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“Time Expired” by Vern Blosum 1962
exhibited at MoMA – Museum of Modern Art in New York City

Time Expired … zero minutes …

Om,did it ? Where did it go ? Does it really Exist ?
Do I have to subscribe to Her again and start counting every second of my life ?

Well,time to jump-start the rusty engine of my WordPress vehicle and begin posting again once in a while …

– it was parked from July 2018 to December  2018 –

But,I shall have to use at once the promptness of energy and the pleasure of carefreeness.

I decided to bridge the gap between my long WordPress Absence & my Return through Art.Apparetly,art’s impact on the beholder doesn’t stop with paint on canvas …

A Parallel between Modern Art & Real Life


– Supplementary Commentary for the Art Enthusiasts –

The Parking Meters by Vern Blosum are Rediscovered,and
here is the rather complex saga of his Paintings beyond the Frame.

Who is Vern Blosum,the semi-fictional artist who slyly parodied Pop Art ?
According to the New York Times, ‘In the early 1960s,many Modernist abstract painters reacted to Pop Art with fear.One of them,using the pseudonym Vern Blosum,expressed his annoyance by perpetrating a hoax.
From 1961 to 1964,he produced Pop-style paintings of images similar to the drawings in this exhibition.
The rising artist exhibited his Pop inspired paintings alongside the likes of Andy Warhol.In fact,Vern Blosum was an alias constructed by a young,abstract painter living in New York.
He was perhaps best known for his paintings that were intended to mock Pop Art.Paradoxically,the works were included in several exhibitions dedicated to the movement and were acquired by institutions such as MoMA in New York.

Vern Blosum was the pseudonym adopted by the young and committed abstract painter who,by his own modernist high-culture standards,considered Pop Art itself to be fraudulent. But for Blosum,Pop Art was not just simply a fraud but also a complex social system which he sought to understand and reproduce.He painted everyday technologies and signage of the modern city such as : images of stop signs,parking meters,fire hydrants, mailboxes,all combined with hand-painted words beneath each representation.

Despite growing interest in his work,the absence of Blosum’s biographical data put an end to the artist’s ruse.However,he surfaced again,with two widely reviewed exhibitions at galleries in New York and Los Angeles.Wishing to remain anonymous,the true identity of the artist behind Vern Blosum is still unknown,it remains a mystery,known by only a few.
He chose his pseudonym from his “Vernal Blossom” series,a number of botanical illustration paintings in 1961.

Vern Blosum did not Exist

When a rumour emerged regarding his true identity,Alfred H. Barr,director of MoMA,started to worry about it in 1964,and after extensive inquiries,came to the conclusion that Vern Blosum did not Exist.His paintings were taken down or sent back to storage,and the artist’s name fell into oblivion.When the great MoMA curator Alfred Barr suspected he’d been tricked by Blosum,he said, “Hoax or No Hoax,I like the “TIME EXPIRED” painting.”

Blosum’s career posed unusual questions for scholars and critics,who, for years,had been trying to research him.Blosum was not a real person,or at least not completely.His true identity has never been revealed,although thanks to articles by the artists Greg Allen and William E. Jones,it is known that an Abstract Expressionist was puppeteering Blosum during the early 1960s,and that he was doing so as a critique of Pop art’s arguably simple-minded embrace of consumer culture.
Hidden behind the anonymity of a pseudonym,he wanted to reveal what he saw as the shallowness of Pop art.

“You should always have a product that is not you.” Andy Warhol

Vern Blosum does not Exist, but his Work does.
It doesn’t matter that Blosum didn’t exist.His ruse succeeded thanks to the institutional acceptance of Neo-dada Aesthetics and the greediness of the Art Market.

“Every refutation is a mirror of the thing it refutes–ad infinitum.” Robert Smithson

And then,one day we read in ARTNEWS :

“Vern Blosum,the elusive persona of an unknown abstract painter who,over the course of four years in the 1960s,incisively parodied Pop, died on August 20 – 2017 at 81.

Essex Street gallery in New York,which represents the semi-fictional artist,confirmed the news,but did not provide a place or cause of death.
When Blosum was active between 1961–1964,he produced some 44 paintings,intended to mock Pop Art,and then again for a brief reprise in 2015,a swan song …

“Every refutation is a mirror of the thing it refutes–ad infinitum.” Robert Smithson




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  2. Welcome back, dear Doda! And what a nice re-entry! I, too, have been rather elusive on WP.

    Even though I was a teen in the 60s (please don’t do the math – LOL), I was never really into the Pop Art (read Warhol). I guess I never saw the attraction of the Campbell Soup can! I find it very interesting, though, that an artist would choose to remain anonymous. Most people clamor for the acclaim and attention.

    Anyway, it’s good to see you back. Looking forward to visiting throughout 2019! 😀 ❤


  3. Welcome back Doda!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you,Hien.Please don’t mark me absent again as I’ll be away only for ten days this time 🙂


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