Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 05/03/2014

I caught the Moon playing with a UFO …

I caught the Moon playing hide and seek behind the swaying tree branches and above the infrared light …

like a Gold Brooch on a black fur lapel ...

like a Gold Brooch on a black fur lapel …

The Moon had the leading role and the dark swaying branches above the infrared light created the mood … What a nice shot it would make,I thought to myself, and right away I grabbed the camera to imprison the scene … OM ! Look what I accidentally caught … It absolutely bewildered my senses and took me aback … Was it a flying saucer,a UFO above my garden ??? For a couple of minutes it was an intriguing unsolved mystery … Please come to my shoes for a sec because when I took the photo it didn’t show on my camera screen …

OM ! What is this flying scaucer doing here ...

OM ! What is this flying saucer doing here … ???

it was not on the camera screen when I was trying to capture the Moon ...

it was not on the camera screen when I captured the Moon …

It took me some time until I understood that it was a familiar flying saucer,a safe flying saucer that I see every night above my head in my study … I was soon comforted and started smiling and thinking that it would make a great share to make my friends laugh.Simply,I was in my study when I took the photo through a glass window and the UFO was the reflection of a ceiling light on the glass,looking exactly like a funny flying saucer … Life is fun.Isn’t it !!! And the Moon is beautiful in all its Phases and Faces !!!

it was so beautiful and frolicsome that night ...

it was so beautiful and frolicsome that night …

It was so beautiful and frolicsome that night and every night …

Different Phases and Faces ...

Different Phases and Faces …

Touching the the Branches ...

Touching the Branches …

A Parial Lunar Eclipse

A Partial Lunar Eclipse

phases and faces ...

just about to land on the tree branches  …

Among Olive tree branches

Among Olive tree branches

Decorating the Garden Xmas tree ...

Decorating the Garden Xmas tree …

The Blue Moon of August

The Blue Moon of August

My micro Cosmos in the Garden

My micro Cosmos in the Garden

Moon friendships in the garden

Moon friendships in the garden

smoothly landing ...

smoothly landing …

So Round so Beautiful ...

So Round so Beautiful …

To the Moon ( excerpt from the Orphic Hymn ) pre-classical poetry :

Goddess queen, diffusing silver light,with stars surrounded
Female and Male with borrow’d rays you shine,
Whose amber orb makes Night’s reflected noon
In peace rejoicing, and a prudent life:
Fair lamp of Night, its ornament and friend,
Who giv’st to Nature’s works their destin’d end.
Queen of the stars, all-wife Diana hail!
Deck’d with a graceful robe and shining veil;
Come, blessed Goddess, prudent, starry, bright,
Come moony-lamp with chaste and splendid light,
Shine on these sacred rites with prosp’rous rays,
And pleas’d accept thy suppliant’s mystic praise.

To Selene  a “pre-Olympian” Goddess :

Oh, Lady Moon

Mother of the Night

Your Beauty astounds the Heavens

Your light exceeds the Stars

Your face glows with the sparkle of Inspiration

You are the Muse …



  1. Oh, what a wonderful post, Doda! I am a cancer – moon child – so, of course, your exquisite pictures and perfect captions surrounded me with peace and wonder. And that is so strangely wonderful the way the light above your head was reflected in those photographs. Blessings! XO


    • Delighted you enjoyed it,dear Diane.Oh ! What a coincidence ! I’m a cancer-moon child too.Isn’t it wonderful ? BTW, I just loved your mum’s paintings and your accompanying verses .♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ).
      Thanks kindly for coming by and commenting 🙂


  2. What a wonderfully fun post! I love the captures and your captions. I especially like the “smoothly landing” capture! 😀


    • Thank you Jackie for your rich comment ! I’m so glad you enjoyed it,my friend ~~~~~~♥


  3. Stunning moonshots! Thank you for the smiles 🙂


    • Pleasure Madhu ! Thanks for your approving comment ✿✿✿


  4. Beautiful pictures.


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  6. Beautiful


  7. SPECTACULAR and so sensual !


    • Delighted you liked it;thanks a million,my friend !!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Amazing!


        • Many thanks for coming by and for appreciating my Moon post!

          Liked by 1 person

          • AMAZING and just so creative! Keep going!


            • Thank you for encouraging me !!! Visited some of your wonderful posts,but the like choice was disabled.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Sometimes that happens to bloggers but no normally ? Thank you!


  8. Very cute this flying saucer! Lovely shots of the moon!


  9. Reblogged this on The World Is a Book… and commented:
    You will be amazed by the moon shots and UFO! Enjoy!


  10. These moon photos are taking my breath away. I have never seen moon photos this beautiful. In fact, I was talking to a young photographer at work this morning, he said moon shots are really hard… UFO is so funny! Thank you Doda!
    May I reblog?


    • Dear Amy,thank you so very much for your approval comment and for liking my Moon photo series.I feel greatly honoured that you want to reblog it.Please do it any time ~~~~~♥ !!! TUBH ✿ ✿ ✿


      • Thank you, Dear Doda!


        • Pleasure dear Amy and once again,thanks a million for the honour ♥~~~~~♥

          Liked by 1 person

          • I’m revisiting again… Still so very beautiful, Doda!


            • Blush … Thank you so much my friend ! You reblogged it and I have so many visitors ~~♥~~

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