Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 31/07/2012

The Doges’ Palace and Ode on Venice

The Doges’ Palace (Palazzo Ducale) a superb example of  Venetian Gothic architecture and Ode on Venice down the Grand Canal lined with beautiful buildings in the hug of lapping waters with majestic motion …

Oh Venice ! Venice ! when thy marble walls are level with the waters,Glory and Empire once upon the Towers …

G.G.Lord Byron –  Reading Byron and looking for the Piraeus Lion which was  “removed” by Venetians.It was originally located in the ancient harbour of Athens (Piraeus port) since the 1st century AD and was a famous landmark.Its prominence was such that the port was given the name Porto Leone (Lion Port) by the Italians.

Enchanting city with so many beautiful things to see and stunning views down the Grand Canal with the magnificent palaces and the amazing bridges crossings over it.Loved the architecture, the brightly coloured buildings and the symbol of Venice ,the lion,and especially the one atop a column in the piazzetta outside the Palazzo Ducale.


  1. So lovely! Bravo~


    • Oh ! I was sorting out my crammed inbox and I spotted your praiseful comment ! Thank you so much dear Cindy 🙂 ~~~ 🙂


  2. Enchanting indeed. I possess a video of the Carnevale. It was done by an artist set to music. Stunning masks, costumes. Very inspirational for me.


    • Indeed,most inspirational especially for an artist like you.Love the Venice Carnival masks and costumes which are replicas of the old typical stuff that lived through centuries in the fantasy and tradition of the Carnival of Venice.


  3. All too beautiful….!


  4. Wonderful pictures and a brilliant blue sky. Thanks for reminding me of my visits to wonderful Venice!


    • Pleasure Andrew !
      One can never get enough from this charming city …


      • I return there in October. Hotel prices are high so we will stay in Padua and use the train service to visit Venice, Verona and Vicenza – three Vs – my personal Veni Vidi Vici!


        • Never too late to answer your comment,Andrew, especially now that I know that October was an awful month in Venice.Hope your stay was not badly affected by the floods.


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