Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 31/07/2012

the soul of the garden in colours

Plants and Flowers Unleashing True Colours

I just love amaranthus foxtails for their vivid  colours and the magic beauty they lend to the garden.Amazing string of colours dazzling the eyes and giving a sense of happiness and charm.Life is colour and we need colour to live …

Impatiens or busy lizzies are also thriving but they don’t like the hot sun;They are quite happy in the shade.

There is also a huge  sun flower shining and spreading generous light and smiles all over the  garden.

I have put all the garden colours in my heart because they are true  colours …


  1. Thank you for putting all these colors in my heart, too, Doda. 😀


    • Wow ! Your comment made me happy too,it added so much colour to my life and made my day ! So kind and sweet of you to come by and discover my garden’s colouration … dearest Jet 🙂 xxx

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  2. Beautiful, Beautiful. Impatiens are a favorite of mine. They always look as though they are ready to go out to dinner. And Sun flowers….There is something fantastical about them. They are so big and one can just grow out of a tiny crack and become a giant.


    • Your comment is a brilliant descriptive narrative,Gretchen !
      Thank you for giving superior light to my flowers.


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