Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 18/08/2013

Heracles’ emotions

Heracles’ Thank-you post

I am kind too and want to share my thoughts and deep feelings with you.I know,I look like a fluffy,cuddly Steiff toy,but believe me ,I am a real,real gentleman and I send you all my unconditional love and scented flowers to warm your hearts and thank you for all your wonderful comments and Likes on our recent posts.

Like  a fluffy Steiff toy ...

Like a fluffy Steiff toy …

Thank you my WordPress friends

Thank you my WordPress friends

You cannot … not to like me,can you  ?

Miss me !!! I will ...

Miss me !!! I will …

Love and colourful,scented flowers for my WordPress friends

Heracles' Soft words and Warm Feelings

Heracles’ Soft words and Warm Feelings

Flowers and Happiness … And, You cannot … Not to Like me, Can You !!! or ???


  1. Absolutley adorable!


    • Thank you so much Cindy Dear for all your likes and comments!You can’t hear them happily barking to thank you,but I’m sure you can sense it 🙂 xxx


  2. He is very sweet. Please, give him a hug. 🙂


    • Thank you Aditix ! I’ll give him a big hug from you 🙂 Doda 🙂 xxx


  3. This has to be one of the cutest lil munchkins on the planet! 😀


    • Thaaaaaaaank U my dearest friend Linda ! You are so kind,Heracles would be proud if he could read your praiseful comment !
      Love and big ((( hugs ))) ,Doda 🙂 xxx

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  4. Einai sketh glyka o Heracles! 🙂


    • He is what ? Why thank you,my friend !!!!!!!! Heracles is sending you his unconditional love ♥♥♥♥♥♥ woof,woof,woof ♬♬(◦’⌣’◦)♬♬
      Thaaaaaaaank U !!!

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  5. We would like to thank one of our favourite painters,Gretchen,for being so considerate.Don’t forget dear friend that dogs know how to forgive better than people do … A big THANK-You my friend.

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  6. 財布 キーケース


  7. How can anyone resists? 🙂


    • You can resist If you don’t have the time even for a quick view,my dearest friend Thou.Hope I’ll find some decent time and have a look at your remarkable work.Thanks for coming by !!!

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  8. He is making me smile 🙂 Cute little puppy, lovely!


    • How nice,we put a smile on your face !!! Thanks dear friend Amy !!!

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