Posted by: DG MARYOGA | 18/09/2014

To Stay In or Not To Stay In ?


Scotland Decides …

In or Out Scotland is in my Heart

In or Out, Scotland is and still will be  in my Heart


It’s a matter of hours …

It's a matter of hours ...

It’s a matter of hours …

So many Red and Green flowers …


So many Green and Red clouds  rolling over Scotland …

Red or Green ? Green or Red ? Let the Winds Decide ...

Red or Green ? Green or Red ? Let the Winds Decide …

” I know that I shall meet my fate somewhere among the clouds above ; those that I fight I do not hate,those that I guard I do not love.”  W.B.Yeats


Thoughts and Yeats’  “Morbid”  Verses  used metaphorically … , Intense Cloud Formations, Surrealistic Skies … ,Red or Green, a Yes or a No, and a Big Question Mark …

Sorry I have rather over-dramatised my post for the needs of the situation …

Will I see the UK again or a Small England ?

More clouds started rolling over ” The Temple I was looking for … ” And the Athenian acropolis of Edinburgh lost its sparkling light.

Please Aeolus blow away the dark clouds ...

Please Aeolus blow away the dark clouds …


Aeolus,ruler of the winds,blow the dark clouds away and don’t let Pandora open the Box …

Great moments that change the course of History … But I love you Scotland,you are and will be deep in my heart no matter your decision …  ” Be thou the rainbow in the storms of  “life.” The evening beam that smiles the clouds away,and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray. ”   Lord Byron

Thoughts and mingled  feelings on Calton Hill near the Athenian acropolis of Edinburgh and under the Dugald Stewart Monument where I draw my long,imaginary lines to connect Civilisations and Cultures …

Dugal Stewart Monument

Dugald Stewart Monument

Am I in Greece or in Scotland ? Am I in Athens under  The Choragic Monument of Lysicrates near the Acropolis  or in Edinburgh ?


I love you Scotland and all the world loves you ; whatever you decision you won’t lose your greatness …

I'll keep visiting you every single summer ...

I’ll keep visiting you every single summer …

I will keep visiting you every single summer no matter your decision … I will keep drawing the long imaginary lines that connect us … I will stay up all night to see what the future holds for you …

Night Shots

To stay in or not to stay in ?

Logic or Emotion ?

A Big Question Mark, a Yes or a No that might add  numerous pages to the Books of the Scottish and British History …

Oh ! How Powerful Can Short Words  Be !!!






  1. Scotland has always been magical and outstanding! That question is very important!

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    • Thank you for your insightful comment!Let’s wait to see what will happen after the Brexit … 🙂


  2. I was in Bonny Scotland during this emotional time!! I was hoping they might go for independence but my cousins there voted no!! – though we have highland affiliation! lol. I will keep going back!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll too,Bonny Scotland never loses its magic independent or not !
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting,I do appreciate it 🙂


  3. Dear Doda… I really wanted Scotland to become a different country, separated from UK… But I read at twitter that most of the people that voted no argued that they loved Scotland, and that’s why they decide upon No…
    Anyways I bet I would have been a glorious moment.
    Your post here is enlightening and I remember you once mentioned that Pantheon in Scotland…
    Majestic and truly engaged writing dear !. Thanks a bunch for sharing.
    Love!, Aquileana 😀

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    • Thank you dear Aquileana for dropping by and stating your viewpoints and your insightful observations.I do appreciate it ; Love back to you and warm greetings from Greece 🙂


  4. Great pictures!
    Have a nice day!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase


    • Thank you Gil ! I like your work,have a splendid and creative day !


  5. I’ve just gone back and read your post again. You must have Scots blood somewhere in your veins my friend. 🙂


    • Thank you so much dear Su for coming by again ! You never know my friend,I do love Scotland and Scottish people too 🙂

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  6. Thankfully Doda.. they stayed.. but only just!… Loved your photo’s and how you have put the post together.. Sorry I am late in getting here.. 🙂


    • Indeed thankfully they did !!! Glad you liked my photos and my efforts to present them along with the ,then, political situation.Anyway,thanks for coming by 🙂


  7. It was a big moment, wasn’t it Doda? It would be a lovely place to visit one day, whether it is independent by the point or not! Your photos are lovely.


    • Oh dear Christy,a lovely place indeed,especially for a talented poetess like you ! I bet you would write amazing poems.I am so glad you liked my photos as well ! Thank you my friend for coming by,I do appreciate it 🙂


  8. What a lovely and passionate post, Doda, and it looks like they will remain as they are. I’ve never been to Scotland, but hopefully someday, I’ll have the chance and I hope you’re content with the outcome, too. I love the Yeats quote and those clouds are gorgeous. Thanks again for sharing and wishing you a wonderful Monday and new week! Love and hugs, Lauren 🙂


    • What a lovely and warm comment dear Lauren ! It definitely bears the signature of a sweet and inspitational poetess ! Hope you visit Scotland one day and then I am sure you will write wonderful poems ! Thank you so much my dear friend ! Love ❤ and hugs as always 🙂

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  9. classic 🙂


  10. Amazing post, Dear Doda! First I had no idea about a scottish parthenon, how cool! And next, I was very taken with Yeats, I didn’t read that quote before:

    ” I know that I shall meet my fate somewhere among the clouds above ; those that I fight I do not hate,those that I guard I do not love.”  W.B.Yeats

    But I have sure felt that sentiment in my past! I havent followed the scottish politics, thanks for the very compassionate post and photos! Peace and love and hugs! ❤❤❤;^)


    • Thank you so much for your rich comment my dear friend Aisha ! I am really delighted you appreciated my efforts and Yeats’ quote.Peace and love ❤❤❤ back from this end 🙂


  11. Beautiful pictures, Doda. It looks like they will be remaining as is. Although I’ve never been lucky enough to visit Scotland, it holds a place in my heart as so many of my ancestors hail from there. Perhaps I might still make it one day! 😀 Hugs!


    • I am sure you will make it one day dear Linda and you will never regret it.I am so glad to hear that you have Scottish ancestors ! Well,”LIVING WITH MY SCOTTISH ANCESTORS” would make a lovely title for your blog … Thank you so much for coming by and for your interesting comment ! I do appreciate it 🙂 Hugs and kisses 🙂

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  12. Lovely pictures dear Doda and indeed those temples look Greek. Beautiful country.
    It`s a NO. I hope you are happy with that.
    Aditix 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Most of us are happy I reckon.Indeed Scotland is beautiful from every pov and with a glorious history behind ! Thank you dear Aditix for your pithy comment ; you have my love as always 🙂 xxx


  13. It is a momentous day as we wonder what the Scots will vote. Thanks for addressing this historical event, Doda. And how wonderful that you have visited Scotland every summer. Beautiful post and photos. 😀


    • Delighted you liked my post and photos dear Jet !
      Thanks kindly for coming by and commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Dear Doda, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts through this beautiful post. The words are powerful!


    • Many thanks for your praiseful comment dear friend Amy !
      I love powerful words that dynamically convey the targeted purposes.


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