Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 14/01/2014

I wish I were as precise as …

Year in Year out and we are already climbing up the first steps of 2014  …  Never too late to Wish WordPress and its bloggers a Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!

Climbing Up the Steps of 2014

Climbing Up the Steps of 2014

Time Flies By at a High Speed and Mkes Life so Busy

Time Flies at a High Speed and Makes Life so Busy …

The Edinburg working floral clock,since 1903, is the oldest in the world and it is made with thousands of varieties of beautiful flowers and especially designed each year to commemorate a special occasion. The first 1903 clock had only an hour hand and began to operate on the 10th of June (1903).However,from 1904 onwards,the clock had both an hour hand and a minute hand.Until 1972, the Edinburgh floral clock operated mechanically.  It needed to be wound daily. In 1973 it was converted to become electrically driven.

Until around 1927  there were no words included in the designs.The first words written afterwards were :   “Tempus Fugit ” ( Latin for Time Flies ).

Now,it is patiently waiting to be re-planted in Spring time and the cuckoo above will start long working hours again and appearing out of its wooden house every fifteen minutes. I can hear it saying : Roll on Spring,roll on Spring … and,and it wishes its life away …

Kudos on the Efficient Gardeners

Horticulture and Garden Designs

Looking forward to Spring and the new flower designs,to start spreading their scents and their vibrant colours along with the merciless tick tock sound …


  1. So gorgeous!!!


    • Thank you dear Cindy ! Glad you appreciated it !
      Doda 🙂 xxx


  2. Once again, thank you for pictures of my beautiful Edinburgh. And thanks too for following my blog.


    • How nice Su ! It is as if these posts were meant for you,my friend;as for the follow,it gives me great pleasure to read your posts.
      Thank you again for all your likes and comments !


  3. Belated HNY! 🙂


  4. This is such a glorious floral clock. Thank you for providing the history, Doda!
    Looking forward to seeing more beautiful flowers in spring. Happy 2014! Hope to see you again 🙂


    • Thank you dear Amy !!! I’ll do my best to be synchronized …
      Your ” Reality ” post was very thought-provoking.Besides,the suggested link was interesting ! Have a brilliant and creative day !!!


      • Thank you for your encouraging words, Doda! You know, I did not notice the sandals until I loaded the photos on my computer 🙂


        • Yes,I know what you mean.The sandals and the flip-flops …


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