love to you ❤ xxx


  3. You’ve done a great job of capturing the calm in nature, Doda. So much abundance in these photos. I especially like the apricot photo. Thank you Doda. 🙂


    • I have to thank you dear Jet for your delightful comment which made my post more significant.The appricots from our orchard by the seaside,they are bio and helped a bit only with some organic fertiliser.They are delicious and juicy; I wish you were closer to send you some ! Now,I’m sending you my love and hugs , Doda 🙂 xxx


  4. Your photos are a cornucopia of peace and silence. All the wonderful growing things. Some yummy and some just for the eye.


    • Thanks a million for your generous comment,Gretchen, and especially for the word “cornucopia” that you used.No wonder that you know the connections with the Horn of Amalthea.That’s what I really like in your wonderful paintings and inspirations..You combine painting with deep knowledge so impressively.


  5. pretty pretty photos Doda. Hope you had a great time!


    • Thaaaaank U Konstantina !!!!
      It was just fine.Your post with the wedding stuff is so beautiful and romantic and the way you organised everything was absolutely exquisite and outstanding !!!


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