Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 18/08/2013

Last Visits to the Greek Islands

No, I won’t take the hot sun with me in UK,only a handful of pleasant memories from Cyclades

Myconos Memories




Summer Colours under the Hot Sun

Summer Colours under the Hot Sun

Tinos Memories






Loved that guy up there – he does enjoy great views and steals visitors’ heart



Begging on Kneel

Begging on Knees

Syros Memories


HPIM1900 (2)








HPIM3280 - Αντίγραφο

A photo series just to economise on words,with sea breeze and Aegean colours galore …


  1. Wonderful set of beautiful photos presenting island, which I have not visited. I felt the hot weather of Greek thru Your lovely photos. Thank You. Happy Tuesday!

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    • So many thanks for your kind visits and your heartwarming comments!I am glad you enjoyed some more Greek islands through my lens.Happy Tuesday to you too 🙂

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  2. I enjoyed your vivid and colorful photos of lovely Greece, you captured the Aegean essence so well Doda.


    • Oh dear Jet ! Your approving comments make me so happy 🙂
      Thank you so very much for everything,my friend !!!
      Love and ((( hugs ))) ,Doda 🙂 xxx


  3. thank you for the exquistive photoseries of some of the greek islands.. they seem very representative of the natural beauty of Greece!


    • Thank you Dr.Lucas for coming by and commenting.Feel so delighted you liked the Greek islands ! You have an open invitation to join us next summer !!!


  4. […] you, Dada for your comforting words. Hope you get to see Mackenzie’s […]


  5. Greece seems to be beautiful all over. Did you see my photos from Kefalonia?


    • Yes,I did ; and I liked them so much that I re-tweeted your post.You have captured amazing scenes !!! Thaaaaank U !!!


      • Thanks a lot, we seem to be fans of Greece both of us.
        Regards Mitza


  6. Peaceful photos. Have a good trip. Where is Hermes? Going with you or staying behind?


    • Thank you dear Gretchen.Indeed,peaceful and refreshing,but you didn’t say anyithing about the noble guy;did you notice him ? Hermes and Heracles will stay behind with the rest of the family who come back from UK tomorrow.


      • Please beg forgiveness for me from Heracles. He is adorable. I suppose that I was rivited on Hermes because he is the same breed as Edward.


        • You were right Gretchen,you wrote it on Hermes post,he is a Lab like Edward.Here,on the post of the islands,you simply asked me if he is coming with us,right ? I might confused you because when I answered your comment,I wrote just for fun that you didn’t say anything about the noble guy,referring to the beautiful horse of my Tinos photo series.Am I right or I confuse you more ? Have a look above to see the horse,the noble Tinos guy. Haha … BTW,your horse painting is fabulous and so is the “moon study” !!! I can understand how you feel.There is sort of interaction between you and the coyote.Don’t forget that I have been feeding a big fox family for years now and they approach me without any fear and eat at the same time I serve their meal.They are so very friendly.Of course,coyotes have wilder insticts.It is amazing how it is developing a liking for you.I assume It has to do with your aura and your meek nature,Gretchen.


          • Ahh…the horse. Of course I noticed. The photo is spectacular with the horse so majestic and the sea for a backdrop. Well what confusion.


            • Thank you Gretchen !!! It’s all sorted out hahaha. It was fun,wasn’t it ?


  7. The sky as blue as the sea, vice verse! We took a day cruise along the Aegean sea, it was paradise! Thank you for taking us there, Doda! Are you leaving where you are?


    • Your wondrous comment,a vivid account to accompany my photo series,my dearest Amy !!! Thank you so very much for appreciating my post !!!
      Now,we are in Athens and we are flying to UK Wednesday morning.


      • Have a wonderful, safe trip to UK, Doda. Hope to hear from you, later.


        • Thank you so very much my dearest Amy !!! You are such a considerate person !!! Stay well


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