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Hibiscus says …

Hibiscus on Easter Holidays …


Hibiscus on Easter Holidays

Hibiscus on Easter Holidays

Hibiscus says …

A Very Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, Doda ♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡(◠‿◠♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡

Warmest Wishes ♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡

Easter Bouquet

Easter Bouquet

Hibiscus and I Send our Warmest Wishes to our WordPress friends, Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and Big Hugs ))))))))

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A Very Impatient Train Commuter …

 A Rainy Day at the Dover Train Station

How heavy fell the rain that day and there were just a few travellers at the Dover station waiting for the next train to other promising destinations… We were all  patiently waiting on the platform,except for a very impatient train commuter who was restlessly going up and down and looking at the station clock persistently …


a regular train commuter

a regular train commuter

moving around non-stop ...

moving around non-stop …

so restive ...

so restive …



looking at everybody and everything

looking at everybody and everything

felt so sorry he was alone and so anxious ...

felt so sorry he was alone and so anxious …

When it came closer to me I didn’t hesitate to ask him where he was going to and if he had bought a ticket  … He said he had a ticket already and that he was going  down to the beach near the White Cliffs to meet the rest of the seagull family and go fishing …

it was overcast and all looked grey

it was overcast and all looked grey

here he comes to meet the rest ofthe seagull family ...

here he comes to meet the rest of the seagull family …

the seagull's destination

the seagull’s destination

I felt so happy after chatting with him,but I started making connections and thinking of  my Orpheus,the little Bard …  who was confined in the ” gold” cage … Very unfair I thought,all birds should be free and fly high,but what about Pandora,our sweet cat,who flirts with him,amused by his sweet notes   ♬♬(◦’⌣’◦)♬♬ ♬♬(◦’⌣’◦)♬♬  Or because …. ?  No,I thought,he is confined but safe … But,was he happy ? He  must be,otherwise he wouldn’t sing …

Orpheus,our first-class Troubadour

Plato is a great Troubadour

Orpheus is a great Troubadour

But,what about Pandora ? Does she really like him or she will …  if  I set Orpheus  free … ?

Pandora ... I don't trust you ...

Pandora … I don’t trust you …

Do you really like his  notes  ♬♬(◦’⌣’◦)♬♬  Or  …. ?

if he was not happy he wouldn't ♬♬(◦'⌣'◦)♬♬

if he was not happy he wouldn’t ♬♬(◦’⌣’◦)♬♬

OM !  I’ll Miss the Train ……  I’ll Miss the Train … I Have to Leave All My Thoughts Behind and Get On …

It was A Rainy Day in Dover,but I was Happy I had met the Impatient Train Commuter,the great Fisher-Seagull …

Dover,The White Cliffs and the Seagull ...

Dover,The White Cliffs and the Seagull’s Destination …

a rainy day in Over

a rainy day in Dover

it was overcast and raining,but the castle didn't lose its majestywas

it was overcast and raining,but the castle didn’t lose its majesty

The Castle was Magnificent even under heavy rain ...

The Castle was Magnificent even under heavy rain …


The Rain Droplets Still on my Camera Lens and My Thoughts,with The Impatient Train Commuter and the Confined Orpheus, Become Words …

Thoughts and Photos that Become Words …






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Divine Light …


 A – Ω

Divine Light All the Way Down the Steps to the Cave of the Apocalypse Where your Soul Desires to Reconnect with its Source …

The Cave of the Apocalypse

To The Cave of the Apocalypse


John of Patmos

John of Patmos

A - Ω

A – Ω



“I, John, your brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus, was on the island of Patmos because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet…” (Revelation 1:9-10)

Spiritual atmosphere all over the island of Patmos and particularly in the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian or John of Patmos the Revelator ( founded in 1088 ) and in the Cave of the Apocalypse.They were both declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Patmos is a peaceful,small Greek island in the Aegean Sea and one of the northernmost of Dodecanese.All  know of the Book of Revelations, but not everyone is aware that it was written in Patmos,just after 95 AD. Saint John the Divine (also known as the beloved disciple of Jesus) was sent here in exile, as Patmos in those days was a place for criminals because it was so inaccessible.

Divine Light leads my steps up to the fortified castle,to the Monastery of St. John’s and the Cave of the Apocalypse


fortified castle

the fortified castle

divine light leading my steps all the way up ...

divine light leading my steps all the way up …

way up to the Monastery

way up to the Monastery

About halfway up the alleys and the cobbled path is the Cave of the Apocalypse

outside ...

outside …

in the Cave

in the Cave

feeling the Divine ...

feeling the Divine …

that's where he slept ...

nightly resting place of John’s,fenced off and outlined in beaten silver


The monastery consists of interconnecting courtyards, chapels, stairways, arcades, galleries and roof terraces reaching out to Spiritual Realms …

St. John's Monastery

St. John’s Monastery

Frescos in the Chapel of  Theotokos,date from the 12th century in the chapel of Theotokos

Frescoes in the Chapel of Theotokos,date from the 12th century


Divine views inside,panoramic views from outside and towards the vastness of the blue ocean where the firmament  and the earth meet and make you feel in Seventh Heaven …



view over the port of Patmos

view over the port of Patmos

I ndeed Divine Light
Indeed Divine Light

Deep thoughts on the summit of the fortified Monastery and verses like prayers from Friedrich Holderlin’s poem  Patmos :

The god
Is near, and hard to grasp …
Our Mother the Earth, and the Light
Of the Sun as well, but what our Father
Who reigns over everything wants most
Is that the established word be
Carefully attended, and that
Which endures be interpreted well …
for the perfection of the soul

for the Perfection of the Soul

 where heaven and earth meet

Divine Light Leading my Steps

Divine Light Leading my Steps …


Bliss All over and Celestial Light for the Perfection of the Divine Essence of the Human Soul …





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Sorry my WordPress Friends …


 Comment – Problems -Please un-spam me … to see them published … TUBH

It has been more than 4-5 hours now that I am unable to comment on my favourite blogs

I first realised it when I commented on one of Amy’s – ( Rose ) brilliant posts and my comment disappeared into thin air … I think I wrote it more than 3 times.

Then :

and a couple more.

The last comment I wrote,was on one of  Amy’s wondrous posts :

I’m still waiting to get some help …

I am terribly sorry my friends ; hope to be able to come by your lovely posts once again and manage to comment.Actually,it’s the first time it has happened .



Have a splendid day my friends    (✿) ♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡ (◠‿◠✿) !



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Viennese Colours

Complex …


Dazzling Situations from High Up … and Breathtaking Views over the City of Vienna

Viennese colours from high up ...

Viennese colours from high up …

At the entrance of Prater

At the entrance of Prater

At the entrance of Prater

Dazzling situations from high up …

 Viennese colours from the Giant Ferris Wheel (The Wiener Riesenrad, or Riesenrad, at the entrance of Prater amusement Park where you enjoy a modern adventure world with 250 different attractions,as well as many restaurants,bars,the famous waxwork museum Madame Tussaud’s,planetarium and many more than one can imagine.It was built in 1896 by the British engineer Walter Basset and originally it had 30 gondolas,but was severely damaged in the World War II and when rebuilt only 15 gondolas were replaced.Enjoy the view of the city from almost 200 feet up (64.75 metres ).Only when you have taken a ride on Riesenrad are you really in Vienna …

Dazzling Situations from High Up ...

Dazzling Situations from High Up …

Viennese Colours from High Up ...

Viennese Colours from High Up …


Faithful Remodelling and Reflective Reconstructions from the History and Culture of Austria before the Dazzling Travelling …


 fabulous reconstructions

fabulous reconstructions and reflections

Remodelling Flavour of Culture and History

Remodelling Culture and History

Faithful Reconstructions ...

Faithful Reconstructions …

Reflective Reflections

Reflective Reflections

Museum Madame Tussauds

Museum Madame Tussauds

Viennese Colours from High Up

Viennese Colours from High Up


Vienna views

Vienna views


Reflective Reflections from Vienna and Viennese Colours from High Up where the Old and the New Merge …

Reflective Reflections Of the Old and the New ...

Reflective Reflections Of the Old and the New …

Peaceful Co-Existence and Viennese Colours from High Up …

The Old and the New across the Eras ...

The Old and the New across the Eras …


The Old and the New across the Eras and Viennese Colours

Colour is Life … Isn’t it !!!

From the

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Pondering the Four Seasons Sonnets

The Vernal Equinox and The Rebirth of Nature …

Portraits and Sonnets of The Four Seasons

Portraits and Sonnets of The Four Seasons

I love them all,but Adieu Winter … Adieu …

Last Winter Sighs

Last Winter Sighs and Flights

Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

Spring – Concerto in E Major

Springtime is upon us.
The birds celebrate her return with festive song,
and murmuring streams are softly caressed by the breezes.
Thunderstorms, those heralds of Spring, roar, casting their dark mantle over heaven,
Then they die away to silence, and the birds take up their charming songs once more.

On the flower-strewn meadow, with leafy branches rustling overhead, the goat-herd sleeps, his faithful dog beside him.

Led by the festive sound of rustic bagpipes, nymphs and shepherds lightly dance beneath the brilliant canopy of spring.


Welcome spring,we hope you are here to stay …

orange blossoms

orange blossoms

thriving snapdragons

thriving snapdragons

Each season a wonder,but Spring makes the world a happy place …

Oh, isn’t it grand to be alive? Can you smell the sweet scent on the air all over your garden ? Today I think only with fragrances,I feel elated …

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The Power of Wealth in Futuristic Architecture

Staggering Shapes,Swirls,Curves soaring to reach up to Heaven and enter the gate of Eternity …

Eclecticism ...

Eclecticism …

Bewildered by a riotous array of futuristic schemes and polygonal shapes,I urgently tried to translate them into space and forget the minimalist aesthetics.Do they aim at quality constructions or they want to live in a futuristic vision? Skyscrapers and towering buildings freeing architecture to extreme geometrical shapes that take your breath away and make you feel you live in an ephemeral paradise down on earth … The apotheosis of architecture unfolds before your very eyes and the mind-blowing,monumental constructions make you feel so small …

Burj Al Arab on an artificial island

Burj Al Arab on an artificial island

The sail-shaped construction,standing on a manmade island and overlooking the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea,was built to resemble a dhow which is a type of Arabian vessel.While the exterior appears ultra-modern,its interior is an anthology of interesting,lavish styles.Truly,spectacular constructions to see it from all angles and understand why it marked an epoch in the history of futuristic architecture.

Weigh anchor !!!

Will you join the voyage,my WordPress friends ? If not suffering from acrophobia experience a range of untamed,dazzling styles and avant-garde designs all the way up and up … Art Deco and revolutionary,architectural elements with harmonious proportions and eurhythmy,extending far upward and travelling you forward in time.Is it a quest for hyperbole or the need to conquer the rules of the Euclidean Geometry,I wonder ?

Architectural Triumph and Eclecticism through Tectonics,Intercolumniation and Structuralism

Art Deco and the Power of Wealth in an atrium lobby

Art Deco and the Power of Wealth in an atrium lobby





Lavish Deco ...

Please don’t lean over and look down …

Simply,live the spirit of the dimensional Geometry and Gigantism. Does architecture start when you carefully put a couple of bricks together,or is it much more than this ? Yes,it is much more when it stands one thousand feet tall and it is a distinctive landmark on Dubai’s skyline.

My Reflected Reflections on Futuristic Architecture over the United Arab Emirates and the Art of Mastering Phantasmagoric Constructions and Surreal Designs Founded on Advanced Engineering Principles and Euclidean Geometry and Beyond.

Abu Dhabi


Dubai Architecture

panoramic views

Circular constructions HPIM3180


heavenly constructions

Circular constructions

glorious architectural orders

looking through a sublime arch

the powe of wealth in deco and arts


small and big fish ...

interior deco

please don't lean over

Please don’t lean over and look down,just live the spirit …

restaurant roof deco

where the blue and green meet

into the Mall of Emirates

And when snow never or rarely comes to your place,bring it home artificially … OM ! What else shall I see in here ? Thoughts,in the Mall of Emirates indoor ski area … No mountains,no high summits,yet plenty of snow-clad sceneries and fabulous ski facilities …

indoor ski resort

indoor ski resort

I suppose, it is high time I went for a walk and come down to earth and enjoy the simple delights of life …

night walks

And what about a Desert Safari to gaze at the vastness of sandy shores and the natural architecture of the dunes ? Our planet is a colourful and beautiful world …

Dubai desert safari

Dubai desert safari

My Reflected Reflections on Futuristic Architecture and Deco Art Inside and Outside Space …

night reflections

Is there any end to architectural ambitions,I wonder as I wander … Do I gaze at monumental,futuristic constructions or at some new Babel Towers ? How much higher can we get ? Are they simple samples of futuristic,architectural ambitions and concepts of evolutionary development or Hybris ??? Oh ! Hybris ! What a word in the Power Of Wealth in Futuristic Architecture …

I dedicate this post especially to Lebbeus Woods,Antonio Sant’Elia and to all the Visionary architects and the illusionists who mastered and still master the Art and Science of designing and erecting big,futuristic constructions.

Will They ever Manage to Quench  their Architectural Megalomania … ? Who knows …


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I caught the Moon playing with a UFO …

I caught the Moon playing hide and seek behind the swaying tree branches and above the infrared light …

like a Gold Brooch on a black fur lapel ...

like a Gold Brooch on a black fur lapel …

The Moon had the leading role and the dark swaying branches above the infrared light created the mood … What a nice shot it would make,I thought to myself, and right away I grabbed the camera to imprison the scene … OM ! Look what I accidentally caught … It absolutely bewildered my senses and took me aback … Was it a flying saucer,a UFO above my garden ??? For a couple of minutes it was an intriguing unsolved mystery … Please come to my shoes for a sec because when I took the photo it didn’t show on my camera screen …

OM ! What is this flying scaucer doing here ...

OM ! What is this flying saucer doing here … ???

it was not on the camera screen when I was trying to capture the Moon ...

it was not on the camera screen when I captured the Moon …

It took me some time until I understood that it was a familiar flying saucer,a safe flying saucer that I see every night above my head in my study … I was soon comforted and started smiling and thinking that it would make a great share to make my friends laugh.Simply,I was in my study when I took the photo through a glass window and the UFO was the reflection of a ceiling light on the glass,looking exactly like a funny flying saucer … Life is fun.Isn’t it !!! And the Moon is beautiful in all its Phases and Faces !!!

it was so beautiful and frolicsome that night ...

it was so beautiful and frolicsome that night …

It was so beautiful and frolicsome that night and every night …

Different Phases and Faces ...

Different Phases and Faces …

Touching the the Branches ...

Touching the Branches …

A Parial Lunar Eclipse

A Partial Lunar Eclipse

phases and faces ...

just about to land on the tree branches  …

Among Olive tree branches

Among Olive tree branches

Decorating the Garden Xmas tree ...

Decorating the Garden Xmas tree …

The Blue Moon of August

The Blue Moon of August

My micro Cosmos in the Garden

My micro Cosmos in the Garden

Moon friendships in the garden

Moon friendships in the garden

smoothly landing ...

smoothly landing …

So Round so Beautiful ...

So Round so Beautiful …

To the Moon ( excerpt from the Orphic Hymn ) pre-classical poetry :

Goddess queen, diffusing silver light,with stars surrounded
Female and Male with borrow’d rays you shine,
Whose amber orb makes Night’s reflected noon
In peace rejoicing, and a prudent life:
Fair lamp of Night, its ornament and friend,
Who giv’st to Nature’s works their destin’d end.
Queen of the stars, all-wife Diana hail!
Deck’d with a graceful robe and shining veil;
Come, blessed Goddess, prudent, starry, bright,
Come moony-lamp with chaste and splendid light,
Shine on these sacred rites with prosp’rous rays,
And pleas’d accept thy suppliant’s mystic praise.

To Selene  a “pre-Olympian” Goddess :

Oh, Lady Moon

Mother of the Night

Your Beauty astounds the Heavens

Your light exceeds the Stars

Your face glows with the sparkle of Inspiration

You are the Muse …


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Places of Worship

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

“If a man can arrange his religion so that it perfectly satisfies his conscience,it is not incumbent on him to care whether the arrangement is satisfactory to anyone else or not.” What a wonder it is! So grand, so solemn, so vast! And yet so delicate, so airy, so graceful …

Mark Twain ” The Innocents Abroad “

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


Architectural work of Art with 82 domes,1,000 striking  white and gold columns,24 carat gold gilded chandeliers and the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet.One can only feel awe and hymn God and man’s ambitions creations.Constructed from 1996 to 2007 using artisans and materials from many countries including Italy, Germany, Morocco, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, China, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Greece and United Arab Emirates.According to our guide and Wiki, more than 3,000 workers and 38 renowned contracting companies took part in the construction of the mosque. Natural materials were chosen for much of its design and construction due to their long-lasting qualities, including marble stone,gold,precious gems, crystals and ceramics. It was built by the Italian company Impregilo and it is large enough to accommodate over 40,000 worshipers.A real fusion of Arab and Moorish architecture that reaches out to  Heaven …

Inner Court yard with Minaret

Inner Court yard with Minaret

Join the Prayer with your own Prayer ...

Join the Prayer with your own Prayer …

Join the Prayer to God and Architecture ...

Join the Prayer to God and Architecture …

Entering the Mosque

Entering the Mosque

Entering the Mosque to get the Light ...

Entering the Mosque to get the Light …

dazzling gems and crystals

dazzling gems and crystals

dazzling gems and crystals

dazzling gems and crystals

dazzling chandelieurs

dazzling chandeliers

Floor Designs on the white Marble

Floor Designs on the white Marble



my sweet peas on the world's largest hand knotted carpet

my sweet pea with a friend on the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet

And,my own collages,with respect to all religion principles,to hymn Monumental Architecture and Edifices that reach out to God



Reflective pools surround the mosque magnifying its beauty.

Reflective pools surround the mosque magnifying its beauty

Glorifying Monumental Architecture

Glorifying Monumental Architecture

The might of the man of faith,Is the might of the Almighty: Dominant, creative, resourceful, consummate  …  Sir Allama Iqbal

Pages  from the book of my travels and well treasured experiences.Besides,different is always interesting …

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Willy says …

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our wonderful WordPress friends ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Love Collage

Love Collage

Willy loves Azaleas

Willy Loves Azaleas

Willy loves cyclamens

Willy Loves Cyclamens

Happy Valentine's Day my friends !!!

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends !!!


And,I love roses as : ” Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose ”  G.Stein

Heavenly Roses

Heavenly Roses

Heavenly roses for the occasion …

Roses for the occasion ...

Roses for the occasion …

Happy Valentine’s Day   ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤   !!!

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The Shed

The Shed is …

The red wooden box structure, designed by architects Haworth Tompkins,next to the Temple of Drama,the Royal National Theatre,South Bank,London UK.

It's Huge ...

It’s Huge !!!

Ambisiously Soaring ...

Ambitiously Soaring

RNT - the Temple of Drama

RNT – the Temple of Drama

Impressively Towering

Impressively Towering

Caught with my tablet just before entering the NT to attend Eugene O’ Neill’s ‘ Strange Interlude ‘ ( Pulitzer Prize ) – American Culture in 1920s.A wonderful performance.



The bright red wooden box,next to the  concrete box,the RNT,is entirely covered with rough-sawn timber board.It has four towering chimneys impressively rising up from its corners and it is placed on the Theatre Square at the front of the NT,beside the River Thames.



Impressively Towering

Impressively Towering

It takes you by surprise when you first see it,but it’s a nice play between the permanent dull buildings and the temporary,modern innovative constructions painted with bright shining colours.It will give a 3rd auditorium to the NT while the Cottesloe/Dorfman theatre is being refurbished.It opened for a year,in April 2013.

Theatre goers can really feed their souls and enjoy most uplifting performances in the Temple of Drama,the Royal National Theatre.



And, as per usual,I immediately drew a connection line and remembered the Shakespearean theatrical play  “Richard III ” with Kevin Spacey,directed by Sam Mendes at Epidaurus  Ancient Theatre …  on the 29 ,30 and 31 of July 2011  (Here are some pictures taken with my smart phone ).An unforgettable performance !!!  Oh those connection lines …. I so much enjoy drawing them …

Built Iin 340 B.C.

Built in 340 B.C.

Built in 340 B.C.

Built in 340 B.C.




Port of Ancient Epidaurous

Epidaurus marina

The striking Red Shed gave me a good chance to share this post with you,my WordPress friends.I was absolutely impressed when I saw it next to the Concrete Box .Both were so loftily standing by the River Thames and faithfully serving Drama …

PS : As I was standing just some metres away from the The Shed,it was impossible for me to capture the whole of it.Here is an article from the Guardian where you can see the full size :

the Shakespearean theatrical play “Richard III”
the Shakespearean theatrical play “Richard III”
the Shakespearean theatrical play “Richard III”

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My Winter 2014 Olympics

The Spirit of the Ancient Olympic Games still alive since 7th century B.C.

It was a cold winter day,the overcast sky above Ancient Olympia presaged heavy rain,but it didn’t stop us from paying another visit to the sacred archaeological site.It was all there in ruins,but vividly narrating their long history and the past glories.The monumental entrance,Krypre,gladly received us to the Stadium …

The Entrance to the Stadium

The Entrance to the Stadium

and we started reliving history …

The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium

I wanted to step on it to feel the Spirit …

It creates the mood,you deeply fel it ...

It creates the mood,you deeply feel  it …

and the surrounding area opens more pages from the past glories …

Ruins from the Temple of Hera

Doric Temple of Hera,built in the 6th c. B.C.

Can you visualise the High Priestess in the Temple of Hera Lighting the Olympic Flame using the Sun ? I do …


and more pages open as we proceed …  more ruins,more history … that travels you back in time …

The Philipeion

The Philipeion

Vestiges from the Past

Vestiges from the Past

αρχαια ολυμπια 048

It was cold and gloomy outside,but there was Ample Pure Light in the Museum …

Pediment of the Temple of Zeus in the Archaeological Museum Of Olympia

Pediment of the Temple of Zeus in the Archaeological Museum Of Olympia

αρχαια ολυμπια 123

The famous Nike of Paeonios

The famous Nike of Paeonios

Acephalous Statue of Marcus Aurelius

Acephalous Statue of Marcus Aurelius

Winter time in Ancient Olympia

Winter time in Ancient Olympia

Now,it is snowing outside and the olive tree in my garden is snow-clad.How will I manage to make wreaths  (Kotinos ) for the winners of My Winter 2014 Olympics ?

Snow-clad Olive tree

Snow-clad Olive tree

Scenes from my own Sochi

Scenes from my own Sochi


My Own Sochi ...

My Own Sochi …

αρχαια ολυμπια 161

Today,7th of Feb,the XXII Olympic Winter Games will open in Sochi – Moscow at 16:14 GMT.The Olympic Flame was lit at Olympia,Greece, on the 29th of September,2013 .Just one month before my recent visit.



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A Window with a Glorious View

Gazing at the Temple of Poseidon from a Hotel window and thoughtfully sipping wine,while tracing vestiges from the past.The views were so evoking …

The Sanctuary of Poseidon at Sounion

The Sanctuary of Poseidon at Sounion

Poseidon Temple and Inviting Views

Poseidon Temple and Inviting Views

Well,it all started with a glass of fine wine which usually helps me to break free from limits and start imaginary journeys looking for inspiration.It was a sunny day radiating positive energy and felt an immediate affinity with the rewarding  views over the blue deep waters  and the surrounding area.Now,I knew I was ready to replenish my emotional stores.
Whereever I went couldn't miss the view of the Temple

Wherever I went couldn’t miss the view of the Temple

Wherever I went I couldn’t miss the view of the Temple and found a easy corner to start my journey on the  vestiges of the past.Odyssean pages (Sounion Hiron) opened and remembered that Menelaos stopped during his return from Troy to bury his helmsman, Phrontes Onetorides.And what about the finds that show the site was inhabited in the prehistoric period ? And the deeply engraved name of English Romantic poet Lord Byron (1788 – 1824) on the ruins ? Glorious pages,indeed !
Quiet corners to relax and find yourself in your self ...

Quiet corners and inviting views to relax and find yourself in your self …

The views were very inviting and promising and I thought it was enough of my journeys on the tracks of the vestiges …
Inviting Views

Inviting Views

Tring to spot the rest of my friends ...

Trying to spot the rest of my friends …

The brilliant sun started to set and a cup of tea would be the ticket to help me to come down to earth …
All was so Beautiful and Relaxing

All was so Beautiful and Relaxing

Time for pleasure,I thought to myself …
Time for Pleasure

Time for Pleasure

Time for pleasure … ,but I wonder,where do the stars go when they sleep ???

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The Eucalyptus Eye


Travel Theme : Wood

and Art on a Eucalyptus Trunk in the Old Town of Rhodes ( Greece ) which is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe .The huge Eucalyptus Eye kept watching everybody and everything as if keeping a record of our movements …

The Great Observer

The Great Observer

Wooden Tears

Wooden Tears

Is it crying … ? No,it is not;they are not any tears,Doda, my good friends said and I thought how lovely companionship is !!!



Companionship in the Woods

Companionship in the Woods under Tall Trees

In the Woods

In the Woods under a protective Crown Canopy

The big Eucalyptus Eye kept observing us until we moved forward and out of the Walls of the Old Town.Or, it didn’t …  Were the Seven Springs we headed for within its visual range ?

Further down a beautiful valley there were some beautiful wooden railings and fresh running water happily murmuring ” The Seven Springs ” musical notes …

Wooden Railings and Fresh Running Water

Wooden Railings and Fresh Running Water

quenching their thirst

Old Trees Quenching their Thirst …

On the way back to the city,we passed through some picturesque villages with little houses and what I liked more about it,were the piles of neatly built wood in their gardens.


Neatly Built

Wood Arrangement

Wood Arrangement

How old are you ? I politely asked,but I got no answer …

How old are you ? How old are you ? …

Don’t miss :

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Floral Friday Fotos : Brilliant Faces

Sunbeams from a seaside garden radiating warm light and spreading sweet smiles

Happy Faces in the Garden

Happy Faces in the Garden

Friendships … and Space Negotiations
Pinetree-Madonna Callas kissing each other
Friendships and communication

Friendships and communication

   Verbena’s Smiles and Space Negotiations


 Hibiscus Sweet Smiles
Hibiscus Smiles

Hibiscus Smiles

   And Rosy Promises in the Garden
Garden Promises

Garden Promises

Don’t miss :

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found In Nature

Hapyness and Light

Happiness and Light

Ocean-washed Margaritas

Ocean-washed Margaritas

Magnolia's Blue Dream and its Uncompromising Purity

Magnolia’s Blue Dream and its Uncompromising Purity

I especially liked Amy’s post found in Nature

Enjoy :

Thank you Cee for the wonderful challenges you create for us !!!
A Thank-You photo for all the WordPress bloggers who liked my post
Dedicated to all the WordPress bloggers ! Thank U for your likes !!!

Dedicated to all the WordPress bloggers !
Thank U for your likes !!!

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A Sunday Prayer

Standing humbly  overlooking the deep blue of the Sea of Crete in the south of the Aegean Sea

overshadowing the rest of the luxury facilities

overshadowing the rest of the luxury facilities

Standing humbly in the surrounding area of the Elounda Beach Resort overshadowing the rest of the luxury recreational facilities …

A Symphony of Blue and White

A Symphony of Blue and White


Leading Path to the Humble Church

Leading Path to the Humble Church

Follow the Leading Path and Join My Sunday Prayer to glorify God and the Blue-White nuances …

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Abstract Art and the Essence of Music

Outdoor Public Art and a Hymn to Jean Sibelius

Notes Reaching out to Heaven

Sweet Violin Notes Reaching out to Heaven

" Composed of 24 Tonnes

” Composed of almost 600 hollow steel pipes weighing 24 Tonnes

I can hear Sibelius 1/4 : Violin Concerto

I can hear Sibelius 1/4 : Violin Concerto

Uplifting Violin melodies …. penetrating mind and body  :

Romantic Music connected with the Finnish National Identity

Romantic Music connected with the Finnish National Identity

Imposing Monument designed by Eila Hiltunen and unveiled on the 7th of September 1967 in the Sibelius park in Helsinki.It is “composed” of  almost 600 hollow steel pipes weighing 24 tonnes and resembling waves transmitting musical notes to the infinite firmament where they will live for ever …  I just love his symphonies and his chamber music.

Blue Musical Notes ...

Blue Musical Notes …

Finland colour and Sibelius Music ...

Finland colour and Sibelius Music …

Because Music is Flowers

Because Music is Flowers

Musical Notes and Reflections

Musical Notes and Reflections

A Symphony of Flowers

A Symphony of Flowers

Syrtaki  ... Music and Dance

Syrtaki … Music and Dance

Architecture is Maths and Maths is Music ...

Architecture is Maths and Maths is Music …



All is Music to my ears ...

All is Music to my ears …

Finland is Music

Finland is Music

All seen through Music

All seen through Music

Music and Finland

Musical Notes slowly floating

Architecture is Maths and Maths is Architecture,Flowers are Music and Music is Flowers … Colours are Music and Music is colours …

Visiting Finland through the Musical notes of Jean Sibelius and deep thoughts on the Pythagorean Theory of Harmony in Music and Architecture …

It also gives me great pleasure to include this New York Times excerpt I found on Charlotte’s wondrous post :

“Nowadays, we tend to rely on sound rather than shape. But music is not about sound. Sound is simply its material, (as paint is for painting). What music is about is gesture, colour, shape, form and, especially, emotional intensity.” [The New York Times, Rodger Norrington. 2003].

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I was looking for a Temple in Scotland and …

The Athenian acropolis of Edinburgh

I was looking for a temple in Edinburgh around the brilliant green slopes and hills and I thought to myself that it was impossible to hide its glorious presence.

It must be somewhere around the brilliant green hill

It must be somewhere around the brilliant green hills

All of a sudden it emerged magnificently sitting almost on the top of the beautiful Calton Hill with the smooth slopes and the vast open spaces around it.It looked so heavenly and lofty that one could easily communicate with God …


Sublime,I thought,indeed sublime and divine under the clear blue skies of Scotland.If the weather was gloomy and dreary it would have lost part of its glory.It is unfinished,I know,but yet a popular landmark radiating culture and history.It is rightly called the Athenian acropolis of Edinburgh.Its building started in 1822 and it was meant to be a replica of the Parthenon in Athens,but due to financial reasons it still stays unaccomplished.Great panoramic views of Edinburgh from up there and easy access to the Observatories and the Nelson Monument.

Great Panoramic Views

Great Panoramic Views




Now,when I stand on the Acropolis of Athens in Greece,I draw a very long,imaginary line to connect Civilizations and Cultures …

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I wish I were as precise as …

Year in Year out and we are already climbing up the first steps of 2014  …  Never too late to Wish WordPress and its bloggers a Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!

Climbing Up the Steps of 2014

Climbing Up the Steps of 2014

Time Flies By at a High Speed and Mkes Life so Busy

Time Flies at a High Speed and Makes Life so Busy …

The Edinburg working floral clock,since 1903, is the oldest in the world and it is made with thousands of varieties of beautiful flowers and especially designed each year to commemorate a special occasion. The first 1903 clock had only an hour hand and began to operate on the 10th of June (1903).However,from 1904 onwards,the clock had both an hour hand and a minute hand.Until 1972, the Edinburgh floral clock operated mechanically.  It needed to be wound daily. In 1973 it was converted to become electrically driven.

Until around 1927  there were no words included in the designs.The first words written afterwards were :   “Tempus Fugit ” ( Latin for Time Flies ).

Now,it is patiently waiting to be re-planted in Spring time and the cuckoo above will start long working hours again and appearing out of its wooden house every fifteen minutes. I can hear it saying : Roll on Spring,roll on Spring … and,and it wishes its life away …

Kudos on the Efficient Gardeners

Horticulture and Garden Designs

Looking forward to Spring and the new flower designs,to start spreading their scents and their vibrant colours along with the merciless tick tock sound …

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Heracles’ emotions

Heracles’ Thank-you post

I am kind too and want to share my thoughts and deep feelings with you.I know,I look like a fluffy,cuddly Steiff toy,but believe me ,I am a real,real gentleman and I send you all my unconditional love and scented flowers to warm your hearts and thank you for all your wonderful comments and Likes on our recent posts.

Like  a fluffy Steiff toy ...

Like a fluffy Steiff toy …

Thank you my WordPress friends

Thank you my WordPress friends

You cannot … not to like me,can you  ?

Miss me !!! I will ...

Miss me !!! I will …

Love and colourful,scented flowers for my WordPress friends

Heracles' Soft words and Warm Feelings

Heracles’ Soft words and Warm Feelings

Flowers and Happiness … And, You cannot … Not to Like me, Can You !!! or ???

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Hermes’ emotions

A Thank-you post for our friends

Hermes has only Love for You

Hermes has only Love for You

Hermes wants to say a blanket thank-you to all our WordPress friends who visited our recent posts and left their favourable and praiseful comments and Likes.He is happily sleeping now and dreaming of you.He always appreciates kindness and generously offers his Love.

Enjoying a Sound sleep

Enjoying a Sound sleep and dreaming of you

NB : He is named after the Greek Olympian God,Hermes,and they both enjoy our garden’s fragrances and whispers …

Garden Decorations

Garden Decorations

Hermes and Contemplative thoughts in the Garden

Hermes proudly gracing  the Garden

A thank-you bouquet from Hermes

A thank-you bouquet from Hermes

I wonder what our lives would be without flowers and the unconditional love of our pets and especially dogs’, “who” can read us as an open book .They feel joy when they know we are pleased and upset when we are worried.Blessed those who enjoy their company.

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Last Visits to the Greek Islands

No, I won’t take the hot sun with me in UK,only a handful of pleasant memories from Cyclades

Myconos Memories




Summer Colours under the Hot Sun

Summer Colours under the Hot Sun

Tinos Memories






Loved that guy up there – he does enjoy great views and steals visitors’ heart



Begging on Kneel

Begging on Knees

Syros Memories


HPIM1900 (2)








HPIM3280 - Αντίγραφο

A photo series just to economise on words,with sea breeze and Aegean colours galore …

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Places of Worship

“If a man can arrange his religion so that it perfectly satisfies his conscience,it is not incumbent on him to care whether the arrangement is satisfactory to anyone else or not.” …

The Rock Church,also known as The Temppeliaukio, is in Helsinki.The interior roof dome is made entirely of copper wire.

Temppeliaukio - Helsinki

Temppeliaukio – Helsinki

The Rock Church - Helsinki

The Rock Church – Helsinki


Interior Roof Dome made of copper wire

Interior Roof Dome made of copper wire


Salty Churches : Too salty,,but so,so tasteful …  Chapel of Saint Kinga,in the Wieliczka Salt mine,Krakow,Poland

A Subterranean church carved in rock salt

A Subterranean church carved in rock salt

Salty Chandeliers

Salty Chandeliers

Salty Sculptures

Salty Sculptures

Magnificent Gothic,St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna



Greece : From the Island of Chios and from Tinos in Cyclades

Churches in Chios

Assumption of Holy Mary – Pyrgi -Chios

Salt or Gold,our Faith is the same

New Monastery Chios 11th century

Less is more …

Country Church in Tinos

Country Church in Tinos


The Prayer of the Dove

The Prayer of the Dove – Tinos – Cyclades

In Finland or Poland or Austria or Greece,Rock or Salt or Gold : God is Love and Love is God

Written in Greek : Mount Nebo,Jordan  «Ο Θεός αγάπη εστίν»  God is Love

It says : God is Love

It says : God is Love

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The Secrets of a Sea shell

To Gretchen and Amy for their Journeys Inside …

Hold it close to your ears,follow the waves of the oceans and carefully listen to the sound of the wind …

gracing the surrounding garden

Just about to start revealing its Secrets


Resting on the Warm Stonewall


Relaxing Moments


Basking on the Sandy Beach


Following paths towards Heaven

Under the Arch and to ...

Under the Arch heading for God’s House

A prayer to God

A prayer to God

Summertime in the Elounda Beach Hotel and treasured moments from the island of Crete,the land of Daedalus and Icarus.

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Reflected Reflections in the Blue

The Narcissistic Disposition of my ever-shining Vergina Star in the Garden

The ever-shining Sun

The ever-shining Sun

Mirroring its glory in the placid waters of the pool where nobody can conquer it and its History behind its glow … It travels with the light,with the clouds and flies high where the world can improve no further …  It fears nothing under the pure,blue firmament.

Under the open blue Skies

Under the open blue Skies

Faithful Reflections ...

Faithful Reflections …

Faithful reflections and history echoes of infinite glories when all is soft and peaceful and your mind extends beyond the bounds of reason.Oftentimes,unheard melodies mingle pleasantly with the sensation of water and warmed by the Sun carry you on deeper level where you free yourself of the conventional fetters.Bright Star,indeed ! Evocative,awakening the senses to the gleams of Sunshine …

Seeing within Myself and its Reflections

Seeing within Myself and its Reflections

Basking in the Glow of my Thoughts

Basking in the Glow of my Thoughts

Glorious Stars

Glorious Stars

Seeing within its radiant beams a divine vision leading to unspoilt beauty and unconquered paths of uplifting dimensions.I wonder if the delicate balance in our souls can flare into something bigger and stop being elusive …

Contemplations in the Garden

Contemplations in the Garden

Framed thoughts and feelings before leaving for my second home ” England “

And Being out of Sight but not out of Mind …

Temporarily back and posting ,just  to show signs of Life through a subject of contradictory nature.

The following event simply reminded me that Reality is a matter of secs and then all is just Memory …

The heroes of the plot are our beloved Edward and our garden butterfly,Nefeli, who desperately was looking for him behind the curtains of the study.Now,Nefeli keeps company to the new comers who playfully chase her in the garden.

Here is one of our last attempts trying to prove that the dragic end hadn’t come yet …

Born a Dog,died a Gentleman

Born a Dog,died a Gentleman

He knew how to make love last ...

He knew how to make love last …

Nefeli in the study's curtains looking for him ...

Nefeli on the curtains of the study  looking for him …

A friendly farewell before the long journey ...

A friendly farewell before the long journey …

No summer is the same ...

No summer is the same …

Emotionally-Charged Mosaic with Bitter-Sweet Memories

Emotionally-Charged Mosaic with Bitter-Sweet Memories

He was not our whole life,but he made life whole.After the departure I couldn’t forget his wide glazed eyes at the moment of separation …  I lost interest in all my  pastimes and I could see only vanity behind everything.However reading the posts of my favourite WordPresser,Paul,who is a great animal lover,I could see that my feelings were not irrational at all.He strongly believes that :

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France ,

Learning from Dogs

This image is dedicated to the real,real gentleman,Paul Handover and his wife,Jean.

The newcomers Hermes and Hercules love reading your posts … and share the same sensitivities with you nature & animal wise …


A put up of elegiac nature to share with WordPressers who really know the role of our furry companions in our lives.

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Beating the heat waves in Lefkada

Green and Blue in absolute Harmony and Sea Breeze from the Ionian Greek island of Lefkada

Lefkada is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea  (the only one linked to the mainland of Greece) with a long history behind which goes back all the way to the times of Homer (800 BC) .It has lush vegetation and  magnificent natural beauties and beaches.The nearby little islands scattered around Lefkada are also very remarkable and beautiful.The famous  island of Scorpios (owned by Aristotle Onassis) and Meganisi,where the large Papanikolis sea cave is located,are very close and you get nice views from Lefkada.Papanikolis ,the Greek submarine,used the huge sea cave in Meganisi as a hideout in the WWII . I also love Lefkada as it is Angelos Sikelianos‘ and Aristotle Valaoritis’ hometown. Valaoritis  (1824-1879) dedicated his life to poetry and  he was also a Councillor for the county and fought vigorously for the rights of the “Eptanisa” (the seven islands also known as the Ionian islands). When the Eptanisa were joined to the rest of Greece on the 29th of March 1864, Aristotle Valaoritis continued his political career as councillor in Athens.

Angelos Sikelianos (1884–1951) is one of the most prominent poets and a main representative of the modern European lyricism …   Not of Pentelic marble nor of brass shallI errect Thy deathless idol,but from a tall column made of cypress wood that my work may be fragrant throughout the ages ..

Aristotle Valaoritis’ house and Saint Kyriaki (Sunday) country church nicely nestling  in the greenery and firmly holding the tradition.

And here come some views to the Scorpios island and the place where the Christina O luxury yacht docked …  I cannot help but think of Seferis’ great and  famous poem ” The King of Asine ” .A poem which explores the meaning of the futility and brevity of human glory and existence …

Off to Meganisi and the Papanikolis sea cave

Platonic thoughts … and Let’s say that now we are first facing the light of the world and let’s say only that the others call us Greeks … Yiannis K.Papadopoulos

Greek flavour and thoughts before leaving for cool European destinations …

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Summer Retreats off the Beaten Path

Dead calm waters and summer reflections in peaceful and quiet places which have  escaped tourism and commercialisation.Natural beauty and calmness that make you really feel away from a bleak world .

Drawing the blue curtains and revealing placid waters, pebbles,fruit,flowers,veg,hens,yes, hens living  free and happy in a seaside orchard.All is so pure and life is so simple and peaceful without the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Just some quick Greece-related posts before leaving for cool European destinations …

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ablaze …

Summer  inflamed reflections and sunset illusions by the seaside .

Fiery skies and golden sheen SOOC – Greece 2012

Magic beauty and intense sunset colours changing in no time …

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the soul of the garden in colours

Plants and Flowers Unleashing True Colours

I just love amaranthus foxtails for their vivid  colours and the magic beauty they lend to the garden.Amazing string of colours dazzling the eyes and giving a sense of happiness and charm .Life is colour and we need colour to live …

Impatiens or busy lizzies are also thriving but they don’t like the hot sun;They are quite happy in the shade.

There is also a huge  sun flower shining and spreading generous light and smiles all over the  garden.

I have put all the garden colours in my heart because they are true  colours …

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The Doges’ Palace and Ode on Venice

The Doges’ Palace (Palazzo Ducale) a superb example of  Venetian Gothic architecture and Ode on Venice down the Grand Canal lined with beautiful buildings in the hug of lapping waters with majestic motion …

Oh Venice ! Venice ! when thy marble walls are level with the waters,Glory and Empire once upon the Towers …

G.G.Lord Byron -  Reading Byron and looking for the Piraeus Lion which was  “removed” by Venetians.It was originally located in the ancient harbour of Athens (Piraeus port) since the 1st century AD and was a famous landmark.Its prominence was such that the port was given the name Porto Leone (Lion Port) by the Italians.

Enchanting city with so many beautiful things to see and stunning views down the Grand Canal with the magnificent palaces and the amazing bridges crossings over it.Loved the architecture, the brightly coloured buildings and the symbol of Venice ,the lion,and especially the one atop a column in the piazzetta outside the Palazzo Ducale.

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a double arcade in the centre of Milan.The structure is formed by two glass-vaulted arcades intersecting in an octagon covering the street connecting Piazza del Duomo to Piazza della Scala. It is named after Vittorio Emanuele II,the first king of the Kingdom of Italy and it was originally designed in 1861 and built by G.Mengoni between 1865 and 1877.

The four-storey arcade includes :

Many elegant shops,restaurants,cafes,bars,hotels and remarkable floor mosaics such as : The Bull from Turin Coat of Arms and the she-wolf,Lupa,suckling the twins Romulus and Remus.

Spinning on the Bull … ?  No, I didn’t do a twirl on the Bull … LOL, If you know the tradition …

And then,sinful attachment to worldly things …   But what  about Thackeray‘s novel ” Vanity Fair ”  ???

Oh,come on … We only live once, but once is enough if we do it right. Live your life with class, dignity, and style …

Milan is to money what Rome is to history…

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Unconditional Love and Roses for Her …

Happy Mother’s Day Means more than Flowers …

All the Best to you my WordPress friends from a Happy Mum !!!

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Nature’s May Day Celebrations !!!

Nature has its own joyful way to celebrate the 1st of May

Happy May Day WordPress Friends





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Easter Holidays and Rambles in Italy


“If a man can arrange his religion so that it perfectly satisfies his conscience,it is not incumbent on him to care whether the arrangement is satisfactory to anyone else or not.”

What a wonder it is! So grand, so solemn, so vast! And yet so delicate, so airy, so graceful! A very world of solid weight, and yet it seems …a delusion of frostwork that might vanish with a breath!

That’s what Mark Twain,who was a great fan of the Duomo in Milan,says in his travel book  “The Innocents Abroad“.

Duomo di Milano magnificence - A remarkable spiky Gothic and neo-Gothic Cathedral

St Bartholomew was one of 12 Apostles and an early Christian martyr that was skinned. This statue was made by Marco d’Agrate in 1562 (Duomo cathedral, Milan). If you look closely, you’ll notice that’s not a robe, but actually his removed skin hanging around him. Such a macabre motif of the flayed Apostle carrying his own skin …

Duomo di Milano,dedicated to Virgin Mary, a spiky Gothic and neo-Gothic Cathedral with 135 imposing  spires topped with marble  statues overlooking the bustling city of Milan which is  to money-what Rome is to history.There are not any bell towers and at the very top of the tallest spire is the only non-marble statue, a gilded bronze statue of the famous  “Madonnina” , added in the 1760s,rising to a height of 109 metres and being one of the city’s symbols.

In the Grand Piazza del Duomo ,where the Cathedral  is situated,one cannot miss the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II,a double arcade formed by two glass-vaulted arcades intersecting in an octagon covering the street connecting Piazza del Duomo to Piazza della Scala.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II next to the Cathedral

The Galleria is named after Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of the Kingdom of Italy. It was originally designed in 1861 and built by Giuseppe Mengoni between 1865 and 1877.
The street is covered by an arching glass and cast iron roof, a popular design for nineteenth-century arcades, such as the Burlington Arcade in London.It is a four-storey arcade including elegant shops,restaurants,cafés,bars,hotels and remarkable floor mosaics that I will publish in another post.

There are several remarkable sights in Milan and I really appreciate the fact that you can easily get around in the city centre and cover the sightseeing in a couple of days.You can also use Milan as a base for pleasant day trips such as to Venice or Lago Maggiore as we did. As for the dove-shaped Milanese  Easter bread, “La Colomba pasquale”, I have to admit, it was the tastier Easter cake I had ever had …  and the service in the ‘Principe di Savoia” hotel,just outstanding !!!  The real place to be, in every sense …

Heaven !!! Topped with pearl sugar and almonds ...

Anthurium expression receiving the clients of the "Principe di Savoia" hotel

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Greece and National Holidays 25th of Martch


A Militaristic approach with a Friendly Disposition

A Militaristic approach with a friendly disposition

Greece 25th of March National Holiday (1821-1832 )

Greek war of Independence & distance weapons

National Holiday 25th of March and the Resuscitation of the Nation

National Holiday 25th of March and the Resuscitation of the Nation

Rigas Feraios or Rigas Velestinlis (1757?June ...

Rigas Feraios or Rigas Velestinlis (1757?June 13, 1798) was a Greek writer and revolutionary, an eminent figure of Greek Enlightenment, remembered as a Greek national hero, the first victim of the uprising against the Ottoman Empire and a forerunner of the Greek War of Independence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make War against War for   a Warless World …

For how long, o brave young men, shall we live in fastnesses,
Alone, like lions, on the ridges in the mountains?
Shall we dwell in caves, looking out on branches,
Fleeing from the world on account of bitter serfdom?
Abandoning brothers, sisters, parents, homeland
Friends, children, and all of our kin?
Better one hour of free life,
Than forty years of slavery and prison

Rigas Feraios ( The Thourios war-song )



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Aphrodites … and Hermes’ support

International Women’s Day 8 March

You govern the world …

Aphrodites ... 8 March

You are our better half … men !!!

The Hermes of Praxiteles supporting Women's Day

“Women are the real architects of society.” Harriet Beecher Stowe

Happy Women’s Day !!!!!!!!!!

You are all wonderful …

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Meteora in Central Greece

Meteora Central Greece Thessaly:

Lofty and Uplifting Eyrie Monasteries perched on natural sandstone rocks,included on the UNESCO world heritage list.  Meteora means Suspended Rocks or Suspended in the air.

Meteor and Meteorite are words of Greek origins so it is  easy for you to  excuse the name of the place.

Huge Rocky Pinnacles

Away from the Material World

Greek Historian Herodotus wrote in the 5th century BC that the plain of Thessaly had been a pre-historic sea and  geologists say that the pinnacles were formed about 60 millions years ago and weathering and earthquakes  shaped them.Moreover,at the cave of Theopetra  at the  foot of the cliffs where excavations took place,they found petrified diatoms that helped them out to better understand the Paleo-climate and the climate changes.

The sandstone peaks were first inhabited by Byzantine hermits in the 9th century who lived an ascetic life in hollows of the rock towers some 180 ft above the plain and away from the Material world .However,in the 14th and 15th centuries six monasteries were built,the ones that we visit nowadays :  Agia Triada,Agios Nikolaos,Agios Stefanos,the Great Meteoro,Roussanou and Varlaam.

Access to the monasteries was originally reached by using  rope ladders and large nets to haul up goods and people and for inter commuting. A means of transport all weathers and no traffic congestion whatsoever …

Inter Commuting

Breathtaking Means of Transport

You reach out to Heaven for your peace of  mind and of course you enjoy stunning views and dramatic landscapes over the settings near the Pindus mountains and the Pinios river.

quiet and elevating atmosphere

You relive History and Culture

 You relive history and culture through the wall paintings,the priceless artifacts and the rare manuscripts.

Of course in 1920 steps were cut into the rocks making the monasteries accessible via a bridge from the nearby plateau where you reach by car and you only do some step-climbing.

Trying to touch the skies ...

History and Culture through high rocks and natural sculptures

You Only Live Twice ...

You Only Live Twice ...

 A great  destination ” high up” which was and still is  the source of  inspiration for many literature, and music works as well as a filming  location such as  in the ( via wiki):

Related articles

Saturday 18th of Feb International Mobilisation and Moral Support


The Power of a little Greek flag Waving Freely …


Sacred Symbols

Besieged but free.Free to fight for our lost dignity,for our lost values and ideals.

What would the world be without Greece?  A much poorer place. Wrote my good friend Thou in another post …

And,I thank you all  for your great moral support and your solidarity.

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Following Odysseus’ Footprints and Reading Cavafy


As you set out for Ithaca

hope your road is a long one,

full of adventure, full of discovery …

Cavafy‘s “Homeric” inspirations and popular travel destinations to the cerulean blue waters of the Ionian sea where the  archetypal scenario of blue and white reigns.

Cerulean Blue and Verdant Mountains

Pray that the road is long, full of adventure, full of knowledge Cavafy says …

And when in Ithaca I say that I feel the relation between God and Man,I feel life itself without beginning without end …

The Lestrygonians and the Cyclops,
the angry Poseidon — do not fear them:
You will never find such as these on your path,
if your thoughts remain lofty, if a fine
emotion touches your spirit and your body… Cavafy says …

And I grasp this vision and I look upon and see that the sun always rises and sets and the stars shine and I discover the beauty of our Universe, its secrets its heavens … All is there, the sun,the dawn,the sunset,the fine emotion that touches your spirit as Cavafy says …

Looking for the Horizon and Odysseus' Return

The Lestrygonians and the Cyclops,
the fierce Poseidon you will never encounter,
if you do not carry them within your soul,
if your soul does not set them up before you.

Pray that the road is long.
That the summer mornings are many, when,
with such pleasure, with such joy
you will enter ports seen for the first time;
Always keep Ithaca in your mind.
To arrive there is your ultimate goal.
But do not hurry the voyage at all.
It is better to let it last for many years;
and to anchor at the island when you are old,
rich with all you have gained on the way,not expecting
that Ithaca will offer you riches.Ithaca has given you the beautiful voyage
Without her you would have never set out on the road.
She has nothing more to give you.
And if you find her poor, Ithaca has not deceived you.
Wise as you have become, with so much experience,
you must already have understood what Ithacas mean

Blue and Deep

 Inhabited since the 2nd Millennium and ruled by Odysseus it has very rich culture and long history behind and despite the fact that it was occupied by : Romans Normans  French Turkish Venetians British,its name,Ithaca, has remained unchanged as it was from ancient times.From Mycenean to Hellenistic era and then to the Byzantine period it has inspired and still inspires many noted poets and writers.The epic poems of Homer the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey” shed affluent light on old mythological and poetic traditions as well as on the hero Odysseus and his rule over Ithaca.Momentous Homeric works that change mythology into history and enlighten the restless human mind.

Dreamy Sunsets and Moments for our Peace of Mind

At the Traces of Odysseus

 Do I swim in the same blue waters that Penelope and Odysseus swam ? Do I enjoy the same fiery sunsets that they did ?

When the Sun sets the Sky afire

 Homeric inspirations and verses and moments that endure the ravages of time and stand proudly and carry the torch of civilization and culture …

Standing Proudly

 Take rocks, olive and pine branches,blue seas,vineyards,clear blue skies and synthesise Greece …

Standing Proudly and Inspiring

 Awaking blue ocean waters and forest fragrances to find the road to the shining Ithacas …

Recipes from Life’s Book and Warm Wishes for a Healthy and Wealthy New Year

Heavenly Tastes

 A very original recipe for a happy life that never,ever upsets your stomach and adds a very sweet taste.

1) a handful of fresh dreams
2) 3 tea cups of positive thoughts
3) 1 pound peals of laughter
4) as many virtues as possible ( the more the better )
5) humanity
6) hopefulness

You stir them all together and you put the mixture into your warm heart for ever…………
It’s quick and easy to prepare , it hasn’t an expiring date and it serves as many people as you like.

Happy New Year to the World
Our Happy New Year depends on what we do for others …

New Year's Face

New Year’s Face Wishing my WordPress friends Happiness and Joy.

May You All Have a Delightful New Year and All Your 2012 Days are Bright and Hopeful.

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Getting into the Spirit …

Getting into the spirit from a place where the sun shines generously and the summer is almost eternal.

Angels Trumpets

Garden celebrations and Angels Trumpets in their best getting ready to celebrate the big  event and spread Love and Happiness.The red Christmas plant is gracing the marble table while enjoying the warm sunrays emitting love and hope for  “‘ Tomorrow ” that never ends …

Red is Love

Red is Love and Love is Happiness another Christmas plant is thinking while deeply reflecting on spiritual matters …

Happiness in the Garden

 Heavenly atmosphere all over the garden conveying inspiration and peace of mind for this very special time of the year.

Red Balls of  Love of  Hope of  Rosy Dreams pleasantly receive the sun beams to keep them deeply in their heart and start radiating them on the 25th of December …

Red Balls of Love Happiness Hope and Rosy Dreams

 Tomorrow Never Ends …

Merry Christmas to all of my WordPress friends

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The Emerald Isle of James Joyce

A visit to  Éire  away from conventional places where tourists flock and through the eyes of a Dubliner who had deliberately separated himself from Ireland but he spent the rest of his life writing about it.

Will you Drive me to Places Where J.Joyce was Inspired ?

 Will you drive me to places where J.Joyce was inspired,to places where his term ‘ the call of life ‘ responds ?

He knew the grey-yellow light,the damp murky air,the musty smells,the seedy houses,the warm pubs,the accent of the people.He knew how to present details with precision and the impact on the reader’s emotions was achieved through his skillful control and arrangement of his narrative.

J.Joyce obeyed what he termed ' the call of life '

His Ulysses,a work where he devised a literary language to express the complexity of the human thinking,a work where by using  constrained techniques he  outreached the insufficient methods which already existed.Ulysses’ theme was simple but he invoked the most elaborate means to present it.His obscure and symbolic language is a thorough puzzle that still magnetises the scholars.Presumably,  ‘OULIPO’ and Oulipian works are not original whatsoever.

‘ Love’s bitter mystery ‘ he quoted repeatedly from a Yeats poem. I loved his Palindromic phrase of the 1200 words and I am still trying to make sense,because love is mystery …

The beginning of the ‘ Circe ‘ section which  can be read backwards  (twenty line) – It contains at the end a = da capo (Begin ! ) which is the principle upon which ‘ Finnegan’s Wake ‘ is based (Finn-again !)

Naminedamine.Preacher is he…. 20 lines … …. Then not till then….

Done.Begin ! Blessed those who decoded his style and apprehended his idioglossia,his idiosyncratic language with the advanced ideas and inspirations.

Loved your 16th of June Day,James,your St.Names,St.numbers,enigmas,puzzles, your Homer’s- like rhapsody,your  Odyssey,your names … Nestor,Calypso,Aeolus,Cyclops,Nausicaa,Ithaca,Penelope,all well-selected and mysteriously used. And your palindrome : ‘ tattarrattat ‘ … What a word for a knock on the door !

Loved the 16th of June Day,your enigmatic St.Names,St.numbers

Loved Ireland’s misty landscapes and pastures,its natural attractions,its long pre-history,history and its tradition.An inspiring and  alluring atmosphere everywhere around.

Mystic and Inspiring

Countryside and Scattered thoughts

Celtic Imagination

Fog and Gray and Gneenish nuances to help you penetrate into his spirit

I loved Ireland through his influential works and his own  style,his own Odyssey with the literary allusions and complex,obscure puns.

A visit to Ireland away from stereotypical touristic approaches,following footprints left by the passage  of James Joyce.

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Athens Classic Marathon and the 29th Version


Statue of Pheidippides along the Marathon Road.

Image via Wikipedia-Statue of Pheidippides along the Marathon Road

Every time someone runs a marathon,metaphorically,they retrace steps taken during one of the most momentous events in World Histoty.It was the Battle of Marathon,led by Miltiades,in 490 BC that took place on the plain of Marathon where a huge force of invading Persians was defeated and the victory ensured the democratic legacy of Western culture.

According to legend a messenger named Pheidippides was sent to Athens to bring news of victory.He ran 42 km from the battle field to the capital,announced the joyous message and died.This is the inspiration for the Marathon race we know today,the modern Marathon that commemorates this feat.

Not just a sporting event but also the highest effort where the Human body,Soul and Mind called forth to reach the finish line,the flame born by a historical and heroic event …

On Sunday November 13, over 20,000 athletes from 96 countries participated in the 29th version of the Athens Classic Marathon,an event that gathers global exposure and significance.Besides the 42 km race in the original course,from the Marathon Tomb to the Panathenaic or Kallimarmaron Stadium in central Athens,the event includes the 5,000 and 10,000 metre races and in addition some other minor competitions.

It was a gentle event that inspired with hope the sorely tried Greece.

The Kallimarmaron or Panathinaiko Stadium in A...

Image via Wikipedia-The Kallimarmaron Stadium

 Every long-distance runner in the world should want to run from Marathon to Athens,to relive history and  experience the power of the human will .

I would also like to make reference to the name of the place Marathonas as most Marathon runners might ignore its connection with the fennel plant.Marathon is the Greek word for fennel and the Marathon town in Attica as well as the surrounding area where the Marathon Battle took place abound with wild fennel.

Wild Fennel - Marathon and Marathon Runners

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‘The Free Besieged’ and the Lost Pride of a Nation

No Matter Where I Travel,Greece Wounds me Still …  G.Seferis 1900-1971

The sacred  road through the new wound that fate opened within me,rushed through my heart with swift tremendous force as when waves break through widening cracks abruptly into a boat that then sinks steadily in darkness,but then a murmuring sound took wing and spread above me,a murmuring sound that seemed to say: ” It shall come !  …  Angelos Sikelianos , 1884-1951

The Sacred Road -  Kos Dodecanese

Looking for Shells or for The Lost Pride of a Nation ?


 O you Greece magnanimous in sufferings and glory,

Even if your children always live in a mystery hidden,

In   Meditation and in dream what has graced my eyes,

My very eyes to see you in this deserted place,

When the blue waters turned dark and the stars grow in numbers,

All round in fear the islands,they all weep and pray,

Beaches,rocks and the open sea suddenly leap up and quiver

O desolation I can see,come,let us weep together

And the cross-shaped domed temple and the most modest shrine

Amid incense and lit candles listen to their pain,

But,Goddess,may I hear at last the sound of your voice,

At once to make it a gift to the Hellenic nation ?   Dionysios Solomos  1798-1857

You find no friend on whom to cling,no straw to clutch ? How you rejoice when,all alone ?

Again the sky here opens its gates,again raises its blue flag …

Reviewing the past and living the present.

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Every Year at the Same Time …

Every year at the same time,the little decorative vases are anxiously waiting for the first Autumn blossoms that flourish in Mt.Penteli.

Autumn Reflections

Wild Cyclamens

 Freshly picked baby cyclamens from Mt.Penteli,gracing the place with  elegant beauty and  soft purple tones.

Cyclamens’ Promises

They so gracefully pop out their little heads among rocks and stones,announcing the arrival of Autumn and the end of the long  sunny days.

Baby Cyclamens and Snails

 Further down, some wild Pyracantha and Four o’clock flowers caught my attention and I thought to myself  how generous our Nature is with its stimulating expressions.

Firethorn and Yellow Mirabilis Jalapa

Overall,it’s these little things that really matter and add beauty and light to our life with their minimalistic effectiveness ,with their magic power.


 Medidations for  peaceful moments and captures that help you to economize on words when emotions are wrapped up and restrain you from extensive writing.

Yellow Mirabilis Jalapa and Pyracantha

 Wild flowers and thoughts on an Autumn day,when you realise that life never stops smiling at you …

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Ruby-Seeds ‘Above Water’ … and Symbols

A thriving pomegranate tree and its blood-red fruit overlooking the large body of the blue ocean,the calm sea, gave me the splendid idea to write a post on this charming tree.Please mind my ‘Above Water’ metaphor based on the idiomatic expression which means … ?  and excuse my sarcastic pun on the ‘Orwellian’ norms and rules, worldwide … I love playing on words with multi-sided meanings. Languages are so rich and live,evolutionary,ready to  serve our deeper thoughts at any time.

Nightly she signs on yon pomegranate-tree. Believe me,love,it was the nightingale. by  Shakespeare

The Fruit of Paradise on the Tree of Life and Loose Thoughts in a Greek Orchard by the Seaside.

Pomegranate and Fate in Eternity against Orwellian Predictions and Spread Arils …

Pomegranate Tree ‘Above Water’ in a Greek Orchard by the Seaside

 History ,Mythology and cultural pathways led me to Persephone and Dionysus who were offered pomegranates for fertile land, as the glistening ruby-like arils (seeds) represented life and regeneration. Pomegranate’s beauty and its hexagonal shape of the thick reddish skin which hides,some  600 tightly embraced arils , had inspired and still inspire many renowned artists.  Polykleitos,the famous sculptor of the High Classical Period (5th century BC), took ivory and gold to sculpture the colossal,seated Hera in her temple at Argos. She held a scepter in one hand and offered a pomegranate  ‘like a royal orb,in the other.  Besides,I so much like Leonardo da Vinci’s painting  ‘ Madonna and Child with Pomegranate ‘ and Botticelli‘s ‘ Madonna of the Pomegranate ‘. Such an influential fruit !!!

Pomegranate Beauty from a Seaside Orchard

The Fruit of Paradise

 …..he saw an orchard closed by a pale-four spacious acres planted with trees in bloom or weighted down for picking pear trees,pomegranates,brilliant apples and … More  verses and hymns … from ‘ ‘Homer’s Garden of Alcinous’  (Odyssey … ).

Am I in  ‘The Cockaigne mythical land’ with illusions and words and verses from ‘The Odyssey’ ,wrapped up in a pomegranate?   I wonder,where is prosperity,fertility,where is  the Cosmic Determinism and where are the Natural Laws and Morals?

All right,enough of my rambling. My  pomegranate tree and its fruit, by the seaside, are here to symbolize our ability to stay alive and keep our heads  ‘Above Water’ … , out of trouble or any sort of difficulty …

Pomegranates for my Guests before the de-seeding

 Polysporia,panspermia, Greek words to describe the beautiful fruit which is one of the Good things that God created. A  fruit of royal quality,with its natural crown surmounted,representing the power of sovereign. A  true symbol for   Abundance,Fertility and Good Luck,rightly valued by many cultures for its beauty and uniqueness.

The Greek traveller and Geographer Pausanias (2nd century AD) said : About the pomegranate I must say nothing for its story is something of a Mystery …

Straight Lines and Straightforward Words

 Straight Lines and Straightforward Words by the seaside and Spread Pomegranate Arils from its Inner Beauty …

Gastronomy, a word derived from the ancient Greek language (gaster=stomach and nomos=law), is the art or the science of Good Eating  which determines a strong relationship between the senses and the food and it influences the Mind and the Body.  It also includes entertainment that is well-connected with the prandial preparation and the presentation of the food and occasionally,it adds a new ritualistic dimension, resembling a real ceremony.

Ancient Dance from a red-figured Crater (410-400 BC) a pleasant exercise to stay slim

 In the depths of ancient Greek times the art of regulating the stomach involved discovery,taste,experience,research philosophy,understanding  and the timing and duration were mostly emphasised.There are plenty of wise quotes referring to food or wine,such as Epicurus’ (341-270 BC)  ” The root of all pleasures is the satisfaction of the stomach”, Euripides’(480-406 BC )  “If there is no wine,there is no Aphrodite, Astidamas’ (4th cent BC)  “If the  man fills up with wine he becomes unkempt,if he just drinks a little,he becomes thoughtful” and so many others that prove the relation between our food and our senses and not only that.

Scene from a Symposium.The flute-players entertain the guests.Brygos painter,London,British Museum

In the centre of Athens and not far from the Acropolis,there is a most particular,themed restaurant  where the customers travel back in time,2.500 years back,in the 5th century BC and they have a memorable experience.The extraordinary dishes at the  ‘Archeon Gefsis’ themed restaurant are all based on forgotten ancient recipes and they are blended with philosophy and culture,served in an absolutely authentic atmosphere that  it rather makes you feel a thinker than a diner.Thorough research over ancient Greek writers and ancient Greek texts and manuscripts brought to surface priceless secrets and methods which the owner(s) of the  ‘Archeon Gefsis’ restaurant have adopted and top chefs carry them out efficiently.

Satyrs dealing with wine production.Greek black-figured amphora 540 BC. Museum Universitas Würzburg

 In a stone-walled hall with candle-abras creating the mood or at an open air patio  with candles and incense burners, waiters and waitresses with their plaited hair,wearing flowing red chitons (Grecian robes) and sandals offer you preprandial  drinks,rosemary water or pomegranate juice, but, always  in earthenware cups as ancient Greeks didn’t use glasses.I have to admit that historical traits are kept faithfully and later on you enjoy the delightful dishes without using any forks,only spoons,knives or your fingers.Ancient Greeks never used forks.I suppose it is something that has to do with Poseidon’s trident … Soon,tasty appetizers with sweet fruit-sauces arrive,just enough to whet your appetite and start enjoying fresh rich salads with seeds,sweetened with honey and delicious roast meats or fish,flavoured with wild herbs.Pine nuts,poppy seeds,fennel,artichokes,mastic,leek,radish,garden rocket,grated goat cheese,a real parade of flavours to satisfy your taste buds and make you feel you are a guest in a symposium.


 And while you sip your wine from your clay cup you recall Aristotle’s words that : People who get drunk on wine sleep on their face,while the ones who drink barley wine sleep on their back.Because the wine makes the head heavy however the barley wine gets one dizzy…

Wine, Beers and Aristotle's Words

 I decided to write and publish this post not only to share my unforgettable experience there,but also to speak highly of the inventive minds who conceived and materialised this concept.The ‘Archeon Gefsis’ themed restaurant is a well-established restaurant in the centre of Athens which rightly has received great reviews from quality magazines and newspapers ( The Time magazine,the Guardian newspaper) and has also been featured on TV channels such as the  BBC,the Travel channel and the Discovery channel.                                                                                                                                       

To tell you the truth,I have copied some splendid ideas from their fabulous dishes and the presentation of the food which  I apply at home and take the pleasure of preparing and organising not only the food but also the ritualistic  procedure …

Gastronomic Adventures ...

Fantasy and Colourful Salads

 Well,Gastronomic Paths and Tasty Words …

And as ancient Greeks said :  Efdipnias !!!

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A Kaleidoscope of Colourful Reflections

Evocative Flowers and Statuettes in the Summerland induce  your imagery to run wild and your mind starts thirstily wandering with verve a little farther than usual.The Uncompromising  Purity of the Flower World changes the flow of your spiritual energy  into a passion where you are allowed to employ an unconventional access to what the world has to offer you.

Statuettes and Geranium in the Garden

 Sun-washed flowers talk too wise using vivid figurative language filled with refreshing tones and reflections of light that lead to peace of mind.You let yourself  drift and you listen attentively soaking every drop of their dreams of their poems…

Magnolia’s Blue Dream in the Summerland

 Magnolia’s Blue Dream in the Summerland and its Magic Power came to an end when the first Rose-Daughters of the Dawn caressed its white petals helping them to unfold and reveal in the open air … the secrets of  its delicate beauty.

Magnolia’s Blue Dream and its Uncompromising Purity

 Some neighbour friends speak in whispers and look stealthily trying to display their own beauty and soon the Flower World in the Summerland is full of smiling faces and sweet scents wrapped in heavenly rustling sounds that lift your emotions off and send you to a Paradise of a Parallel Universe.

Callas Indelible Colours and Summer Designs

We also had an unexpected visitor,a white Callas, which had escaped from an enchanted elephant forest,just to pay a short visit and join our contemplation …  Oh! And some Ocean-washed Margaritas were also welcomed …

White Callas’ Visit,escaping from a painting

Ocean-washed Margaritas

Meanwhile,the eternal procession of the bio-rhythmic circle of life is in progress and the beautiful flowers get ready to attend the fiery tones of the sunset which totally resemble Etna’s spewing lava with the unique red nuances on its palette.

Sunset Illusions

 They get over-enthusiastic,overwhelmed before they start patiently waiting for the late Twilight when the sparkling  harmony of Stars and the Moon,The mind of  God,The mind of the Universre,will eventually peep out from their Stellar Kingdom to lullaby their mellow petals with sweet melodies between Heaven and Earth and entrust them to the care of the dreamy world of the night …

The Mind of God

 Flowery words to ‘liberate’ your packed up sentiments and let your soul meet with peace …

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